A wife enjoys humiliating her husband

In part 1 of BBC we learn that Mike and Gloria are having trouble conceiving due not only to Mike's low sperm count but the sperm he has are too weak to hold on to Gloria's egg for a full term pregnancy. During a totally humiliating trip to Gloria's gynecologist in which she claims that not only is his sperm weak, his penis is not large enough to deliver his sperm to Gloria's cervix. She then goes on to demonstrate a new sperm delivery system that further emasculates Mike. Join us in part II as Mike comes home from work early and gets a surprise.

As Mike enters his house he can't seem to find Gloria, after looking downstairs, he goes up to their bedroom. At the top of the stairs, he hears moaning and is afraid he interrupting some mid day dalliance with which his wife has become evolved. As he creeps to the door, the first thing he notices is how aroused he is. He knows he should be mad and ready to attack this mysterious lover but what he really wants to do is spy on his wife as he rubs his dick. Mike is glad the door is open so he can get a good view, with his hand holding his member he peeks around the door. To his shock and dismay his wife is not with some other man she is on her back with their new sperm delivery system between her legs and inserted deep inside her.

Gloria looks up to see Mike and without guilt or embarrassment merely says,
"You're home early, why are you rubbing your little wiener does it excite you to see me working with Leroy?"
"Yes dear, you look so sexy lying there all exposed with that thing inside you. I just wish you wouldn't call it Leroy, it's so big and black, and with that name it makes me think it's a black man's penis."
"Let me tell you something George, black men don't have penis' black men have cocks, big black cocks. A penis is something a little man rubs as he watches his wife being satisfied with a big black cock."
Gloria doesn't understand why but lately she has grown to enjoy humiliating her husband. Another thing she has noticed, the more she belittles his manhood the more excited he becomes. She decides to test this out just to see how much Mike will take.
"I'm glad I excite you, how about you do something for me? Come over here I need some lubrication for Leroy. Now you hold on to your little pee pee while I stick Leroy into your mouth so you can make him wet."
Instead of a protest, George knelt at the foot of our bed then leaned forward and presented his open mouth to me. I told him just to kiss the tip first and asked if he could taste my juices, which were coating Leroy with a white film. He slurped them up like ice cream as he furiously pulled his pud. I began to push the phallus in and out of his mouth in time to his strokes to himself. We both were becoming more and more excited and I could feel my fluids copiously leaking from my slit forming a puddle in our bed.
"Oh George you look so sexy with your pale lips wrapped around my strong black cock. Just take it, swallow my whole cock you cock sucker."
As soon as I said it, George's penis erupted with a string of cum shooting onto the floor in front of him. I took Leroy out of George's mouth and rubbed the tip into my husband's spilled seed. I put the tip to his lips but he refused to open his mouth. I rubbed his semen around his face and then dipped Leroy again into George's spunk and returned it to his lips. As I rubbed the soiled phallus around George's face, I accidentally got some ejaculate into his eyes. He shut his eyes and when he yelled about the pain, I forced Leroy into his mouth. He looked up to me in what could only be called utter defeat as then began to suck my big black plastic lover.
"Georgie, I wish I could watch you suck a real black cock attached to a real man. Making you get my lover all wet so he could impale me with his spear. Would you like that George, wouldn't you like to see me get the satisfaction of a real man deep inside me? Maybe he would let you put him into me, just as you do with Leroy. "
I looked down to see George hard again and wondered how long it had been since George had gotten two erections in one day. I told my husband how proud I was that he was able to produce two hardons in one day. I next instructed him to assume the position so we could get a proper milking and not waste any more of his shrinking seed. I couldn't tell if he was disappointed with the milking or with me taking Leroy out of his mouth. I got his collection cup and prostrate massager from the nightstand and just to be mean instead of lube I rubbed the device into the rest of his spilled seed on the carpet.

I sat on the bed behind George with my legs spread and Leroy obscenely sticking deep inside me. I made sure George could watch me from between his legs. Bent over with his ass in the air I instructed him to pull his cheeks apart thus exposing his rectum to my assault. Over the past few days, I had become very adept at locating George's prostrate and as I massaged it repeatedly with the tool, I reached over, took his little member in one hand, and then spread my fingers around Leroy with my other hand.
"Look George I can hold your little pink pecker with two fingers but I can't even get my hand around Leroy's magnificent black beauty."
Even as I belittled my husband's manhood, his issue began to dribble out and into the cup. I continued with the milking until I was sure I had emptied his little nut sack. I have come to enjoy this procedure and the power it gives me over my husband's reproductive glands. I instructed my husband to fill my beautiful Leroy with his watery spunk and then told him to hand it to me. As I held my devise in both hands, I noticed George staring at it in what could only be called awe. Then instead of inserting it inside me, I turned it around and once again presented it to my husband's lips. Without my instruction and after kissing the tip he opened his mouth wide. I pushed a couple of inches inside then saw my husband's eyes grow wide in horror as I grasped the testicle shaped bulb and empty the collected semen down his throat. With an evil grin, I told him,
"Let's just recycle today's deposit and try for a larger one tomorrow."
Of course, George couldn't answer me, as his mouth was still full.

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