Men held captive on a supernatural island by Amazons

Men were not always tossed into the exact cage they had been in previous nights, and each cage could hold two males. The cages were made of bamboo and about 7 feet high and 7 feet wide.

Jeff and Martin happened to be doubled in the same cage on this warm balmy evening.

Jeff immediately fell to the cottony strips of fabric on the sands of the cage. "Good Lord," he said in a faint whisper. "Is that all these women want from us? Tickling our feet and procuring our sperm?"

Martin, who likewise lie on his share of the fabrics, said, "I guess you are new and don't know the story."

Jeff turned to him. "Finally! Can you tell me what the fuck is going on here?"

"Since my charming wife, Madame deSade, has a big mouth, I learned a lot more than I think most men who've been enslaved here have," Martin began. "I am not sure of the origin of these savage ticklers, but I think they may have been young girls who crash-landed here years ago. There were men who tried to take advantage of them, and raped them, and the guys were summarily killed, I believe, but not purposefully. The leader of the men was apparently very angry every time one of the young things tickled him to try and get them off of their bodies, and damn," Martin cried, "I can understand that! Anyway, somehow, they stumbled upon this sappy substance out of one of the big trees on the island, and they found out it could immoblize a man, and they also found out it could make him extremely horny. Whether the men found it or the girls, I don't know."

"The beeba powder?" Jeff asked.

Martin grimaced and closed his eyes, "yeah, beeba! How I hate that word! And they found it could be boosted with the men's semen."

"So," Jeff said, "that's what they do with our sperm?"

"Well, yes, I believe so," Martin answered. "But, there are some pregnant Amazons here. I do think Aureila is helping them conceive young Amazons to continue this abomination of female dominated rule."

Jeff squinted. "They are appropriating our sperm to.....Good Lord!"

"I know," Martin sighed. "And the mad scientist is helping them."

"Your wife?"

Martin nodded. "She took to this life like a fly to dogshit."

Jeff smiled. He was somehow relieved to hear that the man had some sense of humor given his awful plight of being imprisoned by these mad tickling Amazons and his own wife.

"What-what happened," Jeff stammered. "to the other men who once lived here, those first men..."

"I suspect they died laughing," Martin said calmly. "Tickled to death, poor bastards. At least Aureila has at least stopped the Amazons from using the beeba powder all the time on us. You know it wears a man down. Too much is fatal."

"And, I get the feeling, from what your wife said," Jeff continued, "that she comes and goes from this island. How?"

"The same way I got here," Martin explained. "There is a strip of land perfect for landing a small twin engine plane. Fuck! How I wish I never landed here. I curse that day!"

"And- and," Jeff continued, "she comes and goes for medical supplies and such?"

"Yes," Martin said as he rolled over and lie facing Jeff's side, " but she leaves with more than what she brings here."


"She is selling that stuff to her fierce-thinking feminist friends," Martin said. "I just know it. I think that is another reason she doesn't let it get used up on us. She is making big cash on the beeba powder, and I just know that in the States, there has now got to be a growing group of men who have been enslaved by their mistresses, wives and whatnot, and they are going through the same ticklish torment we do here, every single fuckin' day!"

"I....I...look, someone has got to be looking for all of us," Jeff cried silently. "They'll find us. They have to!"

"I want to believe that, too, my friend," Martin said as he hugged his fellow tickle-slave, "but it's been three years now, for me."

Jeff closed his eyes. "Three years. Three years of beeba, tickling and milking. I don't know if I can survive."

"Aureila believes this island is surrounded by a force field," Martin said. "She said the island is only visible at a certain peak time of the day. She always returns at the same time of day, too. She believes that is why no searchers have ever found us or this island. And may God have mercy on any other men who find this place!"

"And I will tell you something else," Martin said as he curled his naked toes against Jeff's bare sole. "Aureila thinks these women are from another planet."

Jeff oddly did not move his foot away from Martin's. The warmth of Martin's feet was comforting and a perfect change from the wicked tickling fingers of the Amazons.

The men were silent for a few moments. Jeff spoke again. "Ever notice how they don't smile or giggle or laugh when they are tickling us?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when people laugh, generally, sometimes it is contagious and others start at least smiling or chuckling. But the whole time they tickle our feet and whatnot, they are intensely staring, staring at our soles and toes and our faces and cocks. Never breaking. They do smile, but it's always that bloody evil smile."

"It's the torture," Martin explained. "The subjugation of the male sex. They enjoy it."

"I understood from what you said how they got more into tickling from driving that rapist insane, but still....tickling...." Martin patted Jeff's shoulder. "Try to sleep. You need the rest."

One afternoon and from a short distance, the men in their cages could see the Amazons working with oak tree trunks and rudimentary tools.

Later in the evening that same day, after the usual varying routines of exercise, tickling and even some cock-riding sex on a few of the males, (the ones that Martin once explained to Jeff had been sterilized) the males found themselves marched to a clearing in the island forest where the Amazons had been working with the oak wood. As they approached, the men, all of whom had their hands tied in front of them, saw exactly forty upright wooden poles, sunken into the ground. Lit torches were placed all around to light the area.

Each male was tied, back against the smooth rounded poles, hands above his head.

Apprehensive male faces were all around. Jeff looked for Martin and he too, looked puzzled and worried. This was something new.

The Amazons backed up and sat on the grassy ground, several feet away from the bound naked males. Then Aureila entered the clearing, along with two very well dressed middle-aged women. These new women wore silk slinky bright pink and yellow dresses that clung to their well formed, perky breasted bodies, and floppy hats that partly covered their high cheek-boned faces.

"Mmmmmmmmm, Aureila!" one of the new women sighed, as if in heat. "Male meat! Delicious!"

"Succulent!" the other women said. "Let me at them all. Mmmmm...."

The two new women began to slowly walk in front of the bound naked studs, surveying the men's taut long bodies. And even these two civilized women took special note of the men's big bare feet. Just from those observations, all of the men knew that these two newcomers knew what women did to men on this island!

The two women stopped at Martin. They both ran their hands across his chiseled chest and along the sides of his face. "Oooooh, Aureilia!" the red-haired one said. "He is even more luscious than when you used to bring him to our pool parties."

"But," the other woman said with an evil grin, "is he... is he?" With each word, she slipped slowly to the grassy area at the base of the pole and proceeded to lift Martin's left foot into the air. "Is he just as ticklish as he was then, now?"

With that the woman ran her long red fingernails across his bare sensitive sole. Martin stifled a laugh for a moment, until the other newcomer dug her fingers into Martin's ribcage. Then it was an all-out hysterical male laughter. The Amazons in the background began to murmur in near-ecstasy.

The red-hair dipped her fingers into her silk purse and when they came out, they were covered in the beeba powder. She slipped the substance into Martin's mouth and within less than a minute, his cock was as long and stiff as it could possibly get.

The blonde lowered herself to his cock and licked the tip of it. "Ten ticklish inches! Aureila, he is the king of all tickle-studs!"

"Well," Aureila said, "if you two have settled on Martin, I'm going to wave the others in to take part of the festivities and join in! I will tell you, Lauralee, there is nothing that matches the sound of forty sensitized men laughing hysterically, together!"

And with that, the Amazons came forward and tickled the men and produced that sound Aureila wanted the newcomers to hear. Male tickle-torture laughter! Strong feminine fingers tickled balls, ribcages, armpits, stomachs, behind knees, and of course, bare ticklish feet! Since the men were standing, many of the Amazons tickled the tops of the men's feet. Or one elevated foot was tickled on the sole, heel, toe pads, and nerve-rich arch, while the other foot was tickled on the top. The elevation of the foot, usually the left foot, was achieved simply by grasping the ankle and holding it up with one hand, while the other hand worked on TICKLE. Most men had up to three Amazons working on driving him insane with tickling. And all of the men, on this fine evening, had absorbed the beeba drug into their bloodstream.

Jeff and the others realized that the connection with this island and the mainland was there. New women arrived and they had known Aureila and Martin from Martin's former social world. And yet, there was still no notion of allowing the men to return to the world they once lived in. A world where a girlfriend or wife might occasionally run a sleek finger across one of their smooth bare soles, but not a world where men were enslaved and tickle-tortured daily, and milked of their semen daily!

Aureila surveyed the scene: Forty fine-looking studs, including her husband, tied to upright wooden poles, all forty men with cocks fully erect and standing proud and upright as the poles the men found themselves tied to. All forty men, laughing rapidly and hysterically, from endless, merciless, tickle-torture by orgasmic Amazons!

Aureila was apparently not expecting the fight that ensued when her two friends began cock-sucking Martin without the "pot" nearby. The Amazons tossed the newcomers onto the ground and proceeded to procure the semen as they normally would, through licking and toe manipulation. They turned and glared angrily at the newcomers and also at Aureila.

"Well, holy fuckin' bitch," Lauralee yelled at Aureila. "What's their problem?"

Aureila tried to explain, "I think they know instinctively when a man is going to cum, and this is their way."

"You mean, they never swallow?"

"Sometimes," Aureila shrugged her shoulders, "I haven't figured it out. They mostly don't suck and swallow. I mean we do need the semen for the production of the drug, and they know that."

"Come on and get cleaned up," Aureila continued, "and come to my quarters. We'll have lots of time to use these guys."

Jeff and Martin both noted the animosity the Amazons had for the newcomers. Could this mean a dissension in the ranks? A chance for the men to somehow find a way out?

Sipping chilled wine as they sprawl in Aureilia's hut, Aureilia explained that the Amazons were not using all of the semen for the beeba drug. "They store some of it in big stone vats in a cold cave. I have no idea why."

"And you said a couple of the girls are pregnant?" Lauralee asked, while rubbing her inner thighs. "Ohhhh...I can still hear all of that delicious male tickle-torture laughter!"

"I know!" Aureila laughed. "I'd no idea I would ever be turned on by such a thing, but it is thrilling to hear all of those sleek well-built men laugh their butts off while we tickle them."

She continued to answer Lauralee, "yes, a couple of the girls are pregnant. I have no idea who the fathers are. They may not either."

Suddenly, a roar of male laughing could be heard from the clearing.

"What the fuck!" Aureilia said, looking as confused as she could possibly be. "They usually don't start up again this fast with the men." She rose to her feet. "Let's go see what is up."

Lauralee and her friend, Hannah, proceeded out of the hut before Aureila. They were beaming from ear to ear with a sultry hungry smile on their faces. And as they briskly walked, their long fingers moved to their love pots. The sound of the hysterically laughing male slaves was orgasm-inducing.

As they got closer to the scene, both Lauralee and Hannah screamed, an almost horrific scream. The men were still tied to the upright poles and were being tickled by the Amazons and a few newcomers. The reason for their scream stood up, smiled at the women, tilted her head to one side and just smiled warmly, "it's not a dream. I am real, but I am not from your world."

Aureila hurried up behind her friends to see what the problem was. She stopped in stunned silence. What she saw before her was not real. It could not be! But there, in the flesh, backing away from the exhausted sleek male form of Martin, was another one just like her. This woman was her! She was Aureila. A total identical twin!

"Who – how – where?" Aureila stammered.

"It's okay," the other Aureila slowly moved toward her twin. "You see, I am from a parallel world, a parallel band of time. In each band of time, all of us have a counterpart. I am your's, Aureila. You are called 'Aureila' here, too, are you not?"

Aureila nodded in a still stunned silence.

"You and I are different only in that we made different choices in our lives. I chose to let myself, like so many other women in my world, be driven by temptations of the male flesh," she closed her eyes, in ecstasy, " their sleek male bodies begging for the torture of our gentle touch, their sexy toes begging for our kisses and manipulation...." She opened her eyes when it seemed she had regained control of her senses. "But you, Aureila, you, have found a way to avoid the constant use of the drug with your science. A science to control the male."

"How – how did you know that," Aureila asked the alien. "How...?"

"Satellites," the alien Aureila explained. "Our men constructed them years ago, and our women, we have a good percentage that are lesbian, just as you do, have maintained them, and upgraded them. While they do not enjoy the male flesh as we, they are certainly happy that we...well, perhaps we should get away from the men, they don't need to hear all of this, and I just can't think with all of this beautiful live music behind me," she said referring to the exhaustive male laughter caused by the Amazons tickling of the men's bare feet.


The aircraft was slightly different from any Aureila had been on. The three women on board with her were comforting to her as they told her not to worry. But she was worried, she was leaving her time to go into a parallel band of time. Even though her counterpart had been explaining things to her for two days, she was still ambivalent. She was even worried for the three men tied in the back of the plane, naked and gagged and apparently given a large dose of the beeba drug. They were more erect than she'd ever seen them before.

The other Aureila told her that they could exist on the island together, but not in each other's world. The island, she was told, was a pathway, a stopping point between the parallel worlds. People from each world could co-exist there, but not in each other's. The other Aureila wanted Aureila to see her world, and she wanted to stay on the island to have fun with the sexy men that had been held there. She would have ventured out to Aureila's world, but she did not know how to fly the aircraft off the island.

The alien Aureila also explained that the island men's sperm could indeed be used by the women of the parallel world to become pregnant, but just as with women, the men could not co-exist in the parallel world if their counterparts were alive. The parallel world counterparts of the three men bound in the back of the aircraft had "expired" Aureila was told. Aureila asked the other Aureila to be more specific. "They were tickled to death, dear."

The alien Aureila not only wanted Aureila to experience her world but to introduce her technology, the electrode testicle implants and such, to her world. It was explained that the male population was not lasting beyond their thirties in many cases, and women, desperate for more "male meat" as the alien Aureila called the men, wanted them to live longer.

"Cloning" the alien explained, was on the march, and was successful, but not in any large way. "We need more tickle beef!"

The alien Aureila also explained that the "Amazons" on the island were mostly daughters who had been born there of women from her world, and of men from Aureila's world. "Amazing. Just too amazing!" is all Aureila could keep saying.


"Incredible!" Aureila was stunned, time and time again. The airport was completely staffed by women. The pilots were women, the attendants were women, and all of the travelers were women. Where on this parallel earth were the men?

"Come on," Darla, the pilot waved a finger at Aureila. "I cannot wait to show you, so many things!"

Behind Aureila and Darla, a wave of shrieking and giggling ensued. The captive men from the island, were being pinched, prodded and of course, tickled, as eight guards from what the badges on their pink skirted uniforms stated, "maleWatch Institute," carried them off on stretchers to an awaiting van outside the airport terminal.

The city was called Petra Viva. Aureila thought it resembled Los Angeles in many ways, but it certainly was much cleaner. The street she walked with Darla had food stores, clothing stores, hardware, medicine and finally, a huge mart which Darla took her inside.

It was a warm inviting place, line with oak pillars and beams and plush carpeting. And the instant Aureila entered she smelled that familiar island smell. Male semen. And she heard that delightful music, men laughing themselves into oblivion.

There were long lines of anxious women buying tickets at booths staffed by rather disinterested looking women ("we have many lesbians in our world") and then turnstiles and further lines of women seemingly watching and waiting for their chance. Aureila knew exactly what the women were waiting for!

Darla took Aureila up to a balcony above all the action to survey the huge mass scene.

There were rows and rows of action going on in this "mart." Each row was lined with cubicles and wider, more open areas, and in each cubicle and each cordoned off area, in every row, were naked handsome men, bound, spread-eagled to comfortable looking lounge reclining chairs, with women, one on each foot, two on each ribcage, tickling the daylights out of them! The men, and the women, were of all races. Aureilia wondered if this world referred to the various races with the same terminology from her world. Asians, Africans, Europeans, Hispanics, Middle-Eastern and so on. Darla answered, "Here my dear, we have only women, and tickle beef."

And Aureilia surveyed, hungrily, the tickle beef. "They're all lookers!" she exclaimed, while wiping some perspiration from her upper lip.

Darla smiled while fingering herself. "We've only the best here. It's a booming economy, you know."

"Are there other places like this?" Aureila asked.

"All over the world," Darla smiled. "I understand that in your world, there are men at war with each other, killing for ridiculous reasons. Not here. Here, men are good for only one thing. To please women."
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