Mistress instructs her slave

Slave awoke with a start, his body aching from the punishment and sexual exertions of the previous night. Bleary eyed he looked around for his Mistress but she was nowhere to be seen. Slave lifted himself up awkwardly onto his elbows and wiped a hand over his sleepy face trying to focus across the room. Daylight crept in through the gap in the curtains. He moved adjusting his position, his back and legs feeling tight and sore. As he turned he noticed a piece of paper on the bedside table. Reaching over he unfolded the note which was addressed to him and read as follows:

Mistress will be out all day.

Slave MUST change the bedding.

Slave must trim his pubic hair.

Slave must ensure that all the items contained in the red bag are placed out ready for when Mistress returns.

If Slave so much as thinks about touching himself he WILL be severely punished!!!!

Failure to comply with my wishes WILL result in extreme punishment!!!!

I am Mistress -- Adore me!

Slave shuddered with tension and arousal as he read the words that had been written by his Mistress. He smelled the paper hoping to catch a waft of her scent. There was none.

Slave, now more awake, pulled himself up out of the dishevelled bed and looked around the large bedroom. There he saw reminders of his Mistress and again he became aroused. Her long whip stood in the corner of the room inanimate without her powerful touch. Slave smiled, a guilty smile, knowing he would certainly feel the whip again tonight.

After a brief shower, purely enough to cleanse himself and wash away some of the tension in his body, Slave returned to the bedroom and discovered the red bag which Mistress had referred to in her note. He lifted it up onto the bed and moved as if to look inside. No, he thought to himself, Mistress had instructed him to change the bed first. He must not look in the bag until he had carried out his first task. If Mistress had any suspicion that Slave had carried out his tasks in the wrong order she would certainly punish him. The bedding must be changed first.

Slave stripped away the soiled bedding from the previous night's activities and replaced them with crisp burgundy sheets and pillow cases. He stroked all the corners into place carefully and very attentively ensuring that the bed looked perfect for his Mistress. Again, he caught himself smiling, hoping his Mistress would be pleased with his efforts. Perhaps, tonight, she may permit him to touch her soft skin.

Having tidied the rest of the large bedroom, opening the windows to allow clean air to freshen the space and removing any items which did not belong there the slave took the soiled bedding and loaded up the washing machine. He always enjoyed the vibrations of the spin cycle but never dared to lean against the machine, if only for a second. Mistress would know, and, she would punish him.

Slave returned to the bedroom and admired the large, perfectly made, welcoming bed. He had returned with a single dark red rose in a stem vase and placed it on the bedside table smelling the sweet perfume from the large bloom. Mistress demanded a dark red rose on display as a sign of slave's total adoration of his Mistress, his Goddess. Again, he smiled to himself.

Slave read the note from Mistress again, and felt the same tension and arousal as before at the thought that she had touched the same paper he now held in his hands. He was reminded of his next task -- preparation of the items in the red bag. He lifted the bag up onto Mistress's dresser and gently opened the top of the bag which was sealed with tape. The bag was large and quite heavy and slave felt filled with hope and dread as he reached inside to remove the contents. The red bag contained the following items:

A pack of latex gloves;

A large container of lubricating gel;

A large container of Vaseline;

A packet of condoms;

A long thin smooth dildo;

A length of smooth and soft black silk rope;

A long pointed butt plug; and

A stainless steel cock ring.

Slave shivered as he uncovered these highly sexual but mysterious items and carefully lined them up on a burgundy cloth on the top of the dresser. Mistress had previously told slave that she would train him anally but surely she was not going to grant him this pleasure tonight. Surely these instruments were for Mistress's own, individual pleasure. Surely slave had not been so well behaved recently as to receive such special treatment from his Mistress. He felt his stomach tighten and knot with excitement and urgency came to him as his cock began to harden at the sight of these items. Slave checked himself and controlled his mind. He must not allow all those mental images of what might be cloud him. He must continue with the tasks as detailed in Mistress's note.

Slave moved to the bathroom having now dried totally from his shower. Mistress would sometimes leave a towel in the bathroom if slave was allowed to use one. Today there was no towel present so he had to dry naturally. He located the set of battery operated clippers and stood in the bath in order to catch each hair particle which dropped. If Mistress found one single trace of a hair on the bathroom floor she would punish him severely. He must be very careful. Adjusting his position he turned on the clippers and vigilantly applied it to his pubic hairs. Mistress always liked his hairs to be short and well trimmed so that she could clearly see his penis and testicles when she placed him into any prone position. He noticed now why Mistress had asked him to trim today. His hairs had grown slightly too long and she would certainly not approve of this. He had to get this task correct. In the past his hand had slipped and he had trimmed one small patch of hair far too short. Upon her inspection Mistress was very angry and made him suffer for his carelessness. He wanted to please his Mistress today and bit his lip while contorting himself into various positions, carefully trimming away the unwanted hairs. Even this menial task aroused him and his cock bounced erect before him. Mistress had once harshly plucked hairs from his cock with tweezers as a torture for not remembering to kiss her feet in the correct way. She was truly displeased that day and slave received the brunt of her wrath.

Having brushed away any loose hairs or clippings slave rinsed himself off with the shower hose then looked into the full length bathroom mirror. Hopefully Mistress would approve of his efforts this evening. He shuddered again at the anticipation of her return.

Slave checked the time and realised that the afternoon had now arrived and hoped that it would not be long before his Mistress returned. He was nervous and anxious as he could not be out of her presence for too long without missing her terribly. His body also ached tremendously with need for release. He was so aroused by his role at his Mistress's feet that he was almost permanently hard for her and always seeking a way to gain her favour in the hope that she would allow him to masturbate and relieve himself. Sometimes if he was really well behaved Mistress would touch his cock in some way and make him ejaculate within seconds... but these were very, very special occasions indeed.

Today was Saturday which meant that slave had to wear his collar for the whole evening. In readiness of his Mistress returning early slave applied the black leather item around his neck and ensured that it was perfectly placed, observing himself in one of the mirrors which were located around the bedroom. He also applied a small amount of the scent which Mistress liked in a hope to remain in her favour and avoid upsetting her. He pulled on the loose black t-shirt and black shorts which were his usual clothing and moved to the living room in order to wait for her return.


Slave suddenly focused back to reality from his daydream and realised that he could hear his Mistress returning, her car growling to a halt outside. He must be waiting correctly, prepared for her and made his way quickly back into the bedroom. He sat cross legged on the black "slave" mat in the corner of the room, his eyes pointing downwards, looking at the floor. He was not allowed to cast his gaze over his Mistress until she gave him permission.

Slave felt sharp tingles of anticipation run along his spine and his stomach churn again as he heard Mistress enter the house. She moved about the house, greeting her large Doberman with joy and love. Oh, how Slave dreamed to be that dog. Mistress loved and cherished the animal and often the dog would be given preferential treatment over the slave. But slave knew his place. He must agree with his Mistress and adhere to her wishes, or else he would be punished.

Mistress made her way upstairs and into her own room. Slave was not allowed entry into this room at any time, ever. He would be whipped severely if he even thought about touching the door handle let alone looking into the room or going into it. Music rose from her room, a heavy guitar sound filling the house. Slave waited patiently on his mat, his gaze fixed on the floor. He dare not move.

After approximately half an hour the music stopped and slave heard the door to the "No Entry Room" open and close again. He quivered with lust, fear, desire, love and anticipation. His Mistress was almost back with him. His dry throat rippled as he struggled to swallow. Slave must keep his eyes to the floor. He must know his place. He must stay still.

She came closer and closer, finally entering the bedroom. Slave could feel her awesome presence in the room. She filled it with her majesty and power. She stood still and was obviously surveying the room to ensure that it had been prepared to her satisfaction.

"Slave! Look at your Mistress", she snapped at him, he trembled at the sound of her beautiful voice.

Slave slowly adjusted his gaze and looked up enough to see the tips of the toes of a new pair of black boots. As his view lifted he could see that the boots had high stiletto heels and were edged with silver. He ached to kiss those boots. He hoped he had pleased his Mistress enough for her to allow him to do so. His gaze continued to rise, up over the boots which fitted her legs so beautifully. As always slave closed his eyes momentarily as he knew they would soon be filled with the glory of her body and he took a deep breath inwards in preparation for the vision before him. Slave gasped in awe as he then soaked up the rest of Mistress's beautiful appearance in front of him. She stood tall and strong, with her legs apart and her hands on her hips. She wore a new black leather corset, sheer black suspender tights and a pair of tight black satin knickers. Around her neck hung her routine golden chain which held the Scorpio pendant that Slave had come to admire and revere. This was the symbol of this woman's overwhelming power and he respected it with a passion.

Mistress also wore a new pair of very long and slender black, leather evening gloves, one of which had a sparkly bracelet attached at the wrist. Perhaps this would be a sign that Mistress would not be too harsh with her slave this evening. Slave tried to control his thumping heart and restrain his aching cock by mind control alone, then he realised that there was something very different about Mistress today. Her hair was miraculously longer now cascading down over her shoulders in showers of curls. Strands of hair at the side of her face reached down to the top of the corset. Slave wondered if this new look may be a wig but the hair aroused him immensely. He truly believed that his Mistress could not look more adorable and powerful than she did now before him. Finally, slave caught his Mistress's eye momentarily before he moved his eyes quickly back at the floor. Her eyes shining green held his gaze for that split second, her face stern and hard but her make up soft and sensual as always. Slave caught his breath again as he felt her take a long step towards him.


to be continued...
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