Adrienne introduces domination into her troubled marriage

Our marriage had reached the point that we were heading for a divorce. Tom came home from work, read the paper, and watched TV. I didn't do much more than that myself. Our lovemaking had become very mechanical and we rarely had sex. In a series of visits to a highly recommended family therapist he suggested that we work on improving our sex life by consulting an expert in that area. "We have to do something about sex", I told Tom. "It isn't fun anymore and I don't want to fool around outside of our marriage to get laid. Let's see a sex therapist for advice."

We had several visits with Dr. Lorraine Kennedy, who was supposed to be an expert on repairing bad sexual relations. She saw us separately, giving us detailed attitude forms to fill out, and asking questions about what turned us on or off sexually, what we thought of each other's lovemaking, etc. Then she interviewed us together. After all that she had us come in for a meeting and said, "I think you might try introducing role reversal into your marriage - it could really spice things up. By that I mean letting Adrienne take charge of things for a while. You might even take turns as to who is in control."

I felt a sudden thrill as she mentioned my taking charge of things. Maybe I had that feeling buried down deep and her words brought it out. Tom turned off on her and uttered his usual clever comment when he has nothing to say, "bullshit." I prevailed on Tom to hear Dr. Kennedy out. She explained that, in most American marriages, men are accustomed to being the boss in almost every activity and that a change to having a woman take control often arouses both partners. The granting of control to the usually submissive partner by the one who is normally dominant is called a "power exchange." It is not coerced or forced - it is consensual.

When we got home Tom exploded, "that woman is full of shit - leave it up to a cunt to push something like role reversal. What she needs is a good fuck!" I finally put it to Tom that nothing else we tried had restored our sex life to what it was when we first started living together, "If we don't try something like Doctor Kennedy suggested it seems to me that our marriage will just go down the tubes." I went to bed and let him stew in his own juices downstairs. The following morning Tom voiced his discomfort with the idea of giving me control of our relationship, but he said he was willing to try Dr. Kennedy's advice if it would save our marriage.

Dr. Kennedy sent us some literature to read and scheduled us for another visit to her office. I must say that Tom was a real trooper: he kept his end of the bargain although he hated "this dominant female crap." Dr. Kennedy discussed a number of things we could try. (I could see poor Tom gulp when some of them were described.) Included were things like using restraints on Tom and having him do all sorts of things at my command and punishment if he didn't do as he was told. One technique that intrigued me was for me to penetrate him (contrary to the usual case) by using a dildo up his ass. Tom looked very uneasy at the thought of having me fuck him in the ass.

Dr. Kennedy stressed a gradual and safe approach in order for all this to work. She said that anal sex must be very carefully performed at first: no rough pushing past tight muscles that surround the anus until one learns to relax those muscles. Another example of safe domination practice was that any scenario using restraints must be very carefully performed since Tom might well panic if he finds his movements restricted. The trick for restraint play (and any domination scenario) is for Tom to have a "safeword." When Tom says that word all domination activity ceases immediately, all restraints are released, etc. Tom and I later agreed that his safeword would be "mercy." Later I wondered how that would work if he were gagged (a common bondage thing) and he couldn't say anything. I made a note to call Dr. Kennedy with that question.

Tom and I finally negotiated our first scene. He would be restrained from using his hands because they would be fastened to a belt around his waist. But he would be able to move around and use his feet - much less restrictive than a scene such as having him spread-eagled with his hands and feet completely restrained. He would have to do as I ordered, the punishment being one or more whacks with a paddle. I worked out a domination scene in detail but refused to tell him any of that in advance. "Don't worry, Tom," I said. "I'll take care of you." I don't think he liked the way I said that.

The day for our first domination session was a beautiful Fall day. We had our usual breakfast together. I told Tom that I was going to get supplies and that, upon my arrival back at 1:00 PM, he was to be dressed in sport clothes but with no underwear underneath. And he was to follow my commands from the time that I entered; no smalltalk! He gulped but said that he would be ready as I had ordered. I picked up some supplies at a place that sells sex toys and made sure that I pulled up to the house at exactly 1:00 PM.

As I entered Tom smiled and started to say something. I interrupted him, "Tom, from now on you will talk only when I tell you to say something or to answer a question. Otherwise, you may not say anything to me. For every time you violate that rule you will get a whack with this nasty paddle. Do you understand that?" He nodded that he understood. I ordered him to take off all his clothes and stand there naked until I gave him another order. It was a very strange scene. Tom removed all his clothes and dropped them in a pile there on the living room floor under my steady gaze. He was very awkward about stripping for me and looked confused and embarrassed. I contemplated my naked husband without saying anything immediately. He started to say something but I stopped him, "Tom, remember that you cannot initiate any conversation. You won't get punished if you do what I say, but otherwise I will definitely inflict punishment. Do you understand that?" After a short pause, he said, "Yes, I understand."

First I put a collar around his neck. When that was on, he was under my control. When the collar was removed, the domination session would be over. I took a wide leather belt out of the toy bag and fastened it around his waist. There were metal rings all around the belt which serve as attachment points for equipment. Two restraint cuffs were next. I fastened the cuffs around Tom's wrists. Finally I brought Tom's wrists up to the belt and fastened them. He arms were now restrained with his wrists held to his waist. During this whole procedure I could see that Tom was very apprehensive and ready to bolt. I reassured him, "I will never try to hurt you, Tom. Besides, you have the safeword if things ever get too difficult or painful for you. Trust me."

I told Tom to go up the stairs to our bedroom and to wait at the bedroom door until I gave him more directions. It was a funny sight to see my dear husband's naked butt in front of me as I climbed the stairs right behind him. From my viewpoint behind and below him his scrotum and dick were hanging down and seemed within easy reach. I had an urge to grab his balls and cock as he mounted the stairs. But he wasn't any too stable as he climbed because his arms were restrained and couldn't swing in the normal way to provide stability. If I had grabbed him both of us would have probably come tumbling down the stairs.

When he paused at the top of the stairs I said, "Just stand there as I check out your equipment. If you move I will swat the hell out of you with this paddle." I reached around from the back and played with his nipples and his cock and rubbed my hands all over the front of his body. His nipples perked up and his cock started to get hard. I kept that up until he squirmed, at which point I chastised him for moving without my permission and slapped his ass smartly for emphasis. It wasn't such a hard slap but took him by complete surprise. This activity lasted long enough to make the point to him that he was under my control and couldn't move without my permission. The fondling of his body emphasized that he was mine to do with as I wished. It was all part of my training plan for him.

I whispered in his ear to close his eyes and not to open them until I told him it was OK. Quietly I went around Tom to the foot of the bed and took my clothes off. I stood there in front of him and told he could open his eyes. He stared at me and started to move forward. "Don't move until I tell you it's OK", I said. I sat on the back end of the bed and spread my legs as far open as possible, thrusting my pubic area far forward. "Come over here", I said. "Get down in front of me and put your face right here in front of my pussy." It was very awkward for him to get down because his arms were restrained - I put my hands on his shoulders to steady him as he got down.

It was obvious what was supposed to happen next. My pussy, which I had shaved the night before, has deep pink (almost red) lips. I had him use his tongue to lick every part of my pussy, through the labia and onto my clitoris. My clit is quite large and sticks out somewhat when I'm very aroused, which it was because he was licking away with great abandon. I pushed his head down and made him continue when he seemed to be getting tired. For me the real turn on is to have my clit sucked; I demanded that Tom do that for me. In response to my command, Tom put his mouth directly on my clit and sucked away until my whole body bucked and waves of emotion swept over me as I had one of the best orgasms of my life.

I figured that it was about time Tom got a chance to fuck me, but on my terms. I helped him get onto the bed and lay back. "You are going to have a nice erection for me", I said. "And then I'm going to fuck you." I worked on every part of his body with my fingers, my lips, and my tongue until he had a raging erection. I squatted over him and lowered my pussy onto his erection and moved up and down on his cock. I was fucking Tom! He came but too soon for me. "Next time, dear, I will have a cockring for you. Then you'll be able to keep it up for me," I promised him.

The last part of my plan for Tom tonight was to get him accustomed to having his rear door entered and played with. My longer range goal was to bring him to the point that I could fuck him in the ass with a big dildo. First I had him get on all fours on the bed and put some big pillows under his crotch and had him put his head down in front. He was now crouched down in front with his ass up in back where I had full access to it. The pillows under his crotch made it a fairly comfortable position that he could maintain for a long period. He wasn't used to this sort of thing so I was slow and gentle with him. I had no intention of raping him with a big dildo tonight. That would have been very painful and probably spoiled any future chances of his enjoying anal sex. I spread his ass cheeks and played around in that area, getting close to his anus. He quivered a bit at the unaccustomed touch but I reassured him and kept moving my fingers around way down there until he got accustomed to the feeling.

"You have a lovely ass and, even better, a sexy asshole." I told him. "You are going to love it when I push through your tight asshole to the canal beyond. You will learn to relax those muscles." I pulled the last toy of the evening out of the toy bag. It was a small vibrator which came with a set of tips of varying size. I mounted the narrowest tip and spread a generous amount of lube on the vibrator tip and all over the area around his anus. Then I slowly pushed it in past his anus into his rectum. That must have been a very strange and uncomfortable feeling for him, to be penetrated. But the tip was so small that it couldn't have been very painful.

Then I turned on the vibrator, at low speed. It was a strange new feeling for him and he groaned and almost panicked. I told him to relax; we were almost finished for tonight and it wouldn't get any worse. Tom must have been at his most uncomfortable condition of the evening. I suspected that he was very close to uttering the safeword but he never resorted to that. I pulled a big dildo out of the toy bag and held it up so that Tom could see it. The latex cock looked enormous and it was the "realistic" type - meaning that it was molded to look like a real penis, balls and all.

"Look at this dildo," I said, "you will get fucked by me with this big tool after I finish your training. Moreover, you will ask me to fuck you because you will learn to love the way it feels. How about asking me to please fuck you in the ass." That led to the sort of contest one always has when training a reluctant submissive. If he said anything other than what I wanted to hear from him, I gave him a hard whack with the paddle and said, "That's not what I want to hear. Tell me that you want me to fuck you in the ass." The contest of wills continued with Tom's ass getting very red from all my blows with the paddle. I could see that Tom was about to cry with pain and humiliation. He finally said that he wanted me to fuck him in the ass: the paddling stopped.

As I looked at Tom in his ridiculous and awkward position, with a vibrator working away in his elevated rosy ass, I realized once again how much I loved him. I have loved him from the day we met years ago until today. And he had just reluctantly undergone a difficult procedure for the sake of our marriage. "Tom", I said, "I love you and I'm going to release you from all the bondage gear and the collar. You have been terrific at doing all this to improve our life. As a special treat I'm going to give you the best blow job you've ever had." I pulled the little vibrator out of his rear canal and wiped up all the lube from that area with a Kleenex that I pulled from the nightstand next to the bed. I helped him turn over and released the cuffs holding his wrists to the belt. He was now finally free to move his arms after being restrained by the cuffs. Then the collar came off and he was free of our domination session. "Just relax Tom", I said. "Lie back and let me take care of you."

He stretched out with his eyes half-closed and as I proceeded to give him the blow job, his face reflecting the pleasure he was feeling. I started up at his nipples and licked and kissed my way down to his crotch. I was feeling very tender towards this man and was in no hurry. Slowly I licked around the sensitive area where the thighs meet the trunk. As I did that I had one hand cupping his balls and the other holding his cock in a light grip. I knew he was getting aroused because the cock was getting bigger in my hand. I moved my head directly down to his cock and took it into my mouth.

It felt really good to have his big erection filling my mouth. I even did something that a boyfriend taught me years ago that I haven't used since. (Tom can be such a prude at times.) As I sucked his cock I pressed gently with the fingers of one hand on the area between his asshole and the base of his cock. That area is full of blood vessels that swell as he gets an erection; those vessels are very sensitive to touch. At the same time I had my tongue going at a furious pace, flicking away at the most sensitive part of his dick, right under the tip. I moved my head up and down on his cock; he starting moaning and his breathing got very loud and fast. When he came my mouth was filled with his hot seed. I swallowed as much as I could down into myself.

I held his cock in my mouth until it was very flaccid and then just relaxed with my head next to his crotch. I was thrilled; the female domination theme had completely changed my perception of a blow job. Previously I had performed oral sex on a man to service his desires. Now it was I who initiated oral sex on my man, to give myself (and him) pleasure. I promised Tom that every domination session would end that way - me giving him head. He thanked me very politely for the treat.

We were tired and started to fall asleep while cuddling in each other's arms. "Come on, honey", I whispered. "Admit that you enjoyed that." After a pause I heard Tom say in a voice heavy with sleep, "Adrienne, I was really aroused tonight. I admit that it was a great idea for you to be in control." As I drifted off to sleep I had some thoughts about what to try in our next session.

* * * * * * * *

Copyright 2000 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author. All comments are welcome.
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