Mistress Katrina rides his face to glory

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Katrina slowly slid the blindfold off of him and stood back up, straight and tall, hands on hips and peered down at him. The Judge struggled to open his eyes but the light was too bright. He couldn't keep them open. He managed to squint with one eye and saw something dark hovering over him.

His vision started to clear as his one open eye adjusted to the light. He saw first the tops of her thighs and hem of her mini skirt above him. He got his other eye open and together, squinting, they gazed up, eyes rolling back in their sockets, taking in the magnificent sight. From his worm's eye view he saw Mistress Katrina towering above him, larger than life.

Black leather and creamy white skin filled his entire field of vision. As his gaze moved up, he saw the mounds of curly, orange-red hair falling loosely over her shoulders. She looked down at him and smiled. He saw those cruel, blood red lips set off her large, gleaming white teeth. He was in awe.

"Welcome John, do you like what you see? Heh, Heh. . . . Somehow I think you do."

John continued to stare up at her, tongue absently licking his lips. He took a full, deep breath through his nose to get the full impact of her aroma. As he did so, Katrina slowly rubbed the sides of his face with the smooth, inner sides of her stockinged thighs.

She reached around behind her skirt's waistband, undid the hook, lowered the zipper all of the way and removed it, flipping it off to the side. The Judge now had a clear view of her black garter belt and sopping wet black silk panties. Katrina ran her middle finger down the center of her wet crotch then back up, circled a bit at the top of her Mons, then back down the wet silk covering her leaking slit. Slowly and deliberately, she lowered her wet middle finger to his mouth, inserting it into the gaping opening and swabbed it on his tongue.

"Taste Good? I bet you liked that, didn't you John. There is more, much more where that came from. If you're a good little boy, I'll give it to you," she cooed.

She lowered her crotch so that it was inches from his nose and rotated her hips slowly in small circles, hugging the sides of his head with her smooth inner thighs and occasionally brushing his upturned nose with her soaked panties.

The Judge shuddered at each brush of his nose as he strained to reach her tantalizingly close cunt with his tongue. His own hips started to move in small, thrusting motions, his trapped dick straining to get out. The pain in his squeezed penis was horrendous as the steel tube dug into the sensitive flesh that was trying to expand. The now purple head pulsed as he involuntarily flexed his keegle muscles which not only controlled his sphincters but also swelled the head with each contraction.

She lowered her crotch a little further so the tip of his tongue just touched the wet silk. He strained to reach her, to taste her, to give her pleasure and prove his worth. She lowered herself a little more and he got a little more tongue on her, swiping away in long, vertical strokes. She dropped down just a little more and he was able to get the flat of his tongue hard against the moist material.

He loved the taste. He couldn't get enough, even with his trapped dick squeezed in the iron grip of the chastity tube. He could feel her swollen labia lips through the sheer, soaked cloth. He felt them part as he ran his tongue up her slit to the top. He searched for the hard nub and found it, licking it furiously through the silk. His eyes rolled up to look at her and saw she had her eyes closed and brow furrowed in deep concentration.

She was driving her crotch down now against his tongue, pressing it against his widely spread lips, trapping his tongue inside of his mouth and forcing it to push hard to get out. She wound the fingers of both hands in his hair and gripped him hard, jamming herself against him, moaning in pleasure as his tongue found the sensitive spot just below her erect clit and pushed hard while licking in tight circles all around it. Her juices were flowing freely now, streaming down the sides of the thin strip of soaked panty cloth.

She took one hand off of his head and roughly pulled the thin strip aside with two fingers, exposing her naked cunt to his lips and tongue. Her outer labia lips were dripping with her oily juices, swollen full, red and parted. Her inner lips were similarly puffy and deep vermilion in color.

The Judge saw his opportunity and momentarily left her hard nub to plunge his tongue deeply into her dripping hole. Again she moaned loudly, this time pressing herself hard on his upper lip and teeth, to replace the missing pressure on her clit. He swirled his tongue around her hole, pulled it out and then plunged it in again in a fucking motion.

She continued to press her clit against his lips and teeth, grinding away in small, circular motions with her hips. She felt those telltale small contractions deep in her vagina and that hot, melting feeling which told her she was about to come.

"Get That Tongue In There Deep!" she barked as she drove herself over the top, tickling that delicious spot below her clit with his teeth and then right on the tip.

"AaHhhhh, . . . Ahhhhhhh . . . Oh God! Yesssssssssssss! AAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Her orgasm ripped through her convulsing every muscle and organ in her womb. She felt her insides ripple and then felt that enormous release of hot pressure as pleasure sparks radiated out and sped down the nerve endings to her lower spine and then fanned out in every direction curling and contracting everything before it.

Her thighs squeezed down on the sides of his face in a death grip of incredible power. The Judge thought she was going to crack his skull like an eggshell. She dropped down completely, putting all of her weight on her cunt as she pressed against his mouth, jamming his stiffened tongue into her gaping, leaking cavern.

Slowly, she regained her composure and put a little of her weight on her feet, relieving the suffocating pressure on his mouth. She stood back up, dripping juices from her pussy as she went, thin, slick rivulets ran down the sides of his lips.

The Judge licked his lips furiously to catch all of her juices. He couldn't get enough of it. He had momentarily blocked out the crushing pain in his dick as irresistible force of his erection met immovable object of the metal collar with the result that the chastity tube bit deeply into his shaft, nipping it at the top like a Victorian corset, causing the engorged head to blossom out like a big, purple mushroom.

"Nice tongue action John, but I think I need a little something bigger to satisfy me," she said rubbing her thighs against his face.

She lifted her leg to step over him and went over to the serving cart. Opening the lid of a large box, she pulled out a leather harness with a large, realistic looking dildo already attached. Actually, their were two dicks.

One, a stubby little three incher on one side of the leather harness flap that was used as a gag, the other, a majestic eight by two inch member, slightly curved, with a bulbous head and fine dark lines simulating veins.

She rested the harness on his quivering belly as she hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties and slid them down in one graceful movement. She slowly stepped out of them and turned to face the Judge. He saw immediately that she was a natural red head, her pubic hair being a slightly darker shade of orange-red than her curly mane, and that she was still incredibly aroused. Her cunt juices still leaked from her engorged gash creating thin streams of whitish fluid which ran down her slit to her inner thighs before disappearing at top of her hose.

Katrina picked up the harness and returned to her straddling position, dripping cunt directly over his widely stretched mouth. She flexed her knees to lower herself, crotch just inches from his lips, before sliding the harness' stubby dildo into his mouth.

She took the straps of the harness and brought them down under the bench and cinched them tightly, pulling every bit of slack out of them. The result was the magnificent sight of the large, thick dildo seemingly growing from his mouth and arching gracefully up so that the bulbous head hung directly over his nose. The tightly cinched harness straps also held his head fast to the bench which, together with the metal throat band, froze him in place.

Katrina smiled her broadest smile yet at the scene in front of her. The judge was a prick after all and now he looked the part. What's more, she was going to get a chance to fuck his face, get her rocks off and make him watch it all very closely without being able to move.

She felt a slight quiver at the entrance to her love hole as she conjured up the image of her ramming herself wildly on that magnificent dick. She lowered herself to where the head of the dildo was just touching her outer nether lips. She gripped the base of it with her right hand and guided it to the juicy opening. She lowered herself slightly, allowing the head to spread open her inner lips. A little more and the tip entered her hole, which easily expanded to accommodate its girth. A little more and the head was fully in, stretching her slit and pressing on that deliciously sensitive juncture at the top.

She let herself fully absorb that exquisite feeling of hot, hard, fullness filling her, sliding into her, pressing and stretching those wonderfully sensitive organs. She controlled the pace, the angle, the pressure to maximize her pleasure. The judge was just a dick and nothing but a dick.

"Ohhhh Yesssssss . . . That is sooooooo goooooooood."

She worked the head around the inside of her hole, lubricating it and then lowered herself a little more, sliding two inches of the shaft into her. The penetration triggered something within her because her juices were oozing out all around the shaft, rolling down the pink, fleshy member and gathering in a pool around the judge's stretched lips.

Judge Reynolds had an incredible worm's eye view of the thick shaft separating, parting those swollen red pussy lips and sliding in. As she slid up and down in small strokes to grease the shaft with her juices, he watched the resulting white foam develop into a circle around the shaft and move down closer to him as she went. Her musky scent was intense, overwhelming as her swollen gash approached his nose and lips.

She gyrated her hips in a slow circle, coating the shaft more with her slick ooze and then lowered herself again, taking another two inches up her tight quim. The Judge's eyes were wide open, bulging as he took in the view, looking first at her stretched cunt hole and dripping lips and then moving upwards with his eyes to take in her full heaving breasts and lust contorted face. She was ready to take the rest of it.

With a loud sigh, she lowered herself again, this time not stopping until she had sucked up the rest of the thick shaft into her hungry cavity. She rested for a few moments, thick, wet, rubbery cunt lips pressing down on his upturned mouth, before raising herself back up, surrendering that wonderful pole, creating a vacuum in her juicy love tunnel. Nature abhors a vacuum so just before the head broke free, she dropped down on it, taking all of it in one stroke, pounding her cunt against his widely stretched lips and nose.

"Ahhhhhhhh! So Goood! Soooooooooo Gooooooooood!"

He felt her full weight on his face as she balanced herself on her groin alone to jam every millimeter of the thick pole into her. Again, she rose and fell in a quick cycle moaning loudly on each downstroke as the tip of the bulbous head hit her cervix, banging away at her core. With the dick all of the way in her and her feet now off the floor, she ground down on his face, rotating her hips in slow circles, pressing her hard, swollen clit against his upturned nose, nearly cutting off his air. She put her feet back down on the floor and launched herself back up and then slammed herself back down.

The thick pole was now completely greased with her juices and so slick that it rammed itself home with no friction on the sides to slow it. Katrina became a blur of motion as she rapidly rose and fell, impaling herself on the thick member, pounding his mouth and nose with her groin on each downstroke. The Judge had a close-up view of the thick piston as her slick cylinder rammed itself onto it. His face was now covered in her juices as she neared explosion.

The Judge lost count of the cycles as her furry patch rammed itself down and thrust itself up in dizzying succession, juices flying, loud "squelching" sounds emanating from her wet box. He could feel her heat, literally, as her steamy hot nether lips pressed down on his mouth. Her gaping slit filled his field of vision as it rammed itself down, thighs crushing the side of his head as she rode him like a jockey. Her body was slick with sweat. The salty fluid dripped from her bouncing breasts and dropped down onto his face, mixing thoroughly with her cunt juices. The Judge groaned from the pain inflicted on his constricted dick as it hopelessly tried to expand against unyielding steel.

She felt the little spasms deep in her womb, building, expanding, radiating. The small spasms spread to her love tunnel as the small, involuntary contractions squeezed against the thick invading pole. They spread to her swollen, blood engorged labia which started to quiver and buzz within. She was close, so close to orgasmic explosion.

She rammed herself down and held her hot, dripping cunt against his lips and then just touched the tip of her middle finger to the tip of her swollen, incredibly sensitive clit. That last light touch provided the necessary spark as her entire womb contracted hard shooting bolts of pure pleasure out from deep within her. She screamed in animalistic pleasure.

"Aaaaaeeeeeee! Aaaaaeeeeeeeeeiiiii!"

And then louder, scaring the bejesus out of the Judge.


She had her legs bent up off the floor, thighs squeezed hard against his face, feet and toes curled reflexively. She rode him, jockey fashion, squeezing every last orgasmic vibration out of her quivering cunt. Her clit was pressed hard against his nose as she crunched herself down on his face.

He couldn't breath and, after realizing that, started to flail about. With only his hips not tightly secured, he was left to wildly thrusting his pelvis to signal his distress. She continued to ride him hard, oblivious to his dire straits. His eyes bulged out and tiny capillaries within his eyeballs started to rupture as the first physical result of his asphyxiation began. He was thrusting madly, fighting for air against her suffocating wet gash. Suddenly, almost imperceptibly, he felt the pressure of her crushing thighs and crotch lessen. He still couldn't breath and his peripheral vision was now gone, completely black; the result of oxygen deprivation as the little oxygenated blood remaining was diverted to the center of his retina.

Oblivious, or unconcerned about his distress, Katrina was marching to the sound of her own drummer. Satiated for the moment, with her spasms lessening and the warm flow of her cum flowing down the edges of her cherry red labia onto his pale cheeks, she shifted her hips back slightly to release the pressure on her now painfully sensitive clit. It was all the movement he needed as his airway was suddenly clear. He sucked in a lung full of air through his open nostrils, taking the full impact of her powerfully musky smell, happy to be alive.

"Oh God, Air!!!! Sweet Jesus I can Breath! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You God! . . . Did she know that she almost suffocated me?! Aw, she must have known how far she could take me. She must have. . . ," he reassured himself.

End of Part 6
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