Female domination and forced shaving

(Included in this article are three shaving rituals that the author has participated in. The stories are embellished but I definitely experienced every ritual! These rituals are for adults only and only recommended in a female domination situation. Enjoy!)

Ritual 1: Shaving Asscheeks with a Straight Razor!

For a mistress shaving her slave can be another way to dominate him. Taking control of all body hair can be a way to control, embarrass, mark, and stamp your ownership upon his body in a most visible way. Especially for a man his own personal looks of his hair is very important to him who controls his own ego and character. Once another person takes control of how he looks he loses his ego and becomes submissive to his owner.

My first experience with shaving for ritual purposes was with a straight razor. My wife read an article in the magazine about razor strops used for discipline. Showing me the article she told me to go out and purchase her a razor strop. I went to a cutlery store finding the perfect razor strop and to spare embarrassment I decide to buy the straight razor as well thinking that the person at the register would not be aware that I was going to use the strap for BDSM purposes. When I got home my wife-mistress wanted to see my surprise. She was more excited about seeing the straight razor than the strop. She immediately wanted to give me a shave as well as a good strapping. Having shaved her legs for many years she knew that the skin was more sensitive after a shave. Therefore shaving my bare bottom would make it more sensitive for the strop; a brilliant deduction for her in a big mistake for me for buying her a straight razor, making me wonder what I got myself into.

Deciding to have a complete session including whipping and dildoing to celebrate my first shaving and a razor stropping I was ordered to take an enema and get myself squeaky clean for the special event. My wife got out the razor strop shaving cream and the razor and next to it she placed her leather harness and dildo. I was going to get the full brunt of female domination once and for all. My wife was quite excited, taking a nice long hot shower dressing herself in her favorite purple bra, garter, and stockings. Being raised in a family that definitely did not spare the rod, my wife swore that she could discipline me as she saw fit including whipping. We had already experimented with a smaller size leather strap and now it was graduation time for something designed to cause a little more pain.

As soon as I got out of the bathroom my wife put me on all fours on the bed over several pillows binding my wrists to the brass headboard with nylons. I was vulnerable to the razor, the strop, and her dildo. Judging by the nasty look my wife gave me she was going to pour every bit of effort it took to strip me of my male dignity. Smiling she took the shaving cream in hand and began to slowly rub the white foamy substance all over my ass cheeks. I could feel the alcohol tingling the skin on my bare bottom.. Taking the straight razor from its case my wife-mistress opened it up with a giggle testing it with her finger. Warning me to hold still otherwise I would get cut for sure, she slowly began to lick the small hair from my ass cheeks with the edge of the razor sending shivers down my spine. Early into the shaving I felt a little cut and a small trickle of blood where she had made a "mistake" but kept on working until I was totally clean of body hair on my asscheeks. That was the first time I was ever that still for but scared to death. Wanting to get every last single hair my wife used a safety razor on my ass crack and even shaved around my anus. She wanted me clean as a baby!

Shaving my asscheeks alone would have never stayed in my memory. But trying out the razor strap on my freshly shaven cheeks would sear into my memory forever the power of the razor strap. My wife liked to bring up the past in order to fuel her rage to give me a whipping. She had already had plenty of things to hold against me in her war chest. Standing 6ft. tall and being a strong swimmer my wife could really wail with the strop. Even though the razor strop weighed a little bit more than the strap she was used to the leather handle made it easier to swing. The strop is eighteen inches long and two inches wide and an eighth inch thick horse hide which is perfect for spanking across both asscheeks at the same time. The handle made the strop impossible to choke up on to shorten the blows on my flesh. Now I was going to have to withstand the full brunt of the strop. Not hesitating to whip my well shaven butt my wife-mistress positioned herself correctly behind me so that the lash would cover both cheeks at the same time.

Nervously I waited for the first blow. We both had read in magazines how effective the razor strop was and how much pain It could deliver. On the first blow I found out that the articles did not lie. The pain shot up my spine all way to my brain. I didn't cry out until the third blow surprising my wife because I could usually hold in the pain with her smaller strap. Eager to really lay on the leather because of my response, she bit her lip and really gave it to me. Because it was her first time with the strop I think my wife lost track of the number of blows to my sore butt she was beating me down into the pillows. Only when she saw how my ass cheeks were burning red and beginning to sweat liquid from my pours she finally decided to stop. Keeping me tied to the bed I could hear the familiar fumbling as she strapped on the harness so she could fuck me like a woman. As she was pounding the dildo into my asshole she realized how much I was squirming from the painful blows the strop given me she dug her nails into my ass cheeks to hold on. This new effect seemed to turn her on all the more precise squirmed and writhed during the entire ass fucking.

From that day on the razor strop was hung in the bathroom as a proud replacement of the old strap was quickly made into a harness for mistress's dildo. The straight razor was kept in mistress bathroom only a few steps away from the bed. Everyone who used the bathroom would see the strop wondering what it was for. I was the only person didn't wonder because most of the time my ass was sore prior to their visit.

Ritual 2: Shaving Locks!

Another lady Mistress J loved shaving as well. Fourteen years ago Mistress J was my lover and partner. Once we split up we went our separate ways I remarried and J became a butch dyke lesbian. We ran into each other at a shopping mall and exchange phone numbers. When I called her up I told J. about my life in my divorce and that I was free again to play. I mentioned to her how she had spanked me during our relationship how much that it turned me on. I then confessed that I had found several dominant women to spank and dominate and that I had done and participated in some very nasty sessions. This only seemed to anger J who never wanted to be outdone by anyone especially another woman.

She told me that her life was different now and that she was living with a young lesbian. I thought the door was closed until she wanted to make a deal with me offering to come into my life as a close friend and my secret mistress. There would be several conditions; her pussy and ass would be off limits. J would be allowed to touch me in any way she felt and that I would have to endure whatever discipline she wished. When I had left J there was many unfinished issues that we both needed to deal with and J felt that this would be the perfect opportunity by using discipline to finally absolve her issues. She gave me time to think about it and hung up. I called her back the next day and agreed to her conditions. Giving her my address J drove over to my condo giving me a short kiss and a hug without any small talk she yanked on my pants took me over her knees and blistered my butt. By this time I have been spanked by several women but nothing came close to this intensity. I was actually spanked to tears before she let me get up. This was the start of our blooming BDSM relationship!

One of Mistress J's favorite Old Testament stories in the Bible was Sampson and Delilah. Sampson gained all his strength from his long hair. When J saw my long hair she was disappointed because she preferred men with short hair. J nicknamed me Sampson and herself Delilah because she wanted to take away my power by stripping me of my hair therefore empowering herself and taking over my body making me her slave. Knowing that if we both believed that this was true she "could" make me her slave. When she first met me I was very out of control; J wanted a way into my life to bend me to her will. Using Biblical principles for magic rituals, such as the cutting of hair to take away the ego of the male in making him her slave seemed like the perfect ritual. For several whippings Mistress J during the rituals would call herself Delilah and me Sampson slowly whipping into my psyche her belief system that once I was denuded of hair she would have power over me.

When we first met I was sporting long hair down to my shoulders which abhorred her to no end. Hating my long hair she wanted to do something spectacular about it to make a statement. Threatening to shave me anyhow or kick me out of her lair I decided to submit to her because I didn't want her to leave me. I told her if she really didn't like my hair that we could have a cutting ritual. I had just received a large hunting knife for a presence that was razor sharp. I had proposed that she would lay me over her special spanking bench and tie me to it and cut my ponytail off with my knife. This got her attention right away and began to turn her on. I could see her mind working and she wanted to add more and more things to the ritual.

J proposed that we get right on it immediately. I was actually looking for a job and she told me that I needed to get a good haircut to look presentable and J was going to make sure that I did. We had the afternoon free so Mistress J locked the front door of my condo taking immediate control of me ordering me to get ready. We lit the candles on the altar and set up the spanking bench and all the toys. J even made me take an enema because she wanted to stick a dildo into my asshole when she cut off my ponytail. I quickly got ready putting everything in place. Mistress J decided that I would receive two whippings one before she cut off my ponytail and another one after we went to the barber to finish my hair cut. She wanted to burn into my flesh forever that I needed to take care of myself and look more presentable to a future employer. Also in the magical spiritual sense she was taking me just like Delilah cut Sampson's hair enslaving him.

Leading me out of the shower, Mistress J took me to the spanking bench laying me over it and binding my hands to the front feet of the bench. Taking the long 8 inch knife in her hands Mistress J grabbed the end of my ponytail pressing the knife above the rubber band that held my hair together slowly cutting off my locks just like Delilah did to Sampson as he slept. Holding my ponytail up in my face as a prize with a big smile on her face she knew that I had already been defeated. Setting down the knife and picking up a wooden paddle Mistress J celebrated by whacking my bare but red until I was in tears. Excited about getting my hair cut she reminded me that once we got back to the condo I would be back over the spanking bench getting the rest of my whipping. Mistress told me to only wear what I had to a pair of shorts and t-shirt and thongs because as soon as we got home I was going to be naked again and she didn't want me to waste much time getting undressed.

We got in my car and traveled to the local hair salon. Mistress J selected a nice young lady to cut my hair. Most of my hair was still quite long so the beautician gave me a very liberal haircut leaving way too much hair. Mistress J demanded that she cut more off; so once again she trimmed my hair on the top and the sides. I was getting worried because it was getting a little too close for me. Again Mistress J looked at my hair giving the girl a demanding unacceptable look, demanding her to only leave just a little bit on the very top and nothing else on the sides. She was basically describing a recruit marine haircut. I think the beautician sensed that I was being controlled and manipulated by Mistress J and she played along with it smiling as she cut off the rest of my hair. By the time she finished I felt naked which is exactly what Mistress J wanted me to feel. I couldn't believe it that all my hair was gone. Even the beautician complemented me on how good I looked wondering how I felt. I could only say that it was different. Mistress J told her not to worry about it that I was going to feel a lot better once we got home making the lady wonder exactly what she was going to do. I was sure she thought that mistress was going to fuck my brains out little did she know that I was actually going to get my ass beat and fucked instead.

Back in the car Mistress J began stroking my bare head complementing me on how much better I looked. We gave each other a warm hug and a closed to kiss on the lips. I thanked J. for taking care of me thinking in my own nasty mind that we could go home and make love and forget about the whipping. With a look of nasty excitement in her sexy blue eyes Mistress J seemed to sense what was on my mind scolded me and reminded me of the impending whipping I was going to get once we got back to the condo. She told me that in order for the ritual to work we would have to complete the magic so that she would have my complete submission. Grabbing me by the balls J squeezed so hard I cried out ordering me to drive home immediately, Mistress J was on a mission of control, submission, and manipulation determined to imprint into my psyche that she was now the mistress boss. As soon as we got home unlocking the door we stepped through the threshold of submission. Ceremonially Mistress J locked and bolted both of us inside closing the only way of escape.

Now was the time for Mistress J to test the loss of my physical power. Pulling off my shirt and yanking down my shorts Mistress J wanted me to be completely naked for the rest of the day; naked to her, baring my ego to be tried and tested with the lash. Again I was laid over the spanking bench before the altar; but this time there were no restrains I was laying for Mistress J on my own free will. I felt weak and docile willing to do whatever Mistress J demanded of me including pain. Once the candles were lit the ritual magic began. Stripping down to only her panties baring her sexy 38 C. breasts Mistress J wanted to look like the goddess Delilah when she dominated Sampson. Reminding me boastfully that I have lost my locks just like Sampson, Mistress J took the role of Delilah promising me a spiritual whipping of enslavement and self empowerment for her. I would not physically go blind like Sampson did that the magic would blind me from the male ego enticing me to submit to Mistress J.

Mistress picked up a leather strap and began smacking my bare backside so hard I lunged forward with every stroke. As I was whipped she kept reminding me that I was her slave, that she had power over me, and that I was helpless under her. It didn't take long and I really was helpless sweaty and out of breath, my backside was on fire from the painful strapping. Mistress J gave me a quick break selecting a new implement of discipline, a 4ft. cane that she was going to use on my back. Warning me to keep my head down she began striking my shoulders leaving a nice long welts lengthwise along each side of my backbone. Getting caned on the back was Mistress J's signature form of discipline, preferring it over caning the bare buttocks because it is a more painful form of caning. This enabled Mistress J to use other forms of disciplined on my bare bottom saving the caning for my back. With my head down I took stripe after stripe on my shoulders wincing and crying out in pain as Mistress J gave me full strokes of the cane on my back. After 30 strokes she decided that I had enough and took a break leaving the room for a smoke.

Already in my subconscious mind I could feel that the magic was already working. Just like Sampson I was weak there was nothing I could do but submit to the whipping

Once Mistress J returned she began preaching to me that being clean cut is not only more acceptable for jobs but it will be Mistress J's standards from now on, promising me by pointing the cane directly into my face that she will personally make sure of that. A firm believer of double punishment Mistress J always took the time to whip me twice so that I would get a double portion of pain. Relishing in my loss of power, Mistress J decided to punish me nice and slow so she could relish in the fact that she owned me. Whipping me with several floggers that only prolonged and teased me, Mistress J kept telling me over and over again that I was under her power and I was useless to resist. The flogger seemed to agitate the stripes on my back that she had already produced from the cane watching me squirm and wince as I was fighting off the blows only seemed to make her flog me even harder.

Board and tired of whipping me Mistress J strapped on her dildo. Standing in front of me she began rubbing the head of the dildo on my lips ordering me to open my mouth. She told me she was going to teach me a lesson for talking too much and fuck my throat until I choked. The second I open my mouth she grabbed the back of my head with her right hand driving the dildo to the back of my throat far enough so I could not breathe. Forcibly holding the back of my head as I fought for breath Mistress J began reminding me that she controlled everything about me including my breath of life and as her slave she reserved the right to deny me breath. Waiting for what seemed like forever she finally pulled free allowing me to take an honored breath of air compliments of Mistress J. Feeling the nails of her right hand digging into my skull she began fucking my mouth with full earnest pushing the head of the dildo all the way down my throat. Slimy drool slid down my cheeks from the sides of my mouth. After a full five minutes of mouth fucking Mistress J became bored pulling the dildo out of my mouth with a loud juicy pop. She slapped my face telling me to get that finally she just finished look off my face promising me that she will be finished when she chooses to be finished.

Quickly moving behind me she grabbed my butt cheeks pulling them apart. I felt her place the head of the dildo into my anus. Finding me relaxed she was easily able to push half the dildo into my butthole. I had so much saliva on the dildo she was determined to butt fuck me without any artificial lubricant. Slapping both my asscheeks she ordered me to relax. The second I gave in she pushed the 9in. dildo all the way into my asshole. Instead of fucking me, Mistress J kept the dildo buried in my butthole grinding her hips into me in a circular motion forcing the dildo to stimulate every nook and cranny of my colon. Warning me that there would be more shaving soon she kept up the pressure on my asshole spanking my now sore asscheeks as she spoke.

Ritual 3: Shaving off Pubic Hair!

Once Mistress J enslaved me she led the round by her invisible leash ordering me to do whatever she wished. I spent most of my time cooking for her and cleaning her apartment while she sat on the couch watching television with the whip next to her side for encouragement. Relishing the site of my naked body I worked in the nude. There was always something that didn't look right with my body to Mistress J as I walked through the house. Seeing me in my short hair constantly reminded her of my defeat. I had a good body and was quite muscular but there was something about what was between my legs that bothered Mistress J. The furry patch of pubic hair hiding my limp cock seemed upset Mistress J because my pubic hair represented the last part of my uncontrolled ego. According to J it had to go I was going to go through another shaving ritual. This time she kept her secret to herself letting the idea ferment in her nasty mind.
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