Slave is forced to submit blackmail to his Mistress

Lorenna sat on her bed. The satin felt cool on her skin, and a chill breeze came in from the open window, making her nipples hard, sending goosebumps up her arms. She idly fingered herself, feeling her fingers slide slowly over her wet clit, as the clock approached the appointed hour.

At midnight, the bedside phone rang. She let it ring once. Twice. Three times, making him wonder if she'd pick up at all. Four times. Five times. Right before the answering machine picks up, she presses the "speaker phone" button.

"Hello James," she whispered into the phone, sultry, satin.

Her slave was on the other end of the phone, following her instructions to a tee. He was naked, kneeling on the floor, the cell-phone headset on. He was teetering at the very edge of orgasm, his cock lubed up with hand lotion. His voice was breathy, unsteady, submissive, and with an edge of fear.

"Hello Mistress Lorenna."

Lorenna smiled, taking her time. She knew he wants it. She could hear his desire, his frustration. She sits up in her bed, her bare feet dangling over the edge. She visualized him there, kissing her toes, worshipping her feet and legs. She felt like a Goddess when he worshiped her, dutifully exploring and licking and massaging every inch of her body. She feet like such a queen as he broke apart for her, crumbling, frayed at the edges.

"Slave James, have you done all of the things I asked of you?"

"Yes Mistress," he breathed, his hand still sliding carefully up and down his well-lubricated shaft. Too much stimulation and he'd go off. He'd been close several times tonight, as per her instructions.

Once per hour, she required him to take a digital photograph of himself. In each photograph, he is hard and horny, at the very edge of orgasm. Each time, it's been so hard to snap the humiliating photo, and then put his pants back on. He didn't want to do these things (well, deep down, he did), but it pleased his Mistress.. and James was afraid of the consequences of insubordination.

The first picture, at 8 PM, Slave James set up the camera to take the picture. This one was to be completely naked, his hands behind his back. His cock was perpendicular to his body, tense and bobbing. He almost flinched as the flash went off. If anyone ever saw this...

The second picture, at 9 PM, was worse. Getting himself close without spilling over took willpower - especially after he'd been denied so long... He blushed as he looked at the 9PM picture in the viewfinder. It showed him with the word "slut" written on his chest with a sharpie. In this picture, he was to be stroking his cock while standing in front of his bedroom window, so any passerby could see him. Mistress actually required two pictures at this juncture - one at 9 PM and one at 9:05, to prove that he'd been standing in the window stroking himself for five minutes. James hadn't known if anyone had seen him, but he blushed red nonetheless.

The third picture, at 10 PM, showed him on all fours, drinking water out of a dog bowl. The shot was set up so that you could see his hard cock dangling between his legs. After the picture, James put his clothes back on and tried to watch TV and distract himself. He was dreading the 11 PM shot, and wanted to get his mind off it. No matter what station he watched, there always seemed to be leggy girls laughing and giggling, and his mind twisted it and curled it so that they were looking at these pictures. Jame's brow furrowed. 11 PM was coming...

The fourth picture was the hardest of all. At 11 PM, already crazy with lust, he brought himself quickly to the edge. The lubed dildo was mounted on the home-made stand, and James, on all fours, backed his ass up to it. The camera captured it halfway into his ass, a look of humiliation and frustration on his red face. Looking closely at the photo, Mistress Lorenna would see precum dripping from James' cock head. She would smile, fingering herself errantly.

Now, at midnight, James was near tears with frustration. He had been teasing himself for quite some time now, his cock rigid. To him it seemed like he had been aroused four five straight hours now, and it wasn't going to get any better.

"Are you ready to take the fifth picture, Slave James?" asked Mistress Lorenna, hardly able to conceal her own arousal.

"Yes Mistress..."

"When was your last orgasm, slaveslut?"

"January 31st, ma'am"

"And what is the date today?"

"February 5th, ma'am."

"You've been a good boy, Slave James. I know five days is a long time for you. Longer than the last four day stint, and you said that was the longest you'd ever been. Next time, I'm going to push you a little bit further. But for now, you might get some limited release."

James gulped at the word Limited. Sometimes she'd make him jerk off and then let go, just as he started to spurt. This 'half-orgasm' was maddening in that they released some of the pressure, but without the joy of a full orgasm. She never made his orgasms easy. She liked to turn his desire against him.

"You know what, slave James?"

"What, Mistress?"

"You're going to get to cum tonight..."

James waited for the other shoe to drop.

"Lie on your back, with your feet up on the wall." James crawled over to the wall and positioned himself as instructed.

"Move your cock about six inches above your face."

Still stroking softly, still poised at the edge, James complied. Nooooo, he thought, I know what she's going to do...

"When I tell you it's okay, you are to let your orgasm loose, all over your face," she breathed. James could hear her voice -- his Mistress was close to orgasm too...

Mistress waited, making him keep himself at the edge. If she told him to cum and he couldn't fast enough, there would be worse punishments later.

"Slave, the next span will be longer. More taxing. More difficult for you. And if you cum without permission, do you know what's going to happen?"

"No Mistress," he breathed, his voice cracking.

"I'm going to post all these pictures on my blog. Everyone will know what a dirty slave-slut you are."

"Oh Mistress, please don't..." he gasped. That would be terrible -- all those people, looking at him in his weakest moments. She wouldn't do that, would she? Deep down, he knew she would. She had complete control over him. She could make him do anything she wanted as long as she had those pictures. His orgasms, those rare beautiful things, were soon to be a thing of the past.

Meanwhile Princess Lorenna's breath caught as her fingers kneaded her sweet wet clit. She was riding the waves of pleasure, riding the waves of power. Once he sent her these pictures, James would be putty in her hands. The hottest part for her was these breaking points, making him do things, like this, that he really didn't want to do. The absolute desperation in his voice, the shaking and pleading of surrender, it twisted her and sat smoking in her stomach.

James moaned again, this one sounding like panic. Was she even going to let him spurt? She toyed with the idea of just hanging up the phone, making him wonder what he did wrong, all pent up and desparate in his worst hour.

"After your cum is all over your face, you are to take the picture, and then e-mail all of today's shots to me. Can you do that for your Princess?"

"Yes ma'am," he gasped, knowing how much worse this was going to get.

"Good boy... now we're going to cum together... are you ready?"

"Yes Mistress..."





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