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Cristine then used her foot to move the shoe and placed her toes over my nose. For the first time since I have been married someone else's foot was on my face. I didn't move just enjoyed the new scent and feeling of her hose on my face. I knew they were good hose as they felt like silk. Cristine had removed her other shoe and was working my cock with her foot and toes. Occasionally she would press hard on my cock like stepping on a gas pedal. She then started milking my cock with her foot and covered the head of my cock under her toes. She brought her foot up and held it before me. I could see that her hose held my pre cum as it shined in the dim light. I leaned foreword and licked her foot clean. She pressed my head back with her foot and I could feel my wife's hand on the back of my head. She was fingering herself watching her friends' actions with her husband. She brought her wet fingers around and wiped them on Cristines foot knowing I would greedily lick it clean. Cristines other foot was on my cock milking more fluid from me and the process was repeated.…read full story
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Footslave Caroline with two mistresses and a boy.
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