I met Annies husband the Great Dane

Chapter 12: The Great Dane

As Annie pushed me down the stairs, panic began to creep over me. Frankly, Annie was a woman that I barely knew. Other than a brief conversation over a year ago, I had never even talked to her before today. Today's conversation had consisted of Friane displaying me in front of Annie, dressed in Annie's used lingerie, and promising her that I would return that lingerie after my slave session at the sorority house.

Returning Annie's lingerie had been much more that simply giving her the corset back! In fact, I still wore the corset. What had transpired was a protracted session of hot sex session wherein I had been forced to eat her pussy while she tortured my cock. Then, after eating her to climax, I had been forced to drink wine tainted with Annie's quim, her husbands cum, and finally a glass filled with six ounces of cum collected from six different men.

Now, still half doped and drugged, Annie was forcing into her basement for more weird, kinky sex! As I stumbled in the near total darkness at the bottom of the stairs, Annie closed the door at the top of the stairs. I struggled to see into the dark, dank basement. I could just make out the form of a body, apparently hanging from a ceiling beam. The body didn't seem to be moving. Panic took me.

I turned and made a mad rush back up the stairs. About half way up, I collided with Annie. She stepped to one side and, as I lunged past, she deftly planted her leg between my feet. One moment I was running up toward the door and escape, and the next I was spinning, crashing back to the bottom of the stairs.

Before I could even rise of the cold concrete floor, Annie hit the transmitter button on the shock collar. Blinding pain shot through my body. A thousand hot needles of electric current jammed into my neck beneath the dog collar. I screamed.

Contorting from the pain, I curled into a ball. Dimly, I heard Annie laugh. "Now that wasn't too smart, was it bitch?" she asked. When I didn't answer, Annie pressed the transmitter button again, this time she used a higher setting and holding the button down longer.

I heard the scream, but I could hardly believe that it was coming from me. Instead, all I knew was that I was thrashing and twisting on the cold hard floor. I pissed myself, urine running in the crack of my ass where my cock was firmly harnessed.

It seemed to last forever. In reality it was only a few seconds. "I asked you a question Slut. Are you a smart bitch? Annie now stood over me, the shock collar controller in her hand.

"No Mommy. I'm not smart. I'm stupid...I'm a stupid bitch!" I moaned.

"Good fucking bitch. Learn it and love it....now get up," Annie commanded.

Annie stepped to the side as I pushed myself up onto my feet. If I had found it difficult to stand on my stilettos before, I found it almost impossible to remain upright. The electric shocks had my entire body shaking and my left leg hurt from where I had hit the floor.

"Well, I guess that's up to you now isn't it little Slut," Annie replied. "Behave yourself and do exactly what I tell you and you don't have anything to work about." Annie stood over me, reaching down to softly caress my quivering face.

"Now, walk over there," Annie said, pointing toward the far wall. With one eye on Annie and one looking into the dark, I crept toward where she pointed. After reaching a point near the center of the room, I found myself tottering next to the hanging body.

I blinked the tears from my eyes, my sight adjusting to the dark. Now I could see that the hanging figure was that of a man. His head was covered with a leather hood that came down past his eyes and ended at his nose. A set of headphones was set into the hood. I could make out the faint sounds of chanting and heavy metal music. It appeared that the man could hear only the sounds coming from the headphones. It didn't appear that he had heard my previous screams, nor did it seem that he even knew that I was standing by him.

The man's arms were attached to the ceiling beam above him, each arm chained out wide to the side. His head was bowed, an inflatable gag in his mouth. I scanned down his torso, covered with welts and matted with sweat.

To each of the man's nipples there was clamped a large sharp-toothed alligator clip. From each clip there was suspended a large tear-dropped shaped masses of metal, appearing like oversized fishing sinkers. The man's torso was stretched in a forward in such a way that each of the lead weights dangled freely away from his chest. The heavy weights responded to even the slightest movement of the man's body. Even the man's labored breathing caused the weights to spin and sway. Blood oozed from where the alligator clip's teeth had torn into his nipples, dripping down their jagged teeth, down past the weights, and pooling in a small bowl on the floor. The blood was black in the darkness, reflecting the flickering candlelight. Each new drop sent a ripple across the inky surface of the bowl.

A shiny black waist cincher was strapped around the man's abdomen. It gave his body a bizarre hourglass shape, his ribcage pushed out above and his hips below. His ribs were covered with whip marks and I could see each struggled breath move beneath his bruised skin and bones.

All the man's pubic hair had been shaved off. The man's cock, a long thin shaft of purple veined flesh stuck out from his denuded crotch. A dull metal rod protruded from the tip of his cock. Metal wires were attached to the rod. I followed the wires down and over to a table. On the table sat a converter and a dial control. The converter was plugged into a wall socket.

On his cock was a series of rings. I recognized them as a set of Rings-of-Hell. The ring at the base of his cock was pushed up tight against his naked groin. Six more rings were spread along his shaft, each progressive ring smaller than the ring below it. The last ring, under the mushroom shaped head of his cock was very small. That metal ring cut so deep into his cock that it was invisible except for the leather strap attached to it.

A parachute harness hung from the man's scrotum. A simple ring hook, four or five inches long, was attached at the bottom. A number of Olympic style weight plates had been placed over the ring. His scrotum and testicles were stretched so far below his crotch that they scarcely appeared to be part of his body. Like the weights suspended from the man's tits, the weights hanging from his ball moved with his every breath.

I glanced back at Annie. She smiled sweetly at me. "Enjoying the view Slut?" she asked. In abject terror, I struggled to voice a weak hoarse, "Yes Mommmy..."

"Good little Slut. Now for my favor part," Annie said. Nodding her head, I looked back behind the man. In the darkness, I could make out a table of sorts. On the table there was sometime of apparatus...or machine. Now that I was looking at it, I could also make out the sound of an electric motor.

"Take a good look bitch," Annie demanded. I felt the leather belt cut into the back of my thighs as she drove me closer.

Now I was standing next to the man's ass. Like his ribcage, but many times worse, the man's ass was covered with welts. On a table behind his ass lay a reciprocating saw. The saw was strapped to the table. The trigger on the saw was clamped down so that it was running at about half speed. Instead of a saw blade, a metal bar extended from the machine. My eyes followed the bar, toward the man's ass.

At the end of the saw bar, there protruded a large rubber dildo. In the dim light, the dildo looked black and very life like. The cock shaft, or what I could see of the shaft, was covered with lifelike veins and bulges. The cock shaft appeared about 8 to 10 inches in diameter. I guessed at the length of the dildo cock because I could see only a part of it. It appeared that the majority of the big rubber intruder was jammed up the man's ass, with only three or four inches sticking out. However, each back piston stroke of the saw would reveal about 6-inches of the thick latex cock, being pulled from the man's terrible stretched sphincter. Then, each forward stroke of the saw would ram that 6-inches of the cock back up his ass.

The saw's speed was set such that the man was being fucked 2 or 3 times every second. I could see know, it was against this mechanical ass fucking that the man was struggle so hard no to move. In order to keep the alligator clips from cut off his nipples or the parachute harness from tearing off his sack, the man was fighting to remain as motionless to this relentless ass fucking.

Having been ass fucked myself, I could understand the mechanics and the physical torture that he was suffering. On the one hand, the steady rapid mechanical ass fucking he was taking would make it almost impossible not to move. On the other hand, after being fucked for any duration of time, the body would naturally want to fuck back. It was obvious from the state of his cock that he was horny, aroused, and (albeit, perhaps reluctantly) physically taken by being fucked. Either way, his body was responding to the fucking. Yet every move was ripping his body apart.

Annie guided me back to stand in front of the man. "This is my Great Dane," Annie said with a big smile. Although I did not have recognized the man by his face, hidden as it was by the grotesque mask, but I guessed as much. Poor Georgie, I thought.

"Kneel," Annie ordered. Fearing another dose of the shock collar, I quickly knelt before the Dane. I was careful not to upset the bowl of blood; somehow knowing that doing so would be an inviolate mistake. The concrete floor was hard and cold beneath my knees.

"Since you were so nice as to serve me, it seems only right that you should serve my man," Annie said. I knelt silently there, with the Dane hanging in front of me and Annie standing behind me. The belt came down hard on my shoulder, cutting the skin. "I asked you a question Slut. Are we going to have reinforce your training again," she said. Annie raised the transmitter.

"No Mommy," I said. Quickly realizing my mistake, I said, "I mean, yes Mommy."

Annie laughed at my confusion. It was just a trap. Either answer or no answer, all were wrong. She reached out one hand and grabbed my hair, pulling me back into her wet crotch. With the other hand she hit the transmitter button.

The voltage was low, perhaps because she dare not spill the bowl of blood. None-the-less, the pain was sufficient. I went limp in her grasp.

Once, twice, three times...Annie whipped the belt down on me. Being close to her body saved me from the worst of the blows. Two times the belt hit my thigh, the last blow caught be high on the right ass cheek.

"Bitch!" Annie yelled, "Eat my man or suffer the consequences."

I shuffled forward on my knees and tried to take his cock into my mouth.

Dane's cock was long and the metal rod sticking out of his slit did allow me to place it in my mouth. All that I could do was wrap my lips around the swollen shaft. I ran my lips up and down the length of his cock. My teeth rattled against the metal rings. I licked my tongue around and over his big swollen mushroom shaped cock head.

Dane's cock was a strange combination of hot and cold. Although the metal rings prevented Dane from ejaculating, they didn't stop the thick oozing gobs of cum that worked their way out of his cock and onto the metal rod. I used my lips to suck up all that ejaculate. The cum was hot, bitter tasting, salty and congealed in sticky clumps. I struggled to swallow the fetid effluent.

Even as Dane's cum was hot, his cock was cold. Those same metal rings that so effectively restricted the blood flow in his erection, thereby maintaining a perpetual erection, also trapped the blood in his cock. Without free blood circulation his massive, swollen, grossly deformed cock was icy cold. If not for the hot cum that so profusely leaked from his cock head into my mouth, his cock would have seemed some deep purple lifeless dildo.

As I ran my tongue around the head of Dane's cock, lapping up the thick discharge of gray cum, I felt an electrical shock. It was not a painful shock, like that from my neck shock collar, but rather like the sensation one get upon putting you tongue on contacts of a 9-volt battery.

It took me a moment to identify the source of the shock. Tentatively extending my tongue onto Dane's cock head again, I received another shock when my tongue contacted the metal rod stilling out of his cock's slit. I glanced at Annie to see if she had noted my discovery. I found her smiling at me, standing next to the table with the electrical converter box. Her hand was on the rheostat dial and as I watched she turned the dial to a higher setting. The electrical stimulus that I felt in my tongue increased. A deep guttural groan escaped the Great Dane from behind his gag. Suddenly everything added up, the wires running from the metal rod to the electrical converter box, and the metal rod shoved deep into his cock. Dane was getting a steady stream of low-level electrical shock to his hard erect cock, just as he was getting a steady stream of big latex dildo up his ass from the reciprocating saw.

After several minutes of licking and sucking the cum that was leaking from Dane's cock, I had cleaned it of most of his ejaculate. However, the constant stream of electrical stimulus generated a constant stream of leaking cum. It became clear that as long as he continued to ejaculate, I would never keep his cock completely clean.

"Good job my little fucking Slut. You suck cock soooo well. You certainly seem to enjoy eating cum." Annie said with a huge grin. Turning to Dane, Annie reached down and gently lifted the weight hanging from his scrotum. Dane emitted a faint sound...almost like a sigh...of relief?...from behind his gag. Then Annie dropped the weight. A high pitch groan, almost like a dry throated scream came from Dane.

Still looking into Dane's face, as if seeing behind the mask, Annie spoke to me. "You know, I give my great bid Dane a special "cock-tail". I give him a tablet of Viagra, a tablet of Levitra, and another of Cialis. Three pills, three times the fun." Turning to look at me, Annie said, "You know each had its benefits. Everyone talks about Viagra because it was the first, but the others are great too. Personally, I think the Viagra maintains his erection, but Levitra makes it bigger and Cialis makes it last for days. You know with the 36-hour Cialis that Daney and I can play this game all weekend. After I work his cock to an orgasm, his little pee-pee just gets hard all over again. Isn't that right Dane?"

I don't think that the Dane could hear her with the headphones on, but he certainly could tell that she was standing next to him saying something. A staccato of mumbled word...please?...can spill forth from behind the gag.

Annie stepped back. I heard the metallic rattle of the belt buckle as she raised the leather whip. With backhanded lashes she worked the belt up and down his torso. She concentrated the majority of the blows on his already welt-covered ass.

"What was that Dane? I can't hear you. Speak up bitch!" Annie was thoroughly enjoying herself as she beat him, smiling broadly...showing off for me.

After twenty or more blows, Annie was breathing heavily. I could make out the smell of her aroused sex, mixed with the stink of leather, sweat, cum and blood. Annie turned to me, and for a moment I thought that she might begin to beat me. Instead, she grabbed me by the hair and forced my head back. She kissed me, Frenching me. As her tongue worked its way around my mouth she seemed to savor the taste of my saliva and Dane's cum.

"Do you like to fuck, Slut?" Annie asked me.

"Yesss Mommmy," I answered shakingly.

"Good, then I'm going to give a great fucking choice..." Annie paused and smiled. She really was enjoying the fear she was causing in me. She revealed in her control and power.

"Your choice is...either you can fuck Dane...or Dane can fuck you...which will it be?" Annie asked with a seductive feminine intonation.

I paused to think. I had no real desire to get ass fucked. True, in the last several months I had more than my share of being fucked up the ass by the girls and their toys. But this was different; this ass fucking would be with a real cock...another man's cock. On the other hand, I really didn't want to stick my cock up some guy's ass. Given the chance, I would have loved to fuck Marsha up the ass...in revenge for all the times she had ass fucked me, pissed on me, torture me, and (mostly) just because I hated the bitch. But, to fuck some guy...

Annie tapped her foot. I sensed that my time was up. "Can't make up your mind? Oh my, I guess they both sound so good to a horny little bitch slut like you, don't they?" Annie said.

She had me again. If I answered yes to the first half of the question, Annie use that yes for the second question. If I said no, she would do just the opposite. Ah, fuck her...I knelt at her feet feeling helpless.

"Oh, don't worry. We'll let you do both then." Annie laughed. "On your knees Slut," she commanded. I dropped to my hands and knees. Annie raised my corset and began to remove my cock harness. She worked quickly, without any concern for the fact that my cock was bruised and raw from having been in bondage all day.

As Annie stripped off the harness, my cock dropped from between my legs. As soon as the blood started to flow back into it, my cock began to become erect. The sensitive skin on the head of my cock brushed against the heavy lace covered satin of the corset. Shivers ran up my spine.

Leaving me bend over on the floor, Anne stepped over to Dane. Without a bit of hesitation, she grabbed the metal rod protruding from the shaft of his cock and pulled. While there had been a couple of inches of the rod sticking out of the end of his penis, Annie now pulled 7 or 8 inches of the thin metal rod that had been rammed up its shaft. A large slug of cum came out of Dane's cock upon the removal of the rod. The cum shot across the room and landed on my ass. I felt the hot slimy mass slide down the crack of my ass.

"Good shot Dane!" Annie cried. "No need for lubrication now!" Annie reached down and jammed two fingers up my ass. She grabbed the base of the steel dildo that was stuck up my sphincter and pulled. With a sticky suctions sound the long metal phallus was ripped from my ass.

"Back up Slut," Annie told me. Shuffling back on hands and knees, I moved my ass toward Dane's waiting cock. "I said back bitch!" Annie cried and her wide leather belt came whipping down upon my exposed posterior. I scrambled back further.

I felt the large roundish head of Dane's cock bump into my ass. On my hands and knees, his cock was too high to enter my rear. A second lash of Annie's belt connected with my ass. "Damn it bitch, mount him!" she demanded.

I was forced to push my ass upward, ending up in a crabwalk position with my hands on the floor supporting me and my ass up in the air. I moved my ass up and down, back and forth until I had the mushroom head of his cock firmly against the crack of my ass. Knowing I had no alternative, I pushed myself backwards.

Dane's cock head stretched my ass open, then popping inside me. Having worn the large metal dildo all day, my ass will already quite stretched. I continued to crabwalk backwards into Dane, driving his stiff erection deep inside of me. As I backed up, I had to used a series of thrust with my hips in order to impale myself on his erection. When I felt the bare skin of his groin, I knew that I had taken his cock fully up my ass.

With Dane's cock stuck all the way in my ass, I felt that full heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. By now I had grown accustom to that feeling, the feeling of having something large stuffed up my ass and resting in my bowels.
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