Strong women and weak men

If she could go through with it. Jessica made this point very clear to Trina. It was part of the deal. She would have Trina over to the house on the evening they decided upon, but Jessica had to be able to back out of putting her husband in the guest room if she changed her mind about going that far.

"Like I said" Trina told her, "I do not want us doing anything you don't feel comfortable with."

And she meant this, for even Trina knew that it wouldn't be any fun if Jessica felt that it was too much or if it seemed too "wrong" when the time came.

Trina had gotten mixed up in three-way things like this before with married women but didn't want to wind up being the "bad guy", which could easily happen if she pushed something too quickly.

But Jessica was definitely not reacting to what was going on like other married women Trina had known had done, even those who had practically jumped at the chance to sleep with another woman. Even the ones who seemed as if they had been lesbians beneath the surface all along still hadn't begun talking about men and how weak they were so readily, and not one of Trina's previous female lovers who were married had sat at Trina's place actually making fun of the guys they were married to the way Jessica did. She was obviously a woman who was extremely frustrated with her marital situation, and was also Trina's first experience with meeting a woman who said right out that she was married to "a total wimp". And Trina liked that so well - a woman thinking of "him" as a total wimp.

So it was likely, at least as Jessica's girlfriend saw it, that this was the best opportunity she was going to come across to do something she had wanted to do now for quite some time - see one of these married chicks really exploit the "weakness" of her husband by pulling a stunt on him that most wives probably couldn't get away with. Having a "friend" over and then finishing up the night by tossing "him" right out of their bedroom so the two chicks could sleep together. If this Robby joker was half the wimp Jessica claimed he was, he wouldn't have it in him to say a thing about it. And Trina wanted so badly to witness a rare thing like this, for she knew she wasn't going to have the chance very often, if indeed ever again. The wonderful humiliation of a married man being put in the spare bedroom by his wife so she could have a friend of hers in their bed.

If Trina had her way, it wouldn't even be uncommon for married women to have an overnight guest sleep with them like that. The statement it made about the unity of women and female friendships was by itself too good to miss. Showing a guy that the presence of one of his wife's girlfriends changed where he stood completely. Letting him see that even in his own home he had to "step aside" when his wife had someone overnight.

Jessica's divorced girlfriend was very much aware that it was all easy enough for her to see things this way. She also knew that back when she was married to Brian she herself could never have gotten away with doing anything as unheard of as expecting her husband to sleep elsewhere when she had a friend stay overnight. Brian would never have put up with a thing like that. So nobody knew better than Trina did that what she was hoping of Jessica was stretching things more than a little. And she wouldn't even be attempting it if Jessica hadn't seemed to be the very sort of chick who might be capable of such a thing while also being married to a guy who probably wouldn't have any idea of what to do when faced with such a situation.

But she did seem like someone who very well could go through with what they were tentatively planning, although Trina understood perfectly how Jessica wanted the option right up to the last minute to abort the operation. As the wife in this thing she had to have that choice, even though Trina had reached the point where she wouldn't hesitate to go for it if she was in Jessica's place. But she wasn't, and she had to take that into consideration. All she could do was hope that they could pull this thing off because she hated the thought of missing out on what looked like a golden opportunity for a pair of women to really put a guy in his place in a way that didn't happen often enough to suit women like Trina.

Talking about it while half-bombed made it all sound so easy, but a thing like this was never as simple as just doing it. But as far as Trina could see, Jessica and Robby might well be her one big chance to witness some rather exquisite cuckolding of an unusual sort - where the guy sees his wife "going for a woman" instead of another man. Jessica's friend Trina couldn't imagine a finer kick in the balls than for a woman to pass up the cock for a pussy.

As Jessica went about her ordinary business for the remainder of that weekend and into the next week she was, of course, thinking about little else much of the time. She and her husband did a few regular things on Saturday and Sunday - except for another denial of sex on Saturday night. This definitely was not an ordinary event in their house so far, but it did once again thrill Jessica, just due to the feeling of control it gave her to say "No" in the bedroom. Oddly enough, the wimpy way that Robby just "took it" without protest, even though he really had no choice, kind of made Jessica feel that maybe he deserved to see Trina come over, spend the evening, and then end up taking his place in their bed.

Robby didn't even mind being turned down, for now he had caught on that both times right after his wife had spent the night at that Trina chick's place she had done this the very next night. Refused him in bed. He didn't quite know why, but it turned him on that two different times now Jessica didn't "want it" the night after going over to Trina's and staying the night. This might well have bothered or even annoyed more than a few other married men, but not a wimp like Robby. There was just something about it all that he found secretly exciting.

Jessica staying at Trina's twice, and both times skipping sex with him the next night, and doing it with excuses that even he thought were rather feeble at best. But he knew that this didn't matter. A woman didn't need to explain herself in such matters if she didn't want to. Certainly not to a sexually inadequate wimp of a husband who wore her underwear in her absence, and who wouldn't dare argue her right to consent or refuse him in bed, and who also lay there in bed with a throbbing erection after being told that he would be going without it that night.

And Robby's hard-on wasn't even as much due to wanting sex as it was because of his own knowledge that his wife had all the say in the bedroom. This was what kept his penis good and hard and feeling to him much like it was nothing but a begging little boy. Jessica merely had to tell him "No" and that was the end of it. It wasn't a thing that Robby would have ever told anybody, and definitely not any of the guys, but he found it incredibly exciting that as the guy he was so utterly without any real say in bed. Jessica's husband liked this fact so well that it was enough by itself to keep him nice and hard for quite a while. He wasn't accustomed to being turned down when it came to sex, but now that he found it happening, and both times coming immediately after Jessica had been at Trina's, Robby had somehow become totally aware of how it was the woman who made the decision to allow sex or to withhold it.

This was proving to be one area in which being a wimp really helped a guy, for instead of there being any stupid and useless male resentment over having to go without sex on Robby's part, which wouldn't have done a bit of good anyway, all he did was lay quietly in bed next to Jessica, his rejected penis hard and pointing up at his belly button, while he fully appreciated her right as a woman to use that word. No. A two-letter word that people spoke every day without a thought, but yet, in the bedroom of a married couple, that particular word laid completely bare the true difference between the sexes. One had the right to use the word while the other had to "obey", for that was all it came down to after all.

Robby may have been an absolute wimp all his life, but he was still able to reason some things out with startling intelligence, and this was one of those times. He was a guy and therefore he was the one who required pemission to have sex - even with his own wife. How could any guy be angry about such a thing when it was, if he gave it the thought that it deserved, almost too exciting to comprehend. Women and men could never be equal and Robby, with his erect penis that wouldn't be going where it wanted to once again that night, now knew this better than ever before.

There couldn't possibly be equality between the sexes when the female, like it or not, completely controlled sexual activity. A woman may or may not take advantage of this, but it would always be a fact. With that single two-letter word - the word no - a woman was able to make it illegal for a man to pursue anything sexual. And on this Saturday night, as he tried getting to sleep in bed beside his wife, Robby couldn't get over how fucking arousing it was to face this and admit it to himself. He might be Jessica's husband but that didn't matter one bit. If she said "no", his so-called "rights", such as they might be, ended at that moment. But once he got thinking about this, he discovered that he loved having things that way. Jessica's refusals of sex had, remarkably, increased Robby's wimpiness many times over. It was all he could do to keep from waking his wife up and thanking her for making sure he understood who was really who around there.

Sunday night Jessica did something different in bed with her husband. Instead of turning him down, she engaged him in some extended foreplay, which both reduced the poor dope to a quivering mass of male arousal while allowing her to gaze at his pint-sized erection as she toyed with it and teased Robby with babytalk. Obviously he loved this, as all he could do was barely gasp an occasional reply.

He actually believed that he was getting a special treat for having gone without it the past two nights, last night because Jessica said "No" and the night before when she stayed at Trina's. Robby got the crazy idea that his wife was "making it up to him", which was fine with Jessica, although the entire point of playing with his little cock and tickling that shrimpy sac below it was so she could stare at everything and think about how having hooked up with Trina was making Robby's very sex organs look more inadequate and incapable than ever before.

Look at how hard it is! she thought to herself as she ran one fingertip up and down the length of Robby's penis. It wants it so bad! It wants Little Lovely so much that it even looks like it's standing up and begging! Jessica loved thinking about her husband's erect penis in this way - as if it was "standing up and begging". She liked that a whole lot, for she was coming to see this as exactly how it should be. The penis having to beg for that which it wasn't necessarily going to get; having to beg for the consent that she did not have to grant!

"No no no, naughty boy!" Jessica chided when Robby tried getting a hand between her thighs at one point. "Tonight, I'm doing the touching!"

Both of them had come to bed nude and it was obvious from the direction of his eyes that her shaved vulva was driving him crazy with its bare-naked vertical smile. But Jessica was keeping everything nice and teasy as she moved Robby's hand away as if she was a teenager who just "wasn't that kind of girl". They had no lights on in the bedroom but more than enough was filtering in through the windows to let him see that which turned men into silly putty. Jessica lay on her side next to her husband, making sure he saw it all, for this made it that much better when she prevented this overaged adolescent from getting so much as a quick feel.

"You're so beautiful!" whispered Robby after having his hand gently shoved away.

I know, thought Jessica, who was enjoying herself tremendously. Look at him! He's just like some high school freshman who's seeing a pussy for the first time in his life!

That's right, Robby darling! Stare at it! Let it torture you!

Jessica glanced at her own groin area, at her soft, smooth crease, and then at Robby's, with that stiff, pulsing dick and that sac of weakness of his. She shook her head mentally. You just couldn't compare the two! A woman looked like a fucking queen down there, and next to the pretty little slit that curved downward between her legs, what a guy had almost looked funny! There was a time, and not very long ago at all either, when Jessica wouldn't have thought in such terms, but that was the "old Jessica". The "new" one was finding the very sight of an erect penis, especially Robby's rather small one, to be more humorous looking than anything else. He was flat on his back and his erection seemed to be trying to touch his belly button as it throbbed and begged for the attention it needed. It was almost as if an adult guy had this "little boy" between his legs that so desperately wanted a treat - one which women could deny and, as Jessica was discovering, do so quite gleefully.

Sorry, little boy! No pussy tonight! No Little Lovely for you! You can just sit there and beg, for that much you're obliged to do, right?

I'm becoming as bad as Trina, thought Jessica as she continued to play with Robby's begging penis and that fucking little bullseye below it. And while she let her husband think that she was bestowing this incredible sexual favor upon him, Jessica was beginning to suspect that she definitely would have it in herself to let Trina sleep in their bedroom when she came over on the upcoming weekend.

For whatever reason, the more she toyed with these weak and so powerless looking male genitals of Robby's, the greater became the urge to go ahead with that oh so nasty idea of Trina's. And it wasn't helping him any that he had never been able to satisfy her in bed during the year and a half of their marriage. That wasn't going to do him any good at all when it came down to the moment when Jessica had the chance to really humiliate Robby in a way that few married men experienced. It would actually be a nice way of showing him what she thought of his so-called performances in bed if she were to put him in the spare bedroom when Trina spent the night.

Because Robby's sexual ability had never been worth a shit anyway, it was very easy for Jessica to be extremely patronizing in her mind tonight when she got around to asking herself if she should let him "do it" or not. In the end she had nothing to lose at all if she refused him, which was actually making it more fun for her to tease poor Robby instead of taking his cock into her.

And touching that soft, pliable sac, thinking about how vulnerable just having it left a guy! As Robby enjoyed being brought almost but not quite to the brink of orgasm again and again by the light touchings of Jessica's fingers, he had absolutely no idea in the world that his wife was getting off a lot more from looking at his balls and seeing them as his "nerve center of weakness" than she was by what she was doing.

At one point he thought he was going to come when Jessica began to ever so lightly tickle his scrotum with several fingertips. His testicles contracted and his entire sac sort of tightened up in response to this while Robby delighted in all this attention, never knowing, never even dreaming, that his wife was thinking that if she had Trina overnight as they were planning and if the two of them slept together here in her and Robby's bed, that it would be the rough equivalent of using her knee on this sac she was now tickling and teasing.

Eventually, Robby was indeed begging Jessica for release. His penis, still as hard as the poor little thing could get, now had little drops of clear thick fluid beginning to ooze from its hole as his overworked testicles produced semen and sent it on its way into his cock.

And oh, did Jessica ever want to just stop at this point and leave Robby in that state! But she didn't quite have it in her to do that to him, at least not tonight. For now she was content with having used this time during foreplay to enjoy her lofty position as being the one who had the right to initiate, direct, and limit sexual activity in the marital bedroom as she saw fit. Just knowing that she could go as far as she damn well felt like it and then stop was enough for Jessica right now.

Still, she didn't especially feel up to dealing with the mess Robby's cock would make for her if she permitted him to ejaculate into her. Not tonight. All she wanted to do this time was finish with him and get to the bathroom so she could run the water and use the vibrator she had stashed in there underneath some towels in a cabinet. She needed a "decent fuck" by this time and not some wimpy, half-assed, semen-squirting, inadequate penis creating a gooey mess for her to clean up after. So Jessica, finally having mercy on Robby, took his more than ready to ejaculate penis into her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" was all he could manage before starting to pant in rhythm as his load shot into her mouth within seconds.

Oh well, his wife was thinking as the bitter-tasting fluid filled her mouth. Better this way where I can just swallow it and be done with it.

Robby was positively thrilled at the sex he'd gotten tonight, and as he came in Jessica's mouth, the last thing he would have believed was that she merely saw finishing things up this way as the least inconvenient for her, or that Jessica considered the vibrator that she had hidden in the bathroom to have more sexual ability than the thing that was spitting semen into her mouth at that moment. Now and then,less communication between a couple can be a good thing all the way around.

Leaving a very contented and happy Robby in their bed, Jessica politely excused herself to the bathroom. In there, she turned the water on in the sink, pulled the vibrator out from its hiding place, switched it on and let it do the job on her that her own husband had flunked out of a long time ago.

It may have been a real source of irritation for many married women to be required to hide in the bathroom to masturbate with a sex toy in order to enjoy a decent orgasm, but not Jessica. She was starting to get a terrific charge out of the fact that her little wimp couldn't even measure up to a vibrator. Part of her mind told her that this wasn't a nice thing at all, nor was it in any way proper of her, as a guy's wife, to see it this way, but the "new Jessica", who had found that she had an unbelievable case of the hots for another woman, was getting to where the lack of sexual fulfillment with Robby seemed like a perfectly understandable reason for her to seek it elsewhere.

"A vibrator is nice because a woman can just turn it off when she's done with it" Trina had said. "That's the problem with a penis - it has a man attached."

So went Jessica's own thoughts as she let her little pink toy buzz merrily as it helped bring her off but good there in the bathroom.

That is a real nice thing about you, she told it in her mind while pleasuring herself as she perched on the counter-top. You don't have a guy attached to you.

Even Trina admitted that she might still tolerate "the occasional penis" if it didn't mean tolerating a man at the same time.
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