Clever young man gets his first barebottom spanking

Hi, I'm Kevin and I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me about a year ago that is unf**kingbelieveable. Okay, so it all started like this ... I had been a boarder at Mrs. Lancroft's Rooming House for almost a month. My room was very nice, clean and had all the basics covered, you know, bed, dressers, closet, I even had my own private bathroom. None of the other rooms I saw in town had that, you would have always had to walk down the hall in your skivvies to take a leak in the middle of the night. And, I gotta tell you, I didn't feature that. Especially with the kinda bums that tend to stay at rooming houses, like old homos who have nowhere else to go.

I wasn't like that. I mean, I was going to college, fer Chrissake's. My parents didn't have a lotta cash and there wasn't room for me on campus so a decent room in one of the many rooming houses they have around in this college town was my destiny. You could say. I mean, they're all pretty much the same but this house had something all of the others didn't have.

Mrs. Lancroft.

I don't know, but I guess I always have had a thing about older women. And I really mean older women, not just some chick who's like 24 or something. I don't know why, okay, well maybe I do but I'm not telling YOU. At least, not yet.

So anyway, back to Mrs. Lancroft. Please. It's not that she's some beauty queen but there's just something about her. She's what they call "attractive." But in a real womanly kind of way. She doesn't act all glamorous or anything, but she's got this kind of grace about her that is so f**king sexy.

And she always looks like she knows something. Maybe that's because when she looks at you, she LOOKS at you. Right in the eyes. The first time she did that to me, when I came to look at the room, I got a boner. Needless to say, I took the room. You can't ignore a perk like that. Even if it was all in my fantasies, hell, it's better then renting a room down the street and having to look at Old Man Diller's vein-y red nose at breakfast every damn day.

She seemed kinda happy when I said I'd take it. I like to flatter myself and say that's because she could see what a fine, upstanding young man I was and all that crap but, frankly, I think she was just getting worried because all the other rooming houses were filling up -- except hers. I thought that those other guys had to be NUTS not to choose Lancroft's Room & Board over all the rest. Now I think I know why they steered clear, fools that they are. But again, I am getting ahead of myself.

She never did rent that other room out and the first few weeks went pretty smoothly, she told me the rules, you know, no smoking, no drinking, no wild parties, the usual stuff. I mean, I'm a pretty quiet guy. Mostly. And I hardly even knew anybody here yet so a wild party of one was about all that she had to be worried about. We kind of fell into a rhythm. The upstairs house was divvied up into two halves -- her private area was on one side and the guest rooms (and my personal bathroom) on the other. Downstairs was the living room, kitchen & dining room. In the mornings I'd take my shower and get dressed for school and then come down for some cereal and some coffee before heading out. The first week or two she was dressed very neatly for work (she has a part-time position at the university as an on-site nurse). Then her shift changes and I noticed that she would be in the kitchen in her robe, this long, pink, soft fluffy thing under which she wore who the hell knows what.

Now, I don't know about you but it really was a toss-up over which got me harder -- that robe that looked like you had to just run your hand over it or that white nurse uniform and those white nurse shoes. Let's just say that I started everyday wide awake and raring to go.

I also liked the way she was so matter of fact about me being there. She'd be like, "Oh, good mornin', Kevin. Do you want some coffee, Sweetie?" That "Sweetie" thing really got me every time. A little twinge in my pants as soon as the "s" word started coming out. And when she'd hand me my coffee, she do that lookin' straight in my eyes thing and, I gotta tell you, I'd leave for class every day with a little wet spot on my jeans.

I have to apologize, I know it sounds like I'm sex-crazed but ... hell, I am. I'm in college, fer Chrissake's. Anyway, everything was going great with Mrs. L and me when her niece had to come along and ruin it all. Apparently, Mrs. L's sister wasn't feeling all too good and so her niece, Jennifer, came to live with us, err ... her. Now normally, I might be a bit overjoyed at this because her niece was very cute in a virginal, jail-bait kinda way but mostly I just felt like it was a big intrusion.

Me and Mrs. L were doin' just fine on our own. I mean, if you didn't know better you'd have thought we were an old married couple. Give or take a couple of decades difference in age. Most nights she would cook and we'd eat dinner together and chat about our days and then we'd hang around the living room watching TV together. Sometimes she would fall asleep on the sofa and do this little pretty-lady snore, and I would watch her rather than the TV any day.

But now Jennifer was here and things got a little formal again. I'm sure to make sure I didn't get too chummy with niece and get us all in trouble. But she had no need to worry, since little Jennifer was not my type in the slightest. We all know who was my type, don't we?

Now here's when the, uh, trouble started. Mrs. L's sister got sicker and wanted her to come and stay with her for awhile. Jennifer, who had just started college was to stay at the boarding house to go to school and look after me. I mean, NOT look after me but, y' know, make sure I didn't steal the doorknobs, I guess.

I had to act cool when Mrs. L left and I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, cause that was what I thought I was supposed to do. To be polite and everything. She seemed surprised and then I got embarrassed. I mean, aren't you supposed to kiss people goodbye when they go on trips? Or is that just family? I get confused. Anyway, she looked me right in the eye and said, "Take care of things for me, Kevin" and I nodded dumbly. Of course, I would.

So she left and the first week went very slowly. Jennifer and I avoided each other as much as possible out of sheer terror, I think. "God, I hope she doesn't trip and fall on my dick or something" was my inner mantra. But I was starting to get bored without all those cozy evenings at home with me and the Mrs.

One day when Jennifer was at class, I happened to walk by and noticed her bedroom door was open. I was suddenly curious as to the décor of that second guest bedroom. (Was it as nice as mine? Similar color scheme?) I decided to do some simple research. I was studying the room for architectural details when suddenly I heard Jennifer say, "Uh, what are you doing in here?" in an accusatory tone I was not altogether in love with.

"What?," I said.

"What are you doing in my bedroom, Kevin?"

"What? Nothing," I said as I nonchalantly sauntered past her.

"What is that in your HAND???" she said very nastily.

"What." I answered evenly almost at the door. My hands were not even in front of me, what the heck was this chick talking about?

"That PAIR OF PANTIES in your hand? MY pair of panties??" again, in that accusatory tone.

"What?" I said innocently, and tossed the panties on her bed as I left the room and got away from that crazy bee-atch.

Women. I swear.

So, after that annoying incident with Miss GoodyTwoShoes, I go down to the kitchen to get a cold brew from the fridge. It feels good going down my throat as I head back upstairs to my room to do some reading. I would watch TV but it's just not the same with Mrs. Lancroft being gone and all.

Okay, so listen to this, as I get to the top of the stairs I hear that stupid Jennifer on the phone and I definitely hear the word, "panties". I stop in my tracks. Oh, she is so not calling her aunt. I walk quietly over to her door and stand perfectly still (I can do that, you know. No one can hear me.) "And then, he throws my panties on the bed ... yes, worn panties ...I know, it's disgusting! So, listen to this, he throws my worm panties on the bed and as he walks out guess what he says, under his breath? Ready? "Crazy bitch." YES. He TOTALLY did! I can't believe it. He's really starting to creep me out, Aunt Marion. Hm? Okay, good. When? Oh, great. I am so relieved. He's really starting to creep me out."

I GET it. I am really starting to creep her out! What's up with that?? And, furthermore, when did I actually SAY, "crazy bee-atch"? This is nuts, I have got to stop talking to myself.

And now, suddenly, my stomach does a flip and I feel nauseous. Mrs. Lancroft is coming home now ... and she is going to throw me out. Just the thought of that is making my throat close up. I can't get thrown out and it's not cause I won't have a place to live, cause I already know of two. It's mainly cause I can't stand the thought of not sleeping in the same house as the Mrs.

This sucks. This sucks. This sucks.

I go to my room, and lie on my bed. And drink my beer. Then I get another one from the fridge. And another one. And another one. And then there's no more. So I go out and get a couple of six-packs. And hole up in my room until I fall asleep. Okay, pass out. Same thing.

The next thing I know is there is a knocking sound slowly drifting into my head, which is stuffed under my pillow. I notice that I have drooled onto the sheet. Nice. I ignore the sound and go back to sleep. Bad idea. I discover.

Cause the next thing I know is the covers are thrown back and I'm suddenly cold. And then, I kid you not, a feel a HUGE pain in my butt!! Or, ON my butt, I should say. I yell out and instinctively but my hand back there and twist my head around. It's MRS. LANCROFT!!!!

I can't tell you the mixture of emotions that run through my head -- thrilled to see her, frightened and confused, and last, but certainly not least, I got a huge boner. It's all a big jumble for the next few minutes, cause she's yelling at me in this scary quiet way and every time I try to pull the covers back up she yanks them back down. And, you know, it's embarrassing. I mean, I have my jockeys on but their not the cleanest in the world and, you know, I'm kinda naked-ish.

And the worst part is I can't really turn over to face her cause of the huge boner that is so hard it's raising my butt up a bit. So, I am sort of trapped there in my own bed while the woman I am crazy about is tell me what a shit I am. Well, not in those words, cause she's too classy for that, but that's the basic idea.

"Kevin! What in the world were you thinking??? She's a young girl. You have to know how inappropriate that was??? Don't you??" "Well, I guess so, but at the time --"


Right then I was so scared that she was gonna throw me out I totally didn't expect what happened next. Over my shoulder I could see her walking towards me with an old-fashioned ladies hairbrush and, you know, it just didn't compute. Was she gonna start combing her hair?

She sat in the chair by the bed. Then look at me, serious as hell. "Kevin. Come over here right this minute."

'What? NO WAY, José', I thought. Then like a robot, I walked over to her chair, unable to stop myself.

She looked up at me with a pent-up intensity from all the days we spent apart. I saw her hands go to my belt and deftly un-buckle it. Unsnap my jeans and pull that zipper down. A part of me, a really stupid part of me, entertained the idea that, perhaps, the lady had missed me and just wanted to show me how much. My dick was hard as a door knocker. I could almost feel her soft lips around it as she slid my tightie whities down to my ankles.

This woman meant business, I remember thinking and I spread my legs into a stance that could support my weight while she pleasured herself on me.

Then something went terribly wrong. The next thing I knew was that I was upside down, my head near the floor and my bare ass up in the air, somehow balanced over her knee.


"You are going to get the spanking of your LIFE, young man. How COULD you???"

"Spanking??? SPANKING??? But I'm 18 years ol --"



I could not believe this. I mean, I just could NOT believe it. Here I was, a grown man, trapped over the woman I adored's lap like a little naughty boy, with my pants pulled down to my knees and my ass cheeks totally bare-assed naked????

I wanted to leap up and say, "Hey, what's going on, LADY?" but, the ... uh, boner was getting harder and I just didn't think it wise.

So I start trying to put my hands back there to cover my bare ass when a volley of hard hairbrush smacks came crashing down on them. I yell out loud and pull my hands away to save them, and then my ass starts to feel the wrath of the Mrs. It was an entirely new feeling and one of the most painful in my life. This woman had some arm. She could've been a major league player or something.

My butt was burning like hell as smack after smack hit my cheeks and I got to the point where I was just gonna get up and away from the brush, boner or not. I started to turn and could see her face was bright red and so mad. SO mad. So, she says "Oh, NO you DON'T, young man."

And, in like a flash, she's sitting on the bed next to me and her other arm grabs me by the waist and hoists me up so my burning ass even higher up and starts to really light into me with that wicked ass brush.

"I - SMACK! -- will - SMACK! -- teach - SMACK! -- you - SMACK! -- not - SMACK! -- to - SMACK! --disrespect - SMACK! -a lady!! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!!!!!


"Oh My GOD!", I thought. It suddenly occurred to me ... "I am getting a SPANKING!!!" I know it seems stupid but when it started I didn't have time to think but with her arm around my waist and my naked ass up in the air, so exposed for her to see EVERYTHING it hit me, "Holy SHIT! I am getting a SPANKING!!!!"

I never got one before. My parents were pretty calm people and the most I got was a "go to your room" or "no TV" so this kind of thing was, like, totally new for me. But I always remember getting a little twitch in my package whenever one of the other kids at school would talk about getting a spanking. I don't know why, but, apparently I liked it on some level because I was starting to drip a little. First, drool, then drip. I have sprung a leak or something.

I can NOT TELL YOU HOW EMBARRASSED I WAS! Here I was trying to get her to see me like the man I am, and not just some college dude, and here she is scolding me and spanking my bare bottom just like a little kid, or something.

With her arm around my waist, holding me to her tightly, I could feel her body pressing into me, her womanly breasts and soft curves. Part of me wanted to take her in my arms and kiss the hell out of her, and the other part felt like I was gonna start bawling like a little brat. It was the weirdest feeling of my life!

"I expected SO much more from you, Kevin. I left you here with my niece because I thought you would protect her and, instead, you violate her privacy????"

Speaking of privacy, I was wondering if she could see my asshole. I mean my ass was pushed up right in her face, almost. That was a horrifying thought. And totally hot, as well. Oh, I am fucked up. Here I am wanting this nice (but very angry lady) to take a look at my asshole. And being mortified that she can. Or is.

And the boner keeps getting harder. At least, that was until she went into warp drive. Here I thought she was spanking me unreasonably hard when I hear,

"And then I find these panties IN YOUR ROOM! That's despicable, Kevin. Not only do you manhandle them, but you have the gall to STEAL them??? In MY house???"

Steal them? I threw them on the bed!!! That's when I make the stupid mistake of saying, "Please stoppp! I didn't meannnn itttt! I swearrrr! And she's a LIAR! I didn't TAKE themmmmm!!!!


ALL right in the very CENTER of my butt! I am screaming now, at the top of my lungs, and kicking to try to get away, but this lady is strong, man. And, out of no where, I totally burst into tears ... bawling like a God-damn baby. I am SO embarrassed now ... CRYING. Big heaving SOBS. Like a little kid. Or worse, like a little girl!!!

Then it stops. All is quiet. I hear her put the hairbrush down and then the light warm touch of her hand gingerly examining my butt. As much as it hurt to have anything touch that area, the feel of her hands on me was making me dizzy.

I hear her sigh, as "tsk, tsk, tsk."

"See what you made me do??? You are actually blistering a bit."

Then I feel the palm of her hand on my cheek. My butt cheek.

"And you are burning up."

I feel her hand come round to my forehead. I want to melt into a big puddle the minute I feel her skin on my face. Oh my GOD. I am in love with this woman now.

And then I hear the dreaded words.

"JENNIFER, DEAR??? Go get me the thermometer, please????
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