Hes cuffed by his Mistress

She reached up and released the catches that held the cuffs on his wrists to the hooks overhead, easing his arms down and rubbing his shoulders. She pulled him back, turned him to face her, and told him to stretch.

She stepped back and watched the play of muscles under his skin as he stretched his shoulders, chest, hips and legs. He could feel her eyes on him as he moved, bringing the blood back to his almost numb hands and as he bounced on the balls of his feet, stretching his calf muscles and relieving the tension in his outer quads.

He rolled his neck and she was reminded of a boxer before a fight, watching his cock bounce against her stomach was truly delightful... excitement rolled through her, bringing a shudder.

She would definitely enjoy every inch of him before the night was through. She took him by both hands and led him into the room where he worked out... To the weight bench that she had been thinking about most of the day. She sat him on it, and left him there in the dark, quiet, coolness to await her return.

She took her time in his bedroom, she knew that it bothered him to think of what she might be looking at in there, if she looked in his cabinets or his drawers, knowing that he couldn't say a word. He wondered what else was in the bag and began to imagine all sorts of things she could do to him.

He trembled with a mix of fear and desire, a mixture that brought his blood to sing like nothing else. He sat, with his hands on his lap, naked on the leather bench, feeling the cool texture on his recently so hot ass. Remembering how it felt when she took him and used him, his cock longed to pump inside her, to blow the load that seemed enormous.

He could hear sounds now, from his room, the sound of the linen closet, and a zipper, and then she walked past the room, and into his kitchen. He could hear her pouring herself another glass of wine, and then he just heard glass clinking and what sounded like ice water. He hoped fervently that she would not put the ice on him again, it was already cold in this room, he broke out in goosebumps thinking about it.

Imagining her pouring ice water on his cock made it go down a little, he wanted to touch it, to warm it, to comfort his cock, but he knew better than to touch himself. He satisfied himself with just stretching his pinkie finger over and nudging the side of his balls, but he couldn't seem to stop here, he reached over and just cupped himself lightly then quickly slid his hand back onto his thigh.

He hadn't heard her walk to the door, he had been so immersed in his fear of the cold water that he had stopped paying attention. She stood there and watched him fight with himself, with his urges, then she cleared her throat and asked him why his finger was so close to his balls, asked him if he was trying to touch himself. He hung his head, and lied. He said it was an accident, and she frowned. Admission and embarrassment was one thing, lies were another.

She walked briskly over, sat down the things that were in her hands and stood directly in front of him. She stood there, inches from his face, not touching him. Her knees on either side of his knees, but even though the satin brushed his bare skin, her skin did not.

She stood there and looked down at him, then stepped backwards. He leaned in as though he wanted her touch, he felt so bad for lying, he wanted to make it up to her, he was afraid of her, what she would do about the lie.

He dropped his chin down further, until it touched his chest. "Mistress?" he said.. "Yes." She said.... "I'm sorry I lied", he whispered.

She reached out fast, and grabbed the back of his head, pulling his hair and tilting his head up. If he wasn't blindfolded he would have seen the anger in her eyes, would have seen how close she was to smacking him. "What did you say boy?, Speak up boy....." she growled at him. Her grip on his hair tightened and he gasped at the pain of it, and the pleasure. "I'm sorry" he grunted. "For??" she said...

He drew a deep breath, knowing she wouldn't let this be easy, "For touching myself when I know better. Thank you Mistress for correcting me". He finally got out.

She looked at him for a moment and then said "I have not corrected you yet, stand up!". She backed up a step so that he could stand, then she grabbed him and turned him around, and bent him over, putting his face against the leather of the bench, his ass open and exposed in the air.

She held the back of his head, pushing his face into the bench, and used her other hand to slap his ass, a loud resounding smack, which she repeated until his ass was good and red and he was beginning to squirm.

She gave him a couple more, hard loud ones, then asked him if he was going to do it again, he thanked her for punishing him, for teaching him, for showing him, and promised that he would not disobey her again. She let up the pressure on the back of his neck and pulled his head over to her stomach, he dropped down into a kneel at her feet, cuddling in to her, hugging her, relishing her touch. They stayed this way for a few minutes, until he had slowed his breathing and begun to relax.

She got him back to his feet and then instructed him to lie down on his back on the bench. She had him drop his wrists to the floor and she walked around the bench, looking at him. She scooted him, guiding him into place, so his head was supported, as well as his hips, but his knees were free to move.

Then she bound him, cuffed his wrists to the legs of the bench and his ankles to the other legs. When he was settled in, she checked all the bindings again, to make sure he had good blood flow. She stood and took a spray bottle that she had filled with ice water and set to mist, and sprayed lightly over him.

Watching him react to the cool mist, seeing the goosebumps rise again on his skin, his nipples tightening and cock growing smaller....

She made sure he could not see and then removed her black satin skirt, leaving only the corset on. She was so wet, she could barely stand to not climb on and fuck him senseless. He was her toy, she could do with him what she liked, and she knew that he would serve her well. She got a silken black cord out of the bag and stood above him, dragging it along his skin, from head to toe, knowing that the sensation of the softness would bring out the chill again. She then took her fingers, dragging them lightly across his skin, from head to toe, lingering on his face, his nipples, his stomach, the line of hair from his belly button to his groin...

She played in the hair, watching his response. The beauty of him catching the breath in her own throat. She wanted him, inside her, but was not ready to stop, not ready to end the scenario, not willing to leave things like this, not willing to have him so untested. She wanted him trembling and begging when she finally took him inside of her.

She circled his crotch with the string in one hand, her fingers lightly playing with the head of his cock. She took the string and wrapped it around the base of his nuts and the base of his cock. she wrapped it around and around, tying intricate knots to hold his hardening length in a silken cord cage. leaving long strings as a leash, the knots ending just a half inch from the head of his penis. She stepped over him, straddling him, her wet pussy just inches from his face.

He could feel the heat and warmth of her, he could smell her desire, he was salivating and trying very hard to be still. She reached down and grabbed the long leash strings and pulled the cord tight, so the silken cage gripped his cock, turning the head red.. she pulled until his cock was straight up, hard and she could see his pulse in it. she licked her lips in anticipation. she put both strings in one hand and reached down with the other, lifting his head to her waiting lips and telling him that it was time for him to service her, that she wanted him to show her how much he wanted her, that he needed to make her cum if he wanted to get loose from the cage.

His tongue quickly found her clit and strained to circle it, he wanted to suckle it but could not get close enough, he pulled and groaned trying to get up into her pussy, burying his face in her lips.

She bent a little lower and started to grind herself into his face. He got the perfect mouthful and began sucking her clit like he had never had it before. She rode him, fucking his beautiful mouth, his tongue flicking and the sucking noises getting louder, She could feel the pressure building in her, could feel the mix of her juices and his saliva running down her leg. She focused on his cock, straining against the cord, and with a gasp and a curse, she came all over his face.

He sucked and licked, trying to get every drop. She could have ridden his face for hours, but she wanted that cock.

She let the leash drop, and his cock bounced against his stomach, hard and swollen. She began to untie the knots, while he tried to distract her with his mouth, and oh, he was so good with his mouth, she came again, twice before she got the cord fully removed and began to move down, positioning her soaking cunt over his hardness.

She dropped down and slid his cock an inch into her pussy, he tried to buck, to get more in her, but she did not allow him to do that, she rode that inch, teasing him until he begged, and pleaded for her.

He tried to get loose from the cuffs, he bowed his back and tried to raise from the bench, but she kept just out of reach, but never out of her...

Then suddenly, she slid down and engulfed the length of him with her silken tightness. He threw his head back and moaned with it and she began to ride him hard, fucking him with abandon, loving the feel of him deep inside of her. She slid him into her depths with a fury, until she thought her legs would go completely numb.

She came again and again, soaking his hips with her juices, and he begged to cum, to release. Finally, when she thought she could take no more, she abruptly slid him out of her, and stood above him, with his cock in her hand, and demanded that he cum...

Oh, he did, it pumped out of him in a seemingly endless flow of heat and power.

It covered his stomach and thighs, she kept stroking him as he got more and more sensitive once the cum stopped flowing. He squirmed and moaned, begging her to stop, until he almost cried and was trying to pull away... Then she stopped...

She backed away, and just stood there and watched him trying pull himself together. Watched him breathe heavily, getting more and more in control of himself.

She picked up the spray bottle and misted him with the cool water, watching him shiver from it, but knowing it felt good. Then she reached down and undid the cuffs from his ankles and wrists, helped him pull his hands forward, and to sit up, then she helped him to stand, gave him a sip of wine, and led him back into the bedroom, into the master bathroom, and in front of the shower.

She took off her corset, and started the water, then climbed in. She stood inside and reached out, to undo his collar, taking it and the blindfold off of him. He opened his eyes to the sight of her under the water, naked, heavy breasts channeling water through cleavage, down across her soft round stomach. Her eyes were huge and dark, with need.... Her skin was flushed and she was still aroused, pink nipples hard in the hot water.

He climbed into the shower with her, and washed her, and himself. They kissed softly, eyes locked on one another, drinking each other in. Once the hot water ran out, they got out, dried each other off and got into bed, still kissing and cuddling.

In the bed, he climbed up, on her, in her, all over her, and made love to her like he had wanted to all day. He fucked her until she couldn't speak, until they were one in the darkness, one breath, one heat, one sensation together. And once they were spent, they slept, and dreamed, of the next time...
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