whip mistress tatjana - whipping punishment

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The whipping stretched on for long minutes; perhaps even half an hour. James lost track of time as the blows rained down on his burning cheeks and his ass was welted nonstop. His muffled cries bellowed into the soft rubber ball every time the thick leather snapped into his skin, the pliable water filled mattress rocking with his convulsions. Thunder and lightning roared outside, the heavy rain sloshing down as his mistress chastised and belittled him, yelling obscenities and occasionally laughing like a maniac. Her sexual excitement seemed only to grow with every lash of the whip. Her thick cock stood at rigid attention, all 16 massive inches filled with blood, her left hand often stroking the fleshy length as her right hand took a break from its exertions. Dark stripes began appearing on the surface of his flesh, providing a stark contrast to the bright redness of the rest of his ass.…read full story
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