A willing slave is forced to selfsuck for his mistress

I have no regrets. I fought to be in the role I'm now in. Mistress Elsa is the most creative mistress in the whole of Berlin, probably the whole of Germany - and that's taking in a lot of very dominant women. When Mistress Elsa announced that she wanted only the most flexible man to serve her, I fought to prove that I alone was the most agile, the most bendy. In this I was helped by my medical condition, which I've had since I was born - all my limbs are double-jointed.

At the time, her stipulation that her future slave be able to hold a contorted position 'for at least 12 hours' raised a lot of eyebrows - what could the famed Elsa be planning? I alone found out. I still remember the day she had picked me. I had signed over my mind and body to her that morning but still wasn't expecting things to move so quickly. Of course, that was because I didn't know her yet. She's a very impatient woman. She took me that very day to the local piercing parlor. I dutifully lay there while I was given 6 piercings; a Prince Albert on my cockhead, a tongue ring (further back on my tongue), upper and lower lip rings and 2 special metal rings on the upper and lower sides of my cockshaft, about 2/3rds of the way down.

Later that evening while I was tied up so as not to touch them while they healed, a man from the Koln Agricultural Institute came and talked to Elsa for a while. I couldn't hear their voices clearly but he left her a big metal canister marked 'biohazard'. After he left, she gave me the first of many injections of a blueish serum to my testicles. It didn't hurt going in - but a while later my testicles would ache. Several days later, these aches would be accompanied by involuntary erections. During these periods I was able from my prone position to see my new piercings healing nicely. I was surprised by the intensity of these erections though; my skin looked pink and stretched tight.

After about a week of these periods, I realized what was behind the strange scrotum aches: my balls were now almost twice the size! Worse (or better, from Elsa's point of view), the erections were now more frequent. There was also one more effect of this process; after a particularly difficult night of strange scrotum-aches and long erections, I woke up with my bare legs wet and the sheet on which I lay soaked. And I mean soaked. It was a strange wet, like water only slightly slimier.

When Elsa came to check on me and switched on the lights, I could see my still-hard cock drooling furiously, thick ropes of pre-cum attached to my legs and the sheet. My huge balls were soaking. Elsa looked more excited than I'd ever seen her. "It's nearly time, slave," she purred, and came back with what I recognized as a muscle-stimulating machine (with those pads and an electrical charge).

The following morning my erection was still there as she strode in, bustling about, getting ready for me to do whatever it was she had chosen me to do. In preparation, she slid a tight cockring around the base of my shaft, beyond my piercings. Finally, she was ready. "Please assume the position you auditioned for me, slave," she said, breathily, aroused. Dutifully, I hoisted my thin legs behind my head. She tied my ankles together back there. I wasn't alarmed; I won the position because of my ability to contort myself for long periods unharmed.

My wrists were next, tied behind my back. Now, she pushed my head down, instructing me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. My rock-hard cock quivered as I did so and felt my tongue touch my cockhead. I remember feeling amused by the fact that, flexible as I was, I had never tried before to suck my own cock. That thought came back to me many times later. Now the piercings came into play. She hooked my tongue piercing expertly onto my cock-piercing. They locked tight; now my cockhead would irrevocably lie on my tongue, my tongue basting my cockhead with spit, my cock-slit practically touching my tongue itself.

"Close your mouth," commanded Elsa. She was in power now, all sympathy for my previous trials forgotten. I did, enclosing my hot cockhead. Already I was having to swallow from the sheer volume of precum I was oozing out into my own mouth. "Slide your lips down your cock," barked Elsa, and I did until a 'clink' notified me that my piercings were in the way. I looked up, not moving, but I saw that she was reaching in to attach these, too. First the top pair connecting my top lip to my cockshaft, then the bottom lip attached underneath. I was stuck firm, my helpless tongue pressed against my cockslit, lips bolted shut around my cock.

Next, she grabbed the muscle-stimulating pads and placed a pad on either of my cheeks. "Would you like to see yourself, slave?" asked Elsa. I nodded slightly to indicate I did, and she wheeled a full-length mirror in front of me to show my face helplessly enclosed over my own thick cock. "Time to obey, slave," rasped Elsa, turning to the machine. I flicked my eyes and discerned two dials; the one that read 'charge' she turned to 'maximum'. The other one read 'cycle' and had many more options. She paused, then selected "slow to fast - 60 minutes". With a glint in her eye, she switched on the machine.

For a few seconds nothing happened. Then the first shock, short and incredibly intense, came as the pads caused my cheeks to suddenly contract and vaccum in with a loud "SCHLUCK", forcing me to suck incredibly hard on my cock in one continously long, drawn-out motion for a few seconds (that seemed like hours) before the charge dropped and my cheeks relaxed. After about 15 seconds, another loud "SCHLUCK" announced the next charge, my cheeks buzzing with current-induced warmth as once again I was made to involuntarily suck my hard-as-stone cock with the same continous, vicelike spasm. Each seizure was so powerful, like I was trying to suck my own cock down my throat, that it bluntly forced more salty precum than ever out of my slit directly onto my meek bound tongue.

And so it continued. I became fascinated watching myself in the mirror as each shudder hit with such force that my cheeks sunk in like a balloon in a vaccum, turning my cock-chained lips white and my quivering penis purple with the force. The electric pads had made me into an automated self-cocksucker, one that sucked with more vigour and force than the lustiest nymphomaniac, one that (thanks to my chained piercings) wouldn't ever, couldn't ever pull away or let up the pace.

I had become a cock-sucking machine and a willing particpator, both the sucker and the sucked. Each paroxysm of sucking felt marvellous on my cock, unnaturally intense. My mouth had long since gone dry in anticipation of what was being done to me, but luckily the ever-increasing pre-cum flow lubricated my mouth excellently around my glans.

Of course, right now the action was a slowed-down parody of true sucking, each single suck lasting several seconds with a large gap of nervous anticipation in between. But it was speeding up gradually, each 'schluck' coming just a fraction sooner than the other one. During one particularly strong spasm my pinched cheeks casued my tongue piercing to rub my frenum exceptionally hard and I realized I was coming. I closed my eyes for the inevitable. And...nothing happened.

Well, I was orgasming, my cock shuddering in my still-dementedly-sucking mouth. But I wasn't coming. No semen was coming out - then I suddenly remembered the cockring. How devious! I heard a voice from the corner of the room. "Next time, slave, keep your eyes open." I blinked my consent, continued to watch myself in the mirror. My balls ached more than ever before, backed up now. I stared at them, suddenly aware of just how huge they were. They were now each the size of a large apple, stretching my scrotum in a particularly ugly way. How much cum was in them? I had long since reasoned that the man from the Koln Agricultural Institute was to do with cattle breeding or something. His serum must have been to enlarge bull testicles and increase semen output. But when the bulls ejaculated, it was all collected in a vessel. When I finally ejaculated (if that was Elsa's plan) it was all going one place - my mouth, my tongue, my throat.

I estimated 15 minutes must have passed. I was still 'schluck'-ing my engorged cock, but now my demented sucking (which thanks to the pulse, had lost none of its intensity) had reached an average albeit slowish pace. Unable to turn my gaze away from the mirror, the realization of how slutty I looked sent me over the edge again, my cock shuddering, wagging, spasming, spluttering in between the harsh squeezes of my cheeks and lips. For a minute, I thought I was coming - my cock was squirting. With a cold sweat, I realized the taste and consistency was still that of precum. I was being treated to a new sensation - one no man had ever experienced before. My backed-up bull-balls were so full, and now so angry at being unable to unload, my precum was squirting - like cum. Holy christ. I was squirting precum.

It was thick, and copious as hell. I was trying to drink it down, but each awful contraction of my cheeks forced it down my throat. I looked so ridiculous in the mirror, cheeks alternating between being puffed out, full of thick precum and sucked all the way in on my tortured cock. As my orgasm subsided, my precum-ejaculate didn't. My balls hurt beyond all experience but the pain mingled exquisitely with the pleasure; and through the whole thing all I could do was gulp, schluck, gulp, schluck. And look at my cockslut self in the mirror. You better be enjoying this, I thought to my cock in the mirror. No-one has ever sucked you like this before, or ever will after.

30 minutes or so, and I was now sucking at a normal pace. The decrease in down-time meant my cheeks got less time to rest, which actually felt better as it left me little time to recover after each frenzied suck, so each new 'schluck' was not such a shock. Plus as the rests got shorter, the sucks did too. But not less intense. How many times had I orgasmed? Probably 11 or 12, I had lost count. My cock was a precum-farmer's dream. I was squirting so hard I probably could fill a 20oz. bottle in a minute. But my stomach was the receptacle. So far, it was okay. But I shuddered to think what would happen if it was cum fountaining down my throat, and not the salty clear stuff. By now, I had learned not to resist the pulses, and in a clear example of my further transformation into a slick cocksucking machine, actually had come to look forward to each new seizure. And I have to admit, my precum did taste wonderful...

I shook myself, staring wide-eyed at my reflection. My eyes screamed fear at what this torture was turning me into but electrified mouth only screamed 'I want to devour this cock. I want to devour this cock.'

I shuddered myself awake. 45 minutes or so. By now the schlucks were thick and fast, less 'schluck' and more 'schluck-schluck-schluck-schluck'. I sounded (and looked) like a milking machine. What had happened? I must had passed out for a minute or so from the intensity and the pain in my testicles. Of course, the beauty of the way I was bound meant my tongue would remain bound to my cock, which would remain bound to my lips, which would continue to suck faster and faster as the pulses quickened - whether I was conscious or not. I reasoned if I came while unconscious I probably wouldn't even drown, as my the repetitive action of my spasming cheeks would continue to exhaustively gulp the cum down, even as they were doing to the precum.

How clever, how clever. But I resolved after that time not to fall asleep or unconscious again. Not out of pride, out of duty. I had fought to be here, I was Mistress Elsa's slave, no-one else. At that moment I orgasmed again (this must have been my thirtieth time or something) but by this time I hardly noticed it, deciding to focus on analyzing what else had changed in the last so many minutes. My pulse was racing. the intense 'schluck-schluck' sounds filled the room. I smiled (or would have, if I wasn't sucking my own cock like a vacuum-chamber at that moment) at the thought that my experience was again pushing my body to new limits. 15 minutes ago, I had thought that my precum couldn't have come out any faster. I mean, I was cumming precum. But now, it was flowing like a fast river, or a bathtap turned on full. My cockslit was burning slightly from the sheer amounts of precum flowing per second.

Although the pulses meant I was shovelling it most of it down regardless, it was beginning to leak out of mouth down my shaft. I stared, transfixed between sucks. Before even the first trail had reached my oversized testicles, Mistress Elsa was next to me, looking flushed and in heat. She must be really enjoying this, after so much planning, I thought. But what was she doing? I realized she was using a brush to paint something pungent on my lips and cockshaft, at the join. It felt warm and smelly, but it was drying fast. I couldn't see as she was standing between me and the mirror. She went over and over the wet area, around my shaft and lips. After a couple of minutes, she got up to admire her handiwork. My eyes widened. Liquid latex! That was the end. Any chance of missing even a drop of precum or anything else was gone. My lips had disappeared in the mirror under a thick shiny coat of black. It even stretched with each suck. I applauded her ingenuity with apprehension.

Thank god I was still a relatively young man or I would have had a heart attack from the level or adrenalin in my system at this time. I counted off the last few minutes...

60 minutes. And boy, had those deadly cheek-pulses gone from slow to fast. A buzzer rang but my ears were already ringing. My whole body was vibrating from the shuddering contractions my mouth was being forced to inflict on my cock. I had orgasmed thirty-one times. Thirty-one semen-less orgasms. My testicles looked whiter than I had ever seen them - almost like you could see how full of cum they were. Even though the buzzer had rang, the pulses were coming as before with the same furious speed. By now, there was none of me left. I had completely and utterly transformed into that devious cocksucking machine I had imagined myself as before. I sucked harder than a 40-something cockslut desperate for sperm, faster than the dirtiest champion sorority cocksucker.

And thanks to the latex seal, I was achieving the impossible of swallowing the load I was contiunously spewing out. My whole mouth was buzzing off the current, and each part of my face was doing its bit to make this chemical-hardened cock cum yet again; my tongue involuntarily flickering lightly like a feather all over my glans; my teeth almost biting into my shaft, their chattering motions like a vibrator against my cock; my lips achieving a full circular motion, heaving my purple foreskin up and down and back again less than a second at a time, my adam's apple bobbing up and down in perfect rhythm with my schluck-sucking as I squirreled what felt like gallons of precum away down my throat. All in perfect harmony. I was a machine. A cocksucker's dream.

I can only describe my poor cock as being 'light-headed'. It was true both ways. I had never come so many times in a week, let alone an hour, all to the best continuous blowjob I had ever had in my life - from myself. Plus the many orgasms and frenzied sucking had left my cock pretty shocked and distressed, like it needed several pints of blood and a fortnight to recover. But that was nothing compared to what Elsa wanted next. Mistress Elsa lazily strutted over to me, my gaze firmly transfixed on the human cocksucking device in the mirror, her lazy gait in complete contrast to the frenzied motions of my lips, tongue and cheeks. She squatted next to me, turned and spoke calmly to my reflection. I stared back. "Well, done, slave. You lasted the course. I knew you were the right slave for me. But I think you need to cum. I mean, look." She was caressing my plump testicles. I noticed several bluish areas. She noticed my concerned look and explained. "Yes, that's where several blood vessels have burst from the strain." I looked at her, slightly pale. She laughed. "Don't worry, they'll heal quickly. But I don't want any permanent damage, so..."

A glint of light flashed off something in her hand she was bringing up to my cock. Scissors! No, she was heading for the cockring! I was blinking in panic, still schlucking my cock unwaveringly, but scared. She caressed my balls, pausing with the sharp-looking scissors. "Don't worry, slave. I'll try to make it as...pleasureable for you as possible." Still looking at my reflection, we both watched her lubed finger slide up and into my anus. I could feel the resistance, the tingling nerves, see her finger disappear up my ass. And then she was pressing on my prostrate! It was time for orgasm thirty-two. But as the first cock-spasm came, she cut the cock-ring in one swift, clinical snip.

Seconds seemed like hours. The immediate sensation was one of relief as my shaft became fully engorged now there was no restrictions. But the sweet taste of relief didn't counteract the bitter, salty taste in my mouth. I was ejaculating at last. My lightning-quick reflexes meant that I was perceiving everything in slow motion. The thick, salty cum, its slimy texture. My cheeks ballooning out like a small chipmunk eating a huge acorn. Mistress Elsa's face near mine, her finger still pressed firm on my prostrate. I realized absent-mindedly that I'd never tasted my cum before. My cock was throbbing harder than I'd ever known, harder even than the pads which had now turned me from a cock-sucking machine into a hardened cum-drinking machine. I was gulping like a thirsty man crawling out of the desert, like cum was my life-blood. And I guess at that point, it was.

My throbbing cock was cumming continously like with the precum, but each throb brought a massive spurt on top of the thick flow. It swirled around my teeth, my trapped tongue (so close were my cockhead and tongue, I came right onto my tongue with each squirt) and finally got schlucked down my throat. The constency was amazing, like the thickest yogurt I had ever tasted. And the taste? Well, I reasoned that the injections I had received normally produced the best possible semen in bulls, so I must be the same. It was bitter, and thick, salty and...and wonderful. It was coming out so fast, it was about to come out through my nose, when Mistress Elsa pinched my nose shut, tight. Inside I was thanking her. I didn't want this experience to be tainted one bit. And all through this cum-squirting, ejaculate-drinking experience, I kept my eyes on the mirror. At the helpless, cocksucking, cumdrinking machine in the mirror. And, like my determined mistress, I willed it to savor and to swallow every last thick, bitter, salty spurt.
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