Aunt and niece do a double Domme

On the morning that Theresa was due to visit my Aunty Caroline's for a session of female domination, aunty told me: "We need to get you kitted out. Let's see what we can come up with from my collection."

And we stepped, both of us naked, into her walk-in wardrobe, which had been the catalyst for my introduction into sex with an older woman and her skills at femdom.

"Theresa is a fussy submissive," my 38-year-old aunt informed me. "She insists on me wearing really erotic outfits, and since she's calling the shots - well, for the couple of hours she's here, anyway - I go along with that.

"And of course, femdom in really nice outfits is all part of the fun. Now, what can we organise for you?"

Aunty riffled among her wide collection of gear, then pulled out a bra which she held out for me to try on. It was a black, open-fronted PVC job, which pushed my 34-inch breasts into what I thought was superb uplift.

"Good," said Aunty Caroline, "Theresa is into body worship and your breasts must always be available. That looks good. Comfy?"

I nodded, looking admiringly into the mirror set on one door of the walk-in wardrobe. "Even I fancy myself," I told Caroline.

Next Aunty Caroline tossed me a black leather garter belt. "Let's see how this looks."

I tried it on. It was quite a broad belt and gleamed across my hips. I thought it looked sexy. "Stockings from this package," said aunty, handing me some shiny, black seamed stockings.

I smoothed them over my legs and turned to look at my rear in the mirror. They looked sensational!

"Panties?" I asked Aunty Caroline.

"No," she said, with a firm shake of her head. "During a femdom session your breasts may be available for body worship, but your pussy must always be open for business."

"Speaking of pussy, aunty," I said, "I'm really starting to get eager for a piss, I only had my early morning piddle when I got up and you've been pouring the coffee into me."

"Sorry, darling," said Aunty Caroline, "but Theresa is a big fan of piss punishment and I want you to be able to give her a really good drenching. Please try to hold on."

I nodded. "OK, aunty, but it's going to be difficult."

"I know, pet," smiled my aunty, "and I'll try to get around to the water sports part of it quickly, but the longer you hold out, the more effective it will be for Theresa. Promise me, she'll thank you for it."

I then selected a ridiculously high pair of black patent leather platform shoes, and presented myself to aunty for inspection.

"Perfect," she smiled, "if I wasn't into domination I'd go down on my knees before you myself, you lovely young minx. Now, a couple of tips. Unlike many submissives, Theresa is not into verbal abuse. Calling her a slut, or a bitch, or a fucking pervert, is not going to get her bells rung.

"She calls me Caroline, I call her darling, or Theresa. But that's not to mean there's not a lot of verbal teasing going on, do you understand?"

I nodded, not really sure that I did, but hoping I'd pick it up as we went along.

"Right," said Aunty Caroline, "she's due in about half an hour. When she arrives, you pop down into the chamber and when I bring her in, I want you standing in the middle of the room, between those posts, hands on hips in a really aggressive-looking manner.

"I will bring her up to you and introduce you. Her first contact with you will be a short performance of cunnilingus."

I nodded, excited at the thought that the very first bodily contact I would have with a woman who would be a total stranger to me was going to be her mouth on my minge!

"And after that, the performance will unfold according to my directions. Just follow my lead and remember that Theresa is a devout submissive, she's really into it," said Aunty Caroline.

"Now, lay down on your bed, take some deep breaths and try to control that bladder of yours!"

I did as instructed and at about 10 to 2, Aunty Caroline entered my bedroom and told me to get down into the chamber. "She's due any minute," she said.

Heart thumping from excitement, bladder thumping through the pressure of needing to pee - not excruciating, but quite painful - I made my way down to the torture chamber, and according to aunty's instructions stood centre-room and waited hands on hips, trying to look as stern and strict as possible.

Then the door swung open, and there was Aunty Caroline, in a black quarter-cup bra similar to mine, those lovely long black leather boots and a shiny black leather belt which circled her hips.

On one hip a holster held a short, single-thonged whip, which dangled half-way down her thigh. She looked superb!

On all fours beside her was a mature, large, naked woman with close-cropped dark brown hair framing her attractive, round featured face. Her large breasts - 40-inchers, I remembered from aunty's little black book notes - hung pendulously. Around her neck was a collar attached to a leather leash which aunty held in her right hand.

"There she is, Theresa," said Aunty Caroline, in almost a little girl voice. "Shall we go say hello?" Theresa nodded her head, making her big breasts wobble beneath her.

"Come on then," said aunty, and she stepped alongside Theresa, keeping pace with her as she crawled across the floor to halt just in front of me, her face about six inches from the moistness of my minge. All thoughts of desperately needing to piss were now banished from my mind.

"This is my lovely young niece, Sam," said aunty, in a light tone. "Hasn't she got a pretty pussy?" Theresa nodded again as she stared up at my shaved snatch.

"Would you like to say hello nicely?" asked aunty. Another nod.

"OK, but not too long, Theresa, we've got to get started on your punishments, haven't we, darling?"

But Theresa was hungry for my pussy and already her mouth was working on my wetness, her tongue flicking into my dripping cunt, her lips caressing my piss flaps with their kisses, her mouth nibbling at my aroused clitoris. I moved slightly against her mouth, thrilling in the devotion of a 45-year-old submissive as she worshipped my snatch.

But then aunty, dragging on the leash, pulled her slave away from my pussy. "Time for a lot less pleasure and a lot more punishment, my dear little Theresa," Aunty Caroline purred, as she dragged the mature nude away to a place between the floor-to-ceiling posts.

"Help me get her ready, Sam," aunty ordered, and I placed the large woman's wrists in the straps, while aunty worked to pinion her ankles. Aunty then adjusted each strap using the pulleys until the big-busted beauty was tautly stretched in her place of bondage.

"Nipple clamps with those lead weights I've attached to them on her nips, please, Sam," said aunty and I picked up the heavy weights from the equipment bench, sucked on our slave's nipples to erect them, and fitted the clamps on. Her large nipples were dragged down by the weights.

When I'd done this, I noticed that aunty had pulled a sort of see-saw device from the side of the torture chamber and placed it so the upper half was in the space between Theresa's widespread thighs.

The leather-padded device had several straps on it, but these were not brought into play when Aunty Caroline ordered me to lay back on the see-saw, my head resting on the padded pillow at the end below the front of Theresa's body.

Aunty then picked up a lead weight, such as body builders use on benches to add tension to their work-out machines and placed it on the end of the see-saw, between my feet. This served to raise the end of the see-saw so my face was now close to Theresa's thick-lipped pussy, her dark-brown hair trimmed back to totally reveal her most intimate parts. The pussy was, I noted, very wet.

Aunty Caroline then pushed the see-saw so I was further from Theresa's pussy and Caroline stepped to one side of her victim and traced a large-flapped flogger against her sex.

"Time to warm up that pussy, don't you think, my dear?" asked aunty, in a tone of voice one would use to ask if someone wanted a nice cup of tea!

"Yes, darling," said Theresa, speaking for the first time in my presence, in an educated, refined voice.

From my pillowed position, I watched with delight as Aunty Caroline flicked the flogger against Theresa's lush pussy, drawing a tiny sob from her victim. Aunty then paused for a moment, then flicked the flogger's flap five times in rapid, rat-a-tat repetition against the woman's sex. There followed another lengthy pause, then five more rapid blows, another lengthy pause.

Finally, Theresa sobbed: "Mercy, darling, mercy, I'm on fire!"

Aunty, to my surprise, stopped and her next instruction was to me. "Time to lick the wounds, Sam. Give her a nice tongue bath!" I was told. Aunty then pushed the head of the see-saw on which I was lying to Theresa's flogged pussy.

I tasted a moist, tangy pussy, the piss flaps fleshy and full, the cunt dripping, the clit bruised but erect. As soon as I started I sensed Theresa flinch, but as I worked on her sex she relaxed and began to moan gently as she ground herself on my face.

Then, not more than a minute or two after I had begun my task, Theresa started to sob "Yes, oh yes, that's lovely Sam, please don't stop, oh yes!"

Perhaps it was her plea of "please don't stop" that caused it, but the begging had only just stopped when aunty pulled my see-saw back from the sobbing woman's snatch, provoking an instant reaction from the recipient of my oral adoration.

"Oh, no, please, Caroline, I was so close to coming, please let me come!" Theresa cried, but aunty merely laughed.

"Time for a little warm up, my pet," she informed the bound woman, and the flogging flap resumed its wicked little visits to Theresa's pussy. This time, the 45-year-old threshed wildly, in totally useless attempts to evade the flap's scourging. Some 10 or 15 strokes must have been inflicted by my aunt before she dropped the implement of punishment and once more pushed my see-saw back so my mouth could continue its cunnilingual task.

Once more my initial tongue work was greeted by the woman with little cries and shrieks as I laved at her punished pussy, but soon her lust took over and again, after some two minutes' work on my part, Theresa was pleading for her climax.

"Oh god, that's so good, you're so good Sam, I love you, I love it, lick me, lick me!" I continued my work at her drenched sex, but suddenly, as Theresa started to let out a high-pitched keening sound, Caroline once more pulled my pussy-drenched mouth from the slave's snatch.

This almost reduced the busty woman to tears. "You can't do this to me, Caroline," she begged, "it's not fair, it's not fair, it's so fucking unfair."

The "fucking" word came as a surprise to me from such a cultured voice, but the pleas fell on deaf ears.

Caroline laughed: "I can do this to you, Theresa and I will. And as for not being fair, I would remind you, my darling, that all's fair in love and femdom. However, to let you take your mind off your pathetic pleas for an orgasm, I'm going to let you do some calisthenics - that'll be fun, won't it?"

Theresa hung limply in her bonds, sucking back a sob. "Yes, darling," she answered obediently in a softer, calmer voice.

Aunty then pushed the see-saw, with me still lying on it, between Theresa's widespread thighs, until it was clear from her. I climbed off and we removed the busty slave from her position and aunty marched her onto a rubber training mat. "Fetch me that buggy whip, Sam," she told me.

I'd never seen a buggy whip before - I'm not into all that horse and pony equestrian scene - but I knew this was a really cruel implement even as I handed it to my aunt.

The whip had a smooth leather grip, like a golf club, and a thick leather shaft which extended to an increasingly narrow tip. The entire thing must have been at least five feet long!

Aunty stood off well to one side of the naked woman, the lead weights still hanging from the nipple clamps on her busty globes. Then, raising her arm she lashed the whip across Theresa's largish but well-rounded bum. This was the signal for her to begin what must have been a painful exercise in calisthenics.

On receipt of the crack from the buggy whip, Theresa proceeded to raise both her arms high above her and clap her palms together. As she performed this procedure, she jumped and stretched her feet out wide. Then she dropped her hands to her sides and brought her feet together again. One more stroke from the buggy whip and her arms came up and she spread her legs, and so on.

Each jump, of course, caused her lush breasts to bounce, which must have caused her considerable anguish in the mammary department, as the clamps on her nipples showed no sign of being dislodged.

After a couple of minutes of painful, perspiration-inducing exercise, aunty called a halt to the torment. Theresa stood to attention, breasts heaving, sobs wracking her large frame.

Aunty stepped in front of her and unclipped the clamps, kissed her on the mouth and whispered: "Now I've got a very special present for you, darling. Put this buggy whip away and put on your favourite bathing cap."

Theresa did as she was told. The bathing cap, of bright red rubber material, completely covered her shortish brunette hair and buckled tightly beneath her chin, making her look like a model from a rubber fetish magazine.

"Lovely," smiled aunty, "I love the way you look in that cap!"

"Now Sam, it's your turn for some bondage. Let's get you in place, shall we?"

I walked between the posts, then aunty pinioned my wrists and ankles, pulled on the pulleys to tauten my body, then whispered in my ear: "It's soon going to be pee time, darling!"

From behind me I heard aunty putting Theresa on the see-saw, only unlike me, as I heard velcro straps being adjusted, she was to be placed in bondage on it.

Then I saw Theresa's rubber-capped head emerge from between my thighs as aunty pushed the slave beneath me. The see-saw was then adjusted so that Theresa's mouth was inches from my snatch. Aunty next collected a black rubber sheet and laid it underneath the top of the see-saw.

"Now my darling," aunty addressed Theresa, "I've got a lot of news for you - and I'm afraid it's all pretty bad. There's so much to tell, where shall I start?

"I know - at the beginning! This morning when my lovely young niece got up she had an early morning pee. And she's not had one since!"

Theresa looked up at me, her eyes wide, playing her role of appalled slave to perfection.

"What's the next piece of bad news?" asked Aunty Caroline, as if speaking to herself. "Well, I'm going to tickle Sam, and Sam is very, very ticklish, aren't you darling?"

"I'm terribly ticklish, aunty," I answered, obediently, not really sure whether I was or not. I hadn't played tickling games with any of my girl friends, so it was new territory for me.

"And do you know what happens when she's tickled?" aunty asked teasingly.

"No," said Theresa, her voice hardly above a whisper.

"Oh, go on - have a guess," prompted aunty.

"I suppose she loses control of her bladder," said Theresa, quietly.

"Precisely!" laughed aunty, clapping her hands in delight.

"And do you know what you're going to do?" aunty asked next.

"I'm going to get a golden shower?" Theresa asked, in return.

"No, silly," aunty chided her, "not a golden shower, a golden cocktail - you're going to drink it!"

To be continued...
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