Mistresswife submissive husband and wifes girlfriend

Here is the third installment of a story of loving spouses, the husband a sissy submissive to his Mistress/Mommy. She has invited over a girlfriend to witness and perhaps participate in his humiliation and degradation. At the end of Part II, the women were on the couch and the little sissy was on the floor. He obeys his wife's command to beg.


"Oh, please, Mistress, may I kiss your pretty feet. Please!"

"Oh, I don't know," my wife replied, winking at the enthralled Debbie. "Only kiss them?"

"No! No!" I quickly replied. "I want to worship your beautiful feet. I want to lick your instep and the bottoms of your feet and suck your pretty toes, Lady! I want to lick between your toes and suck your heels. Please let me be your little sissy foot slave!"

I noticed that Debbie, still sexually excited, had gotten a bit of a sneer on her cute face as she listened to my begging for Heather's feet. Heather obviously had noticed, too, and she asked, "So, Deb, what do you think of this silly little sissy?"

"Gee, he's kinda pathetic," the blond girl said with the sneer now in her voice. "I mean wanting to lick your feet, y'know?"

"Oh, he's even more pathetic than that, Deb," my wife said with a chuckle. Then turning to me she asked sharply, "What's the most pathetic thing about you, sissy boy?"

I hung my head, knowing what she wanted me to say, to confess.

Her palm lashed against my face, and she took my chin in her hand and forced me to look at her.

Her words were low, distinct, and absolutely commanding. "You will look my friend directly in her eyes and tell her exactly what is most pathetic about you, little man." The last two words were emphasized, confirming beyond doubt what I had to tell Debbie.

With tears of embarrassment and humiliation (and a stiff errection in my panties), I looked into Debbie's pretty green eyes, which were both puzzled and eager. "I'm not much of a man, Miss Debbie." Some tears ran down my cheeks. "My sissy cock is so little it never can please Mistress Heather or any real woman."

Both women laughed at me. Heather instructed me to take my panty/diaper off so Debbie could see my "pathetic little dick."

I of course obeyed and soon was nude in front of both women.

"Spread those legs, little boy," Heather ordered sharply. Show us what you have there!"

With both pretty women looking down on me from the couch, I spread my legs. My face was blazing red, but my sissy cock was hard as a rock. When errect, I was about 5 inches, and it was part of our game for me to be shamed for its not being larger.

"Hey, Deb, do you need a magnifying glass?" Mistress asked. Can you imagine even feeling something as pitiful as that if it were in you?"

I looked up and saw Debbie grinning. She giggled as she answered, "Of course not! What a nickle dick! You're not a man; you're a sissy little boy!"

Debbie reached out her foot and poked me, and I responded to their laughter and derision.

"I know I'm not a real man, Miss Debbie, and that I could never satisfy Mistress or a real woman with my little sissy cock. Thank you for reminding me of how little and pathetic it is and what a silly sissy I am."

Both women laughed out loud as I humiliated myself, and I think I could have come with just a touch from either of their bare feet.

When my wife was able to stop laughing at me, she turned to her friend. "Deb, would you like little dick here to kiss and lick your feet?"

"Ummmmmmmmm, yeah, I think I would," came the answer.

"Why don't you kick off those sandals and lose the jeans, too," my wife suggested.

Soon Debbie was clothed only in a pair of white bikini panties. Her feet were lovely, and I bent forward. First, I planted kisses on her instep and the top of her foot and toes. She flexed her toes open a couple of times, and, again, I was so excited it would have taken very little for me to cum. Of course, I knew only Mistress could give me permission to cum.

"So lovely, so pretty," I murmured as I prepared to lick Debbie's feet. I heard her make soft noises of excitement above me.

I licked the instep on both feet and then lay down and lifted her feet above my face. I began to lap the length of each foot. Circling her heels with my tongue, I sucked on them and her delicate ankles. Knowing my wife was watching made it all so much more exciting.

Now I pressed my tongue between the balls of Debbie's feet and the curl of her toes, probing the bottoms of her slim, delicate toes. The girl's voice was clear as she said, "Oh, yes, yes!"

I felt Heather nudge the side of my head with her foot and looked upward. Debbie's hand was between her legs, and her fingers were probing her pussy and playing with her clit. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her face betrayed the excitement she was feeling. Heather was caressing Debbie's breasts and gently pinching her nipples. Her eyes met mine, and she began to nuzzle and kiss Debbie's neck and ear while continuing to pay attention to the hard nipples on her breasts.

As I rolled onto my belly and began to suck each individual toe, Debbie began a low moan--"Mmmmmmmmmm, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop." My guess was that her plea was directed both to Heather and me. Her voice rose in volume and pitch as I sucked her toes and licked between them. Finally, I felt her foot become rigid, and she screamed as she orgasmed. I continued to lick and suck, and she had a second and third cum before finally withdrawing her foot. I looked up and saw her with her head thrown back on the couch, her legs spread, with pussy juice on her thighs and a thin sheen of sweat covering her tight, slim body.

My wife looked into my eyes, and I knew she was very pleased with me. I smiled my joy at her as she folded the pretty blond into her arms.

(to be continued as readers wish)
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