Bouncer gets in trouble with the female boss

Several days it had been since I'd had the pleasure of taking a hard cock in me. I hadn't been able to get away to my usual hangouts and there was the matter of cost as well. I may enjoy sucking cocks—all different shapes, sizes and colors—but I do still have to be able to afford the cost of admission to those places where it is most likely to occur.

Now, I must tell you, I am all man. I am 6' tall, 205 lbs, have brown hair, hazel eyes and a non-stop libido. And, yes, as I am sure you have guessed I do like the occasional cock fucking my slutty mouth or ass, but I am not gay, I am bisexual.

I learned that I was bisexual only due to the fact that the Mistress who owned me at the time, Mistress Nancy, explained it to me. As she told me at the time, "Slaves are property and thus are there simply to please their Mistress or whomever she chooses to have the slave please, even if the slave is the same sex as the person using them. You'd best get used to sucking cock slave as if you don't I will make sure you do and often." Mistress Nancy was cruel, straightforward, no nonsense and blessed with a set of 55DDs that would make any man do whatever it is she wished just to have the chance to look at them.

In point of fact Mistress Nancy was, not only my Mistress but, my boss too. You see when I met Mistress Nancy I was a student in college and doing whatever I could to earn a little extra spending cash for the non-necessities that are so necessary to a college student—you know, beer, partying, female companionship. Bouncing just came sort of natural to me and I must admit, even without any special training as such, I took to be a bouncer like a duck takes to water or a politician to corruption. Heck, my sheer size alone scared most men out the door with but a simple glare in their direction.

Anyhow, I wasn't bouncing all that long when Nancy, soon to be my Mistress, discovered just how submissive I am around women and decided to take advantage of that fact. Now I know it is exceedingly old fashioned, hell that was me to a t at the time, but I was actually saving myself for marriage. Yes, I was a virgin!! Nancy also learned this little fact as well—and she decided I wouldn't be much longer after she had taken control of me if she had her way—and she did.

Of course the one thing that really gave away the fact of my submissiveness to her was when she walked into the changing room and saw a number of the dancers surrounding me, I was on all fours at the time, and I was eating every pussy put before me like a pro. Ok, I did say I was saving myself for marriage, but I never actually meant my tongue to be virginal, just my hard cock.

You can not imagine the anger she threw in my direction as she found out what I was doing. She sure as hell made it known and rather loudly.

"Whatttttttttttt," she screamed at me, "you come to my place of business, my own personal residence (she lived upstairs and her club, a strip club that was grandfathered and able to serve alcohol while the strippers went totally nude, was downstairs) and you start sucking every fuckin' tarts pussy here but mine????"

My eyes immediately dropped to the floor in shame.

"Get over here and suck every drop of my joy juices from my pussy or I will fuckin' toss you out on your ear in your current condition."

I was nude!

"This isn't going to work," I thought, "she is much older than I am, but she is indeed everything I want in a woman: dominant, sexy, has the parts I want and the sizes I want them in."

As she pushed the other bitches, that is what she called them, off of me she worked her way through the crowd to me on all fours and hard enough to drive nails into mahogany wood 2 inches thick with just the head of my cock. She grabbed my hard cock and told me, in no uncertain terms, that if I was to continue to be allowed into the bar, to see the dancers, to so much as have a drink in her club I would do exactly as she said. And, since she has two Norwegian elkhounds, dogs breed especially for hunting and killing elk in packs, I wasn't about to argue with her.

"Slut," she said, "after all that is what you are now, isn't it? Come over here and suck my pussy."

I was there in a flash. Slowly, surely, submissively and ever so gently I slid underneath Nancy's, soon to be Mistress Nancy's, skirt. As I worked my way up one side of her body and closer and closer to her pussy I could hear her moan appreciatively as I began to lick her deeply and sensuously. Her pussy, though hairy, not my favorite type, was covered with a fine down and I had not problem in working my tongue through it and between her moist lips. Once I was between her lips, my head under her dress and now being held tightly to her mons veneris, I began to eat her out in earnest.

As you can imagine, even for a man like me who was saving himself for marriage, I did learn other skills to compensate. Women seemed to have no problem sitting on my face and riding me while I ate them out. In point of fact my record, which still stands as a personal best (and required bondage so as to not let the lady in question hurt herself as she came numerous times) was eight hours of non-stop cunnilingus. When I had finished with her she could not walk straight for a day and a half and my lips were swollen thicker than I can ever recall them being before or since.

I was sucking away at Nancy's pussy when, through her dress and what little was exposed of my ears (as her thighs were pretty tightly against them), I heard the strippers I had been previously licking and sucking start to goad her on.

"Fuck his face with that hairy pussy," one said.

"Grab him by the hair and pull him so tight to you he can barely breathe," said another.

She loved it. She reveled in it. She was riding my face like the only thing that mattered was her pleasure-- it damn sure mattered at that point otherwise I doubted I'd be able to breathe again anytime soon—and she was enjoying every single moment of my tongue snaking it way over, around and through her very moist lower lips. I drank down every drop of her feminine juices as if I was a thirsty man in the middle of the oasis, miles from anywhere, and suddenly having been presented an oasis of crisp, cold, clean water to drink.

"Use him like the slut he is," another stripper piped in.

"Fuck his ass like a slut," said another one.

I was so hot, so turned on at this point, I didn't give a fuck what was done to me or by which of the women in the room it was done. I wanted, needed, had to be their slave. I suddenly desired their attention, regardless of how they used me.

Though I was under Nancy's dress I suddenly felt that dress being lifted every so gently off of me and then my rampant member was firmly in the hand of a woman I am sure I had seen only moments before but could not see now. Agonizingly slowly I felt that firm hand begin to massage me. The slow stroke, the staccato rhythm she jacked my cock to, the pulsations she made with her hand were all designed to get me close to release, yet never allow me to do so.

My breathing got just a little bit erratic as I was massaged by a set of very skilled hands. I could feel that the woman jerking my cock now was an expert at what she was doing. Lucky for me I was the recipient of her ministrations.

Nancy pushed her cunt fully to my face as I was pulled, simultaneously, to it. My nose was in just the right spot to hit her clit as my tongue, seemingly of its own accord, shot forward and deep into her. As my tongue slithered from side to side, like a snake, then, like a King Cobra, my tongue became flat and expanded forming its own hood. Then, when ready to attack, it lunged deep within her and let loose with an animal-like intensity as I ate her to completion for the first time that evening.

More and more of the strippers seemed to want to get into the act that night, maybe even make me part of their on stage act when they went up to dance, but all I could do was await my new Mistress' word.

And the word was...
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