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She stood up and walked over to case, which she picked up and placed on the desk. She opened it, pulled out a black ball gag with leather straps and sauntered back over to him. "Open your mouth" She slipped the gag into his mouth and fastened it securely behind his head. "Now I want you to stand up and undress." The professor's eyes slid to his office door. "Don't worry I have locked the door. I have no interest in ruining your life as long as you remain useful to me that is." She stood and watched him as he undressed. The tension had eased a little from his face and when he got to his boxers she could tell that his enthusiasm for her little game was growing. She laughed as she wrapped a gloved hand around his cock, it pulsed and thickened a little more. "I think you may have the wrong idea of where this is going professor." Her grip tightened to the point of discomfort. Professor Munroe winced and tried to pull back but only succeeded in crossing the threshold from discomfort to pain. Lucille laughed again and let go of his wilting cock. "Now bend over and put your hands on your desk. Spread your legs. Perfect." She pulled out a glossy picture from her purse. "I am going to put a picture of us fucking right here so you can see it, right next to this lovely family portrait of yours. Keep your eyes on that and remember how bad things could get if you displease me." …read full story
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