Jones has a short day switching on his owners

After receiving a cloned body I immigrated 127 Light Years from Earth to Free Skyes. Unfortunately I had to work and pay for that cloned body and I had very few skills a high tech society could use. So it was either I become an Unskilled Labourer or a Sex Slave. I guess Human Recourses had me figured out correctly. All those years in BDSM chat-rooms and websites were tracked alright, but not by Homeland Security. I was a 24/7 Bonded Sex Slave with a 5 million credit debt to pay off. Worse still I didn't have any say on how or what I would be doing, I wasn't a citizen. After taking a Citizenship Test all that changed.

Today should be my favourite day of the week, Sunday, the day I'm in charge of the household. Not a fun position for a bonded slave to be in. For one thing if I make a mistake in spanking too hard, or not demanding enough the tables will switch very quickly and with terrible results. Last thing I wanted to do was to be sent back to the Boom-boom Room or miss the chance or working in the Entertainment Industry which I was sure I would be good at.

"What time is it," I asked Mandy.

"Six o'clock," my Android told me. "Your usual time is five, and according to the condo's computer these two sleep till ten. What are your orders?"

"Can I have a cup of coffee and some toast while I read over their files," I asked, "please?"

"Very well," Mandy agreed, "but you will need to do your morning exercises you are getting fat."

"I'm sure you will remedy that," I shuttered reaching to feel my well spanked bottom from last night.

"You can touch yourself," advised Mandy, "use a slave when you want to sexually relieve yourself."

"My bottom seems to be healing faster," I half asked it. "Is this what being an Ancient is all about?"

"I'm afraid so," it advised bringing a tray into my room.

From previous conversations I know Dianna and Charles both had stressful jobs and all they wanted to do on Sunday was to just shut-down and relax. Both are into spankings, light bondage, chastity, and a number of other fetishes similar to mine, with one main exception, they like to switch often. I think they need a little stability even with their hectic work schedule.

"From what I see here," I said with a sigh, "these two needs is a good schedule to live by a little more order."

"Why talk to me," Mandy replied blandly, "I'm just an Android."

"Well you are a very organized and well programmed Android," I argued back. "You can at least give me advice."

"I suppose," it grumbled.

"I hate to look outside my room," I ventured, "will I have to clean the house."

"Certainly not," it snapped, "Mistress Dianna said half drunkenly, "we're going to bed,"" it chirped in her drunken voice, ""clean up a little will ya." So I did."

The house was spotless, Mandy was as ever efficient. I told her it was time to get into trainer mode and it marched me out to the balcony for a half hour of calisthenics. It didn't need to touch me; I worked hard and wanted to keep myself in shape. The question is will I be able to get Dianna and Charles into shape. After taking a shower and enduring having Mandy was my private parts and giving me a cleansing enema was I allowed getting dressed and being back in charge? I changed into my sweat suit and got to work.

"Good morning slaves," I cheered to Charles and Dianna. Charles's ass was very sore and in the air, Dianna was on her back double ended strap-on still on her. "Dianna leaving that thing in your pussy is not good for your health."

"It feels so good," she grumbled. "I want to go back to sleep."

"You will not you naughty slave," I unsnapped the clasps and took it out of her. He vagina was gaping wide from the night of fucking, I turned her over and gave her a dozen with the paddle. Mandy then handed me her chastity belt and she was locked up. Upon seeing what was happening to his wife Charles got out of bed quickly.

"Alright you two," I said. "Out for calisthenics," they both grumbled but a few swats of the paddle got them moving. Mandy instructed them into a light morning work-out. They were pathetic; I verbally humiliated the two of them and moved twice as fast as them to get them moving. In the end they were both exhausted.

A few swats of the paddle and they moved into the shower where Mandy cleaned them both. I kept them both in chastity belts but ordered a sport-bra for Dianna since she was supporting a pair of C-cups. Breakfast was however amusing.

"This stuff is pretty bland," grumbled Charles, "can't I have a taste of what you have Master."

"That's Mister Jones to you," snapped Mandy giving a smack on the back of the head.

"Mister Jones," said Dianna, "this porridge is rather bland."

"Well," I smiled, "now you know why your humble slave will suck every bit of sweetness off your fingers. Slave Porridge is designed to give you all the nutrients you need and keep you regular. I let you sit at chairs in a civilized manner, would you rather eat while on your knees?"

"No Mister Jones," they both said.

"Now one of you has to pretend they are in charge and take me to the Mall," I concluded. "So you both better behave, one will have the freedom of going to the Mall. The other, tied to a bunk with a butt-plug up their ass. Now the dishes need to be cleaned. And since the automated dish-washer is expensive to use, doing it by hand will be done whenever and wherever possible. Charles your hands are rather tough, you wash."

I kept the two of them busy, little contest like pushing a roll of toilet paper with their noses around the living room. Winner will not get it up the ass by me. Dianna worked very hard not to get it up the ass and that made me curious. By the time Dianna and I had to go to the Mall Charles had a large butt-plug up his sore ass. I left him in the slave room with Mandy watching over him.

"Over my knee," I ordered Dianna as I sat down on a comfortable chair in the Master Bedroom and lined up a row of butt-plugs.

"I've been a good girl," she protested but bend over my knee. She was wearing a grey summer dress to match my grey sweat suit. I lifted the dress to expose her naked ass. I pressed one finger against her anus. "Ouch," she shuttered.

"Virgin," I asked, "your file says anal."

"Well," she stammered, "I'm anal curious. But if given the choice I would rather have you in my pussy."

"You should realize," I told her; "you will get it up the ass by me, whenever I want to. Period," I used a liberal amount of lube up her ass and inserted a small butt-plug slowly into her ass. She whimpered but took it all. I then locked the butt-plat into place. "Okay," I sighed, "you can play at being the Mistress till we get back. Do you want to strip me and put me in chastity?"

"No," she sighed, "but I don't see where being in a Mall with this thing up my ass will help me very much. You're in charge, so, let's go."

After another dizzy session at the Language Clinic I wanted to sit and relax. I told her I wanted to have a snack, so she took me to her favourite ice cream shop. Compared to the Dairy Queen her favourite place was outrageous. One taste told me why, the ice cream was loaded with liquor.

"If Mandy finds out I was drinking alcohol," I told Dianna, "it will cane me. I can't finish this, can you order me a non-alcoholic drink please."

"And if I told you to finish it," she smiled wickedly at me.

"I would do as I am told," I told her humbly.

"And face a very hard beating."

"Yes Mistress Dianna."

"I bet Cupcake would not be as lenient as me. Waiter," she called, "my companion has no tolerance to alcohol this will make him very sick. Could you make him a non-alcoholic drink please?"

"At once Madam," the boy-toy waiter said. He wore a male version of a very skimpy waitress which included a Heredshe thong.

"You were checking out his ass," Dianna accused me.

"I'm bisexual," I chuckled, "I can look. Just don't touch," I added sheepishly in an attempt to give her cow eyes.

"You are such a rogue," she laughed. She drank both drinks and it didn't seem to affect her. I enjoyed my milkshake. Finally I got the nerve to ask her a more serious question.

"Any idea on what Uncle Paul's plans are for me," I had to ask.

"You first have to learn the language," she avoided. "Concentrate on that."

"I get these weird shots and hypno-sleep. You call that study."

"By next Friday you will be able to understand the written word. You will also be able to watch some TV in Freedom Common then you get an idea. Other than that, it's up to you."

"What do you mean?"

"He doesn't want you in the station unless absolutely necessary. So after your class I'll have you over for afternoon delight."

"So I'm locked up at your condo waiting for another Intern to pick me up?"


"Can I do research?"

"Sure," she smiled, "just don't go into the station."

"Alright," I surrendered. Then changing the subject, "do you think I could be an actor," I had to ask.

"You," she looked me over, "hard to tell, for all I know you could be acting nice to me."

"Well, consider me a friend Dianna, for that is the best loyalty I can give you."

"You don't love your Mistress," she teased me.

"Love is a strong word," I warned her, "and if a Clairvoyant, two of them actually, say you will marry somebody, well, I guess I should surrender to my fate."

"And you're still my friend," she concluded, "even after all the terrible things I do to you, the diapers, having my friends bugger you. Ordering Mandy to punish you. You don't mind me doing that to you?"

"It pays the bond," I shrugged, "and, well, I need it. I am a submissive. And you are my owner."

"Okay," she shrugged, "let's go home, maybe Mister Jones will take this thing out of my ass."

"Sure," I agreed, "because he wants to put his cock up it.



I returned home and took some time to tease Charles by having him kneeling in his chastity belt watching me take his wife up the ass. Dianna took the fucking and surrendered to my hands and came when I did. Next came Charles, taking a good thin vibrator I worked it deep in his ass and milked him. He hated it but took it like a man.

By the time we had supper I figured it was time to get down to business and find out what our schedules would be like. Both Charles and Dianna were starting not to like slave food, but Mandy vetoed any opposition to eating at least until somebody got a raise in pay. But I had other concerns.

"So let me figure this out," I said enjoying my steak dinner. "I'm not in charge, and yet I have to make sure you two get up in the morning, exercise, eat right, and send you off to work."

"That's right," said Charles.

"And until I meet Uncle Paul's requirements for work," I continued, "I'm not supposed to be in the office."

"Except for my afternoon delight," smiled Dianna, "I get really horny and need a good stiff fuck from a man with an average size penis. Sorry Charles I love you for lots of reasons, but not your penis."

"Maybe I can do something with the bonus," he grumbled.

"And I want to keep you in chastity," she added.

"Wha," he gasped, then submitted, "yes Mistress."

"You mean I got all this done to my ass for nothing," I cried.

"Oh heck no," said Dianna, "Uncle Paul likes you that way and it reminds you that you don't have any say in sexual matters."

"A chastity belt would have been easier," I grumbled.

"Can't wear a diaper over a chastity belt," chuckled Charles. "And by the way," he added, "I'm still in charge the first three days of the week. Mandy, he wears diapers when he's at home. He only needs an enema before house parties, business meetings, and when Mistress Dianna or I, please, butt fuck him."

"I'm not into diapers," I insisted.

"Then why do you wet them at night," asked Mandy.

"Okay I just can't wait for hours with nothing to do."

"Clean house," said Dianna.

"Two hours work," I complained, "less if I put my mind to it. What is the balance sheet of a normal show at Action Network?"

"That depends on the budget," said Charles, "and the type of show."

"Have you guys done real life shows before," I asked.

"Yea but hey tanked," he grumbled.

"Well let me see the records," I asked, "balanace sheets, the shows, rating, customer demographics."

"Look at him, he wants to be a Producer."

"Well why not," countered Dianna, "he'll make good money and pay off his bond faster."

"Because he's a bonded slave," snapped Charles, "he has no loyalty. He'll pay off his bond and then go work for the highest bidder. We've seen that before. Give me that steak Al," we switched plates, "enjoy. And you're not banging my wife tonight."

"You're just jealous because he's smarter than you," snapped Dianna. "And maybe I won't let you out of that chastity belt unless you are tied down."

"Really," Charles snapped back.

"Then I'll do it with Al on the floor. And he can relieve himself by squatting on your cock till he comes in your face."

"Ohh," grunted Charles as his chastity belt felt smaller. "Okay," he switched plates with me, "I get the picture."

"Do I get to finish the steak," I asked Dianna, "or should I give it to you?"

"You idiot," cursed Charles.

Mistress Dianna got up from her chair. Walked around the table and pulled my sweat shirt off and put it on herself. She was beautiful wearing just my sweatshirt and nothing else. She moved my plate to one side and pushed my face to the table. After she pulled down my pants and underwear she took Charles plate of porridge with mashed potatoes and gravy and smeared the mess on my naked bottom. Grabbing Charles by the ear, she made him walk on his knees putting his face to my ass.

"Enjoy your meal boys," she laughed and pushed her plate towards my face.

Things got quiet for the next half hour. I ate what Dianna left for me, I didn't want to go hungry. Charles eventually like me had to eat and licked the mess off my bottom, legs and crotch of my underwear where it dripped off. We waited, not sure what would happen next.

"Alright you two get up," Mistress Dianna ordered, "kiss and make-up."

"Sorry," I said giving Charles a hug and kissing him on the cheek. "I don't want to take your job away, and I do want to stay on."

"Okay," he told me and kissed me on the mouth. His hands wandered squeezing my ass and cock.

"Knock it off Charles," Dianna ordered. "Let's go to bed."

"Forgive me Mistress," I had to say. "The dishes need to be done. Mandy is my trainer and not a house servant for the most part."

"Alright," she agreed, "get to work. Charles come with me."

"Some day of being the boss," Mandy smacked me on the bottom. "Now clean this mess quickly."

Under Mandy's watchful camera eyes I quickly went about my house cleaning duties. Dishes, mixing bowls, frying pans, and dropped food on the floor was all quickly cleaned. With a certain sense of satisfaction I left the clean kitchen and headed into the Master Bedroom.

I knew that I would be walking in on something. Charles was finally out of his chastity belt, but not in command. She put a slave hood on him blocking his eyes and ears. He was tied on his back spread-eagle with his cock fully erect. She was tickling his naked body with a large fluffy feather. I wasn't sure if I should knock, kneel or what. Mistress Dianna spotted me out of the corner of her eye.

"Stroke your cock slave," she ordered. "Make it hard and get yourself aroused."

"Yes Mistress," I said, touching myself openly for the first time. My heart races and I could feel an itch right inside the ring of my asshole. As time went by I knew this itch so well as my Heredshe glands began to work and lubricate my anal passage getting it ready for the insertion of a female Heredshe tentacle/penis to impregnate me. The whole laws of nature from different Coalition Stars played on me. Deep inside my rectal tract was a simulated clitoris so that when touched would spur on sexual ecstasy. More than that my DNA was sixty-two point eight percent Ancient, and Ancients can have multiple orgasms. Such lack of control was embarrassing.

"Climb on to the bed," Mistress Dianna ordered me. "Straddle him, and lower yourself down." I lowered myself on to Charles's cock and Mistress Dianna guided it into my asshole. My ass was still too tight, I never spent too much time with a butt-plug up my ass and that big cock was wide.

"Ouch," I gasped stopping, "please it is too big."

"Do as you are ordered," she told me sternly. Gulping down the pain I lowered my well greased ass on to Charles. Feeling his cock being encased by a well greased warm body he arched his body up ramming his cock deeper into me. I try to pull away but Mistress Dianna grabbed my thigh and pushed me down. With the cock further into me it touched my internal clitoris making me shutter. I sat on his groin his cock deeply in me.

"Now ride those ponies," Mistress Dianna told me hitting my bottom and I began rocking on Charles's cock. Cut off from outside orders Charles started arching and thrusting his cock further into me. We began rocking and fucking in earnest. All I could hear from Charles was his groans and breathing though the hood and a breathing penis gage that was stuffed in his mouth. "Ride him," she urged me.

"Permission to cum," I gasped as I could feel my body mounting.

"I hear you have better senses than most humans," Mistress Dianna told me. "Can you feel Charles when he comes?"

"Yes Mistress," I grunted between my teeth trying not to come. "I believe I do, I can feel his penis is about to do it."

"On your word," she told me, "you can-not come until he does."

"Yes Mistress," I hissed blinking back the sweat that ran into my eyes. Charles arched up hard and stood there. "He's coming," I told her.

"You may come," she told me.

"As you wish," I gasped and my cock spurted four shots of cum on Charles's chest.

"Get off him and lick his chest clean," she ordered me as she took the hood off Charles's head. His penis was wet and very limp as it came out of my ass. I got on my knees and licked my come off his naked chest: while Mistress Dianna gently kissed his face. "Put his chastity belt back on him," she ordered.

I felt sorry for Charles as I stuffed his limp manhood into the metal tube of the chastity belt front pointing the head down to a hole that he can urinate through. The front plate was held in place by two straps made of a leather composite combined with metal making it almost unbreakable. It all held together with a wide belt no thicker than a leather belt, but was also a GPS locater, and mini-computer which allowed the locks to be undone only by authorized personnel or EMS. His ass hanged open, so that he could take a dump when he wanted to, but a detachable back plate could also be added to prevent anal sex or hold a butt-plug up there. I felt sorry for him period.

"Feel like having another go at sex," Mistress Dianna asked me with a smile.

"Yes Mistress," I smiled.

"Too bad," she told me. "Have Mandy put a diaper on you and go sleep on your matt by the bathroom. And remember you are here for our entertainment."

There was no use complaining or reminding, Mandy put the diaper on me and gave me a small quilt to curl under. To make things worse the temperature in the condo is lowered at night making it cooler and being able to cuddle under the covers. Unfortunately I was alone on a matt longing for Jane.

"Get up," Charles's foot nudged me. I was half asleep when I moved aside and he went into the bathroom. I followed not sure what I was there for. He sat on the old fashion toilet and passed water. When he finished the toilet drained and bidet functions took over. "Get me some cotton-swabs," he ordered. I checked the cabinet and found what looked like Q-tips and gave them to him. "Can you clean around the drain here," he pointed to the base of his belt.
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