Mistress sensually teases her submissive husband

The inside of the cuffs rub gently against your wrists and ankles, the x bars holding you firmly in place. Unable to stand. Unable to move.

You're naked. Vulnerable. Kneeling in the middle of the living room, eyes downcast.

I sip my wine slowly, and just as leisurely look you over. Savoring both your nude form and the subtle bouquet of the port.

You are so gorgeous pet. Absolutely gorgeous. The broad shoulders tapering to the trim waist. Magnificent cock nestled snugly in the leather cock ring. I drop a tender kiss on your mouth before tracing an earlobe with my wet, warm tongue. Gently nipping.

I'm also naked as my hand wanders down my body, cupping my sex, feeling the soft, gentle lips and their increasing slickness.

"Do you know how hot I am pet? How your sweet submission drives me wild? The combination of pleasure and pain makes me so wet."

I circle behind you, studying that freshly paddled ass. The twin domes positively glowing with sting. It's that perfect shade of red that every handsome man with a deliciously firm, round, spankable bottom should wear at least every once and awhile.

I smile contently at my handiwork. It was only minutes ago that the house was filled the unmistakable sound of leather against rump. That delicious splat sound that makes you hard and me wet. Your soft agonized moans were absolutely enchanting.

Tonight I did not ease the sting of your spanking with my hands or lips. I let the ache linger. Tonight is about the pleasure of pain.

I hold your leather collar out to your lips and command you to kiss it. You do and I snap it in place. Your eyes are still downcast but the collar is holding your head up. A most pleasing picture.

I love you pet. You are so entranced by my beauty, by my voice, by my scent. You have no desire to resist me and that makes my heart so very happy. Your submission given so freely.

I lean into you. My ripe, bare breasts swaying hypnotically before your eyes. I cup their fullness, pushing them up, squeezing them, and teasing the erect nipples.

You almost bite your tongue.

"Lick my nipples pet. Lavish them with your adoring tongue."

You strain against your shackles, futilely trying to move towards the rosy tips.

I smile and dance away. Bare breasts bouncing freely as I gently tease and mock you. "Well if you're unwilling to worship my nipples than I shall have to just worship yours."

Picking up my latest toy, I attach the metal clips to each of your tight buds. The sharp sting makes you draw a few deep breaths as I pull on the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Nipples and cock seem to throb in unison.

Pulsing. Pounding.

I give you a few more tugs but you do not cry out. I am pleased with my pet.

A reward is in order.

I trace a finger between my lips, dip it inside and then withdraw it. The finger shines with my wet nectar as I run it across your upper lip, dampening it.

You inhale my tangy fragrance. Desperately wanting to taste, to suckle my finger. Your tongue flicking out to try to lick the wetness off of your face

I tap your nose in rebuke.

"No pet. You will only travel the path of my choosing. Experience pleasure because I allow it. Never forget that." I pull on the nipple clamps again, enjoying your soft moans.

"That's better. Don't think, just feel. Surrender your body to me."

I pick up the leash that is attached to your cock ring and tug, pulling your cock and balls forward. You are so full of cum. Full for me and only me. I reach down and give your balls a gentle squeeze, which slowly increases to a firm grasp. You inhale sharply, and squirm a bit. I so love being able to make you squirm. I tap your balls lightly a few times, gently spanking them.

"You have to learn this is my cock. You will come when I say, how I say. We really must work on your self control," I scold as I ease the blindfold around you, gently tightening it as you slip into darkness.

I leave you.

You wait. Trembling.

I return and something cool and wet slips between your lips, your teeth reflexively taking hold of it.

A strawberry. A big ripe, succulent strawberry. The juices run into your mouth as you obediently grip it.

I pick up my riding crop and tap your broad shoulder with it. My voice purring into one ear. "You are not to bite into the strawberry. Understand pet?

You nod struggling to keep the fruit in your mouth.

"Good Pet. My hand returns to your cock giving it a quick pat and a pinch. Now, where was I?"

Holding you, I begin to stroke up and down; pausing occasionally to slap the underside of your cock causing you to lurch forward.

Your fingers clench and unclench. Teeth tightening on the strawberry, struggling not to clamp down.

I lean into you massaging your cock and balls, flicking my fingernails over the sensitive underside of the head. I feel so powerful. So Carnal. Every hot inch of this cock belongs to me as I push my nails deeper into the plump mushroom head.

You breath is coming faster, the moans closer together.

Without warning I suddenly jerk tightly on the leash and your cock ring jumps up and toward me.

You groan, biting down on the berry. Thrusting your hips forward as strawberry juice splatters and runs down our chin. I lick you clean with my tongue like a kitten lapping cream. Savoring the taste of the berry mixed with your sweat.

"You have disobeyed me again pet?"

You nod silently.

"I need to discipline you again?"

Another nod.

"Then I am going to whip you with my riding crop. It will sting but punishment is supposed to sting. Do you understand, sweet?"

You do not even hear me, so lost in an erotic mist, readying your body for the exquisite pain you crave.

I grip the crop tightly slicing it through the air a time or two in order to get the feel of it before returning to the gloriously naked behind presented before me.

"There are so many things I would rather do with your naked body than punish you pet," I sigh. "I do wish you would make more of an attempt to behave."

I snap the riding crop across your bare ass three times in rapid succession. I'm rewarded with 3 thin pink lines across your already blushing bottom. I decide that is enough.

You quiver as you feel my soft hands against your ass. I soothe you. Kneading. Stroking. My nails trailing across the firm flesh, raising little lines when I choose to dig in.

Reaching into a bowl beside me, I take one ice cube from it. Holding it in my warm hands I watch it melt, drop by drop, onto your ass. Another cube makes lazy semi circles over your warm, reddened flesh. The juxtaposition of hot and cold alone is almost enough to make you cum.

You shiver with sensation as another cube runs up and down the length of your cock. Your moaning has taken on a rhythmic canter to it. The canting helping you focus on the exquisite sensations swirling through your body.

As each ice cube melts, I pick up another and another. Wetting your back, your butt, taking great delight in teasing your cock.

I trail a cube down your muscular back, forming a random line of water droplets down to your bottom, where I gently push a cube between your cheeks.

Getting down on my knees I follow the ice with my tongue. As the ice melts I bathe you with long, wet swipes. Your involuntary shivers send an erotic jolt to my pussy.

The cube and tongue are quickly replaced with my index finger as I lightly enter you. So warm and tight around my finger. The most delightful cries and grunts reward me as I add a second finger. You're now completely unable to control your movements, pumping your hips in short, rhythmic motions as I begin to fuck your ass in a slow teasing rhythm.

The doorbell rings.

Damn. She's early.

I get up and kiss the top of your head. "Sorry Ty, reward time's over. It's time for you to be punished."

I pause in front of you allowing your lips to kiss and nibble the curved moons of my bare bottom in grateful adoration, before proceeding to the door naked, knowing exactly who is on the other side.

I open the door and drink in the vision that is Suki. An exotic beauty with the most stunning legs. She will be in my employ for the rest of the evening. We kiss, our tongues embracing in a soulful greeting, her hands immediately drawn to my ample breasts.

You remain bound in the living room, your eyes locked on us. Cock screaming, mind melting. I smile. I love you Tyler with every fiber of my being but you still haven't quite grasped the real concept of punishment and reward.

The last hour was your reward.

This hour is your punishment.

You only get to watch.
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