My cumwhore husband plays a game he wont soon forget

My name is Lisa, and Tom, my husband of 11 years is my cumwhore. It started years ago with me forcing my cum filled pussy on his mouth after he came into me. He of course protested at first, but after awhile, he got used to it. For about a couple of months now, I've made him eat every load of his warm gooey mess every time he cums. I love coming up with new ways for him to eat his own. I haven't swallowed any of his sperm in years now. I do allow him to cum into my mouth occasionally, but he always gets it back one way or another.

Lately, I've been more daring with BDSM, orgasm denial, pussy worship and other such games. Tom and I were at a friends house the other night playing cards while I came upon my latest idea. Once I started thinking about it, I was getting more and more excited and couldn't wait to get home and let my slut know what he was in for. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter thinking about it, looking at my unsuspecting husband from across the table. As I wasn't wearing any panties underneath my skirt, I was starting to get worried I might start leaking from my slit onto my dress. I was feeling very warm and my face felt flushed. I made an excuse that I wasn't feeling well and that I wanted Tom to take me home.

Once we were in the car, I couldn't control myself anymore. I reached over and grabbed Tom's crotch, feeling his manhood strain through his khakis, aching to get out. He said "Well, I guess you're feeling better." I exclaimed "I had to get out of there, I need you, I need your cock inside of me, now!" Tom slipped his hand up my leg and slid his fingers into my wet and gaping slit. I moaned as he brushed up against my clit and I thrust my crotch against Tom's hand. By now, I had released Tom's cock from his pants and was stroking his seven inches of throbbing meat. "Now don't come my love, Mommy's got a surprise for you tonight." Tom's cock surged when he heard me utter those words, his mind racing to what may be in store. We pulled into the driveway and started ripping off each other's clothes as we burst through the front door. "Go kneel down by the coffee table and wait for me." I told my slut. I went to the bedroom to grab some supplies and change.

I walked out into the living room wearing red stilettos, my red garter, stockings and nothing else. I could see my slut's cock pulse from across the room as I walked over to him. I told him to put his head back and I planted a wet dripping kiss onto his mouth from my pussy lips, and then sat down on the sofa. "I have a little game for you tonight my little cumwhore, would you like to play?" Tom replied in his obligatory "Yes Mistress." I placed a blank piece of paper, a feather pen and three dice on the coffee table. "These items are going to determine your fate for the next few days." I picked up the feather pen and started writing and talking aloud…

"To my dearest Wife and Mistress, I solemly swear as her slut to cum in a method of my Mistress' choosing blank1 days from now. Such cum will be preserved for my later consumption by freezing. I will then repeat such act every blank1 days from now until I have saved up blank2 loads. Furthermore, every day starting today leading up to my eventual consumption, I promise to give my Mistress blank3 orgasms daily. Upon fulfilling the last load on the final day, my Mistress will feed me my sperm in any way She sees fit. I also solemly swear that if I protest at any time, and do not promise to love and enjoy all acts leading up to and during my sperm's consumption, that I will add another load onto my sentence." I finished by writing at the bottom,


Mistress Lisa's cumwhore, Tom"

"You have probably guessed by now, that these three dice are going to determine your fate. Now pick them up and roll them slut." Tom's face had a look of anger, disgust, fear and excitement all at the same time. I have made him eat his own before, but never multiple loads at once, and never like this. His not knowing what was about to happen caused his cock to surge with precum, which I fingered off of the end of his cock and placed in his mouth. Tom knows better than to go against me, I am his Mistress and he is my slut. I own him and he knows it. He obediently picked up the dice and rolled them onto the coffee table. "A 3, a 5 and a 6. Mmmm, that sounds really yummy, doesn't that love?" Tom replied with his "Yes Mistress." "Now slut, let me think where I want to put these numbers. I could make you wait 6 days between cums, and make you eat 3 loads with me having 5 orgasms a day for the next 18 days. But that's just not what Mommy's in the mood for today. No, I think my little slut is going to eat a full 6 loads. You are going to give me 5 orgasms a day, starting today, and then cum every 3 days until you have 6 loads of your sticky sperm saved up. Doesn't that sound good slut?" Tom barely got out his yes Mistress as his head was wheeling with thoughts of 6 big loads of cum going down his throat about 3 weeks from now. I wrote down the three numbers in their appropriate spots on the paper, and then presented it to my slut. "Now sign it, slut!" Tom picked up the feather pen and wrote his name.

All that was left for him to do tonight was pleasure me. "Well, today is Friday and day 1. You're not cumming until Sunday. I bet with all of the service you are going to give me until then, your balls will we swollen with lots of white slimy sperm." By now, the sofa was fairly wet from my excitement. I pushed Tom on his back and sat on his face, grinding my pussy onto his mouth as I reached back and stroked his cock from time to time. "Make sure you don't come, or I will take that as a protest, and I will add another load onto your sentence." Five orgasms later, I told Tom what a good little slut he is and sent him off to bed with a hard on you could do push-ups with.

When Sunday came along, I could tell my little slut was eager with anticipation of his release. Sure, he knew he would eventually have to eat his load, but that was the furthest thing from his mind right now. Right now, he wanted to orgasm. "Little slut, come here please." He practically tripped over himself to get over to me. "You've been a good little slut haven't you, making Mommy cum so many times in the last few days. I bet you really want to cum, don't you." As Tom mouthed his yes, Mistress, I reached down and caressed his ball sack, and felt the weight of them. They felt swollen and heavy with cum. "I'm sure you remember love that you get to cum today in a method of My choosing. You've been such a horny little boy, not being allowed to cum and having to please Mommy so many times." I could see the end of my slut's cock glistening with precum. "Go and make Mommy a drink and get a shotglass and some lube." Tom brought me back my manhatten, shotglass and lube. "Mommy's going to sit here and watch you milk yourself dry. Put that shotglass on the floor and kneel in front of it. Now lube up your left middle finger and start fingering your asshole while you masturbate into the shotglass while I enjoy the show." Tom started going to work on himself while I gleefully sipped my manhatten and watched my slut perform for me. It didn't take long and he had his cock spewing out spurt after spurt of thick white sperm as he moaned in pleasure. "Now, go and cover that shotglass and put it in the freezer. And when you are done, you can come back over here and start sucking on my pussy while I finish my drink." Five orgasms and a few drinks later, he was done with his task.

I continued this similar routine for the next few weeks until my slut had unloaded in four more shotglasses. That left just one more final cum which of course was being saved up for his big day. When I woke up on the final day, I surprised my slut with me grabbing his cock and saying "Good morning, I hope you are hungry today, you have a lot of sperm to eat!" I spent the week thinking of ways for my slut to swallow his loads. I didn't want to make him drink all of them at once, but rather to prolong his torture over the course of a few hours. "OK, little slut, it's time for your first meal. Take off all of your clothes and get on all fours." Tom didn't hesitate as he really wanted to cum, being a few days since his last release. I decided weeks ago that his "meals" were going to be a little more agonizing than he's used to, I'm going to make him enjoy every bite. I think my slut thought I was going to let him cum for his final time, but I was going to make him hold it until the end.

"For breakfast, I have some cereal for you to eat. Get down on all fours and wait while I go get your meal." I had set the first shotglass in a dish of warm water to thaw my slut's cum. It was thawed, sticky and ready for him to eat it now. I took out a doggie dish, put some dry cereal in it and placed it in front of Tom. "Here is your breakfast, just let me add the final ingredient for you, it looks a little dry right now." I took the shotglass and poured my slut's slimy white mess all over the dry cereal. "Get busy honey, breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Tom started eating his cereal like the little cumwhore he is, with his "tail" wagging between his legs. When he finished I brought him over another doggie dish and said, "I'm sure you are thirsty after all of that cereal. Here's a water dish for you to wash that down with." I set him down the dish that had about a cup of water in it. Then I took out another thawed shotglass and poured it into it. "Make sure you lap up all of your water, and then lick your dish clean." By now, I was so wet, my panties were saturated with my drippings. I took them off and told Tom to close his eyes and stick out his tongue. I then wiped all of my gooey cream from my panties onto his tongue and put my panties back on. "Good boy."

Later that day for lunch I made him eat his third load by pouring his cum over a small lettuce salad that he was given to eat. "That can be your dressing, I bet it will really bring out of the flavor of your lettuce." I had really been looking forward to his next couple of swallows. I was going to play a little role reversal with him and picked out a nice sexy outfit for him to wear. "For the rest of the day, I'm going to slut you up properly. Here is a pair of panties and a bra for you to wear. And here is a dress, and some nylons. I want you to go take a shower and shave all of your chest, armpit, facial and leg hair, get dressed and let me know when you are done." Tom looked completely shocked by this. I've never dressed him up like this before, and making him shave meant a fairly large commitment of humiliation for him to deal with. It took him quite awhile to finish his task, and when he came out of the bathroom, he looked really sexy. "Aren't you a pretty little thing." I could hardly contain my laughing. Now meet me in our bedroom bathroom so I can finish dolling you up. I whored my slut up nicely, applying makeup and perfume, and painting his fingernails. "Now you even look like a little slut. But, sluts like to get fucked, and fucked hard. And that's what you are going to get." I had bought a strap-on for the occasion and pulled it out of my panty drawer. Look at what you are going to have shoved inside of you. Mommy has a nice fat cock she want to fuck you with." Tom's pretty little eyes got wider and wider the more he looked at my cock as I strapped it to my body. I pushed my whore face first onto the bed, lifted up his dress and then pulled down his thong. "I know you want this cock in your ass, slut. I'm going to fuck that little hole of yours until you can't take it anymore." I lubed up my slut's ass and plunged my cock deep inside of him as he arched and moaned in agony. "I bet that feels so good, being fucked by my hard thick cock. Make sure you don't accidentally cum, I still have plans for that last load of yours." I pounded his ass harder and harder as he moaned louder and louder. "You really are a noisy little slut. I know how to put an end to that." I left the bedroom and returned with a shotglass full of frozen cum. "I want you to put this cumcube in your mouth and hold it there until I tell you to swallow it. That should keep your mouth shut for awhile." Tom obeyed and I fucked his tight little asshole for awhile longer. When I was finished I said, "You can swallow now." I heard a big gulp and that was the end of the fourth load. Two more to go.

"You certainly can take getting fucked like a slut, now let's see how you give head." I cleaned off my strap-on cock and pulled out a condom and my last load of saved cum. I unrolled the condom and poured the thawed cum into the end of it, and then slid it onto the strap-on. "Now you have a nice hard cum-filled cock to suck on. Give me a blow-job and if you are a good slut, after I cum in your mouth, I'll let you swallow it right away and not have to hold it." Tom went to work sucking and stroking my cock as he has seen me do to him thousands of times. He almost seemed like he was enjoying himself, and I was getting more aroused as I watched him going down on me. Then suddenly, I pulled my cock from his mouth, and cut a small piece of rubber from the end of the condom. I shoved it deep in Tom's mouth and pulled back on the condom at the same time, forcing the cum out and straight down my his throat. He gagged on at first, but recovered and swallowed it all down. I then took the condom off and made him lick it inside out and lick all of the cum off of my cock.

"You certainly look like a whore, I have a treat for you for your last cum swallow." I pulled out a saucer plate sized hand mirror and placed it on the floor. I want you to cum on this mirror and then watch yourself in it as you lick it clean." By now, my slut was so horny, he jumped down on the floor and had his load spewed onto the mirror in no time. His last load was very large and thick. "Just think about all of the sperm swimming around in that mess on the mirror. You want them in your mouth, don't you slut?" The whore mouthed "Yes Mistress" and started cleaning off the plate with his tongue. "You look so slutty all dolled up licking cum off of that mirror. Don't forget when you are done, you still have five orgasms to give Mommy today." When he had finished cleaning up his mess, he went to work on my pussy, and as he was pleasuring me, I exclaimed, "This has been a fun game, I think we should roll some more dice when you are done. And I think this time instead of picking a number from the dice for the amount of cumshots you need to eat, we'll add up the total from the three dice and use that as the number, with any luck you could roll all 6's. Eighteen loads of cum sounds really yummy. That's what you want, isn't it slut. Not that you really have a choice anyway.

"Yes Mistress."
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