Submissive husband experiences his first prostate milking

For the next three days life went on. We swam, talked; I cooked and cleaned, not to mention bringing my wife to orgasm with my mouth several times a day whenever she wanted. Sunday morning dawned clear and bright. After breakfast we showered together and I soaped and washed her beautiful body, then dried her off. We retired to the bedroom where she handed me her body lotion which I applied with care. After a few minutes she asked me to hand her the vibrator that she kept in the bedside table.

She then had me lie on my back and she took a seat on my chest with her pussy about 6 inches from my face. The vibe was turned on and she immediately started tracing her pussy lips with it. Soon it was buzzing her clit only to be moved down between her nether lips which were starting to glisten with her secretions. In no time at all it was disappearing deep into her hot hole. When it was pulled back out I could see streaks of her creamy juices coating it. She then moved it to my lips and I eagerly licked it clean before it was returned to her pussy.

This went on for quite some time with me licking the off-white cream from the fake cock only to watch it re-enter her hole. I soon notice the telltale signs of her impending orgasm and sure enough she stiffened and rammed the vibe deep into her hot, wet, pussy. I could see her vaginal muscles contracting around the shaft as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. When her breathing got more regular she extracted the vibe from her gooey hole and plopped it into my mouth to be cleaned. After it was spotless she put it away, got off of me and told me that having me watch her pleasure herself let alone licking her vibe clean had really been hot. I had to agree.

She stepped into the bathroom and I could hear her relieving herself. She soon returned with a box in her hand and climbed up onto my mouth. I immediately began licking at the droplets of urine that were still on her pussy. As I opened my mouth wider and ran my tongue deep into her pussy I was rewarded with a mouthful of urine that she had saved just for me. I quickly swallowed and sucked her clit into my mouth which, in combination with peeing in my mouth, sent her into another spasm of orgasmic pleasure.

After she recovered, I went to the bathroom and washed my face, removing the urine and pussy cream then returned to the bedroom. The box was lying on the bed and following her instructions I opened it then took out the contents. A large enema bag, hose, and nozzle fell out. When I looked up, she reminded me that it was Sunday and I would have my first prostate milking tonight. I was to give myself several enemas to make sure the inside of my ass was squeaky clean, and then report to the playroom promptly at 9:00 PM. I was to put on the wrist and ankle cuffs then lie face down on the bondage horse and wait. I told her I understood and with that she said she was going shopping and would see me later.

The rest of the afternoon went about normal. I watched a little television and got up and fixed my wife a drink when she returned from shopping in the early evening. After drinking it, she told me to meet her in the playroom.

When I entered, she pitched me the wrist and ankle cuffs which I quickly attached. I then moved over and lay back on the bondage frame where I was secured tightly. After removing my chastity device, she filled her hand with lube then began stroking my hard cock bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. Just before I went over the edge, her hand was removed leaving me thrusting into open air trying desperately to orgasm. I was left to regain my composure for a few minutes then the teasing started again. This continued over and over until the torment was finally done for the day. I could only wonder how much longer I had to wait for relief.

Later that evening I got supper together and we had a very nice evening meal. Afterwards I started cleaning the kitchen and she told me she was going to be on her computer for a while. By the time I finished cleaning the kitchen and getting some things together for tomorrow's meal it was a little after 8:00. I decided that I had put it off as long as possible. I retired to the spare bathroom with the enema bag.

Turning on the water, I let it get warm then added a little Prell shampoo to the bag and filled it with the warm water. I climbed over into the tub and lay down on my back then inserted the nozzle into my ass, opened up the valve, and let the quart of warm soapy water fill me up. When it was empty, I removed the nozzle, but had to really fight the urge to empty my bowels and held off for about five minutes. I then climbed onto the toilet and let go. After I was empty, I wiped off and refilled the bag again with warm soapy water. Back in the tub to go through the process again. The most interesting thing was that my cock was constantly straining at its prison trying to get hard. I really didn't expect to be turned on by giving myself an enema. I filled the bag several more times without soap until the only thing I was expelling from my ass was clear water. I quickly cleaned the bag and hid it in the back of the linen closet. I then took a shower to be sure I was squeaky clean and headed upstairs.

I walked through the door of the playroom at 8:59. Pretty good timing if I do say so myself. I walked over to the chest of drawers and took out my wrist and ankle cuffs and began attaching them. I noticed that my wife had laid out a saucer, latex gloves, and lube. I then moved over to the bondage horse and positioned myself over it. I heard my wife enter the room and she quickly secured my wrists then my ankles. The angle made my ass stick out lewdly or at least it felt like it did. I felt her fumbling with my chastity device and felt it slide off my cock which immediately sprang to life. I felt her grip it and give it a few strokes causing me to moan in pleasure. She then walked over and put on the latex gloves then picked up the saucer and lube and returned to my ass.

She then went to another corner and got a small, short table which she place beneath my downward pointing cock. The tip of which was about 2 inches above the table. The saucer was place on the table directly under my already dripping cock-head. I heard the cap on the lube snap open then heard the squirt of it being applied to her hand and finger. She then smeared the cool jelly on my asshole and started probing me with one finger. She started telling me that she had been reading up on how to do this and that the big thing was to use plenty of lube. I was told that when I was sufficiently relaxed she would probe deeply into my rectum and locate my prostate. She would then massage it with one or two fingers causing me to ejaculate without the pleasure of an orgasm.

According to most of her contacts she said that it would take anywhere from 20-30 minutes to drain me completely. With that she slid one finger up my ass. Working it in and out she added more lube then inserted a second finger. I was starting to relax and there was no pain. In fact, it was slightly pleasurable.

I felt her probing deeper and deeper with first one then two fingers. All of a sudden a jolt hit me. The best way to describe it is that I felt the urge to pee but it was a little different and only happened when I felt her fingers press down. Obviously she had found my prostate. She sounded like a giddy girl when she told me "you're coming" and giggled her head off.

I felt no orgasmic pleasure, but the experience wasn't unpleasant. A little humiliating perhaps, I mean here I was strapped to what amounted to a large sawhorse, my wife's fingers deep in my ass, and come dripping out of my cock onto a saucer so that I could lick it up later. Yeah, just a little humiliating. The digital manipulations went on for quite some time until my balls were pronounced empty by my Mistress. I was later told it took almost half an hour. My wife then picked up the saucer and brought it around to my head and placed it in front of me.

Looking down at it, I was revolted. It was literally covered in my semen. Huge, cream colored, globs swimming in a thinner, almost clear, fluid. One command from her lips, "Eat it". What could I do? For a brief second, I considered refusing but the memory of the beating my balls had taken a few days before was still very fresh on my mind. I had absolutely no desire to repeat that experience and felt sure that punishment for refusing this order would be worse. I resigned myself to my fate and started licking at the mess on the saucer. I actually had to suck the globs into my mouth as they kept swimming around the plate. After they were dispatched, I sucked up the more fluid component then licked the plate clean. All in all, it hadn't been too bad.

While I was consuming my seed, my wife removed the gloves and started cleaning my ass with a warm wet cloth. It felt very, very, good. She then grasped my still erect cock and squeezed just a little more come from it into the palm of her other hand, held it to my mouth, and told me I wasn't quite finished yet. I obediently licked her palm clean. She patted my head like a puppy and told me "good boy". How humiliating.

My lovely wife left the room for a few minutes then returned with a small plastic bucket. She moved over to me, moved the small table from beneath me, and plunged my cock and balls into ice-water. I shrieked with surprise but she only laughed. She replaced the table to support the bucket the left the room again.

I lay there strapped to the horse with my cock and balls literally freezing in a bucket of ice-water for 10 or so minutes then my wife returned and picked up my chastity device. She removed the table and bucket and quickly replace my cock in its prison. I was released and she took my hand and led me from our playroom downstairs to our bedroom.

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, telling me that the whole scene of milking me dry had really gotten her hot and she needed an orgasm. I wasted no time and literally dove between her legs licking and sucking her to orgasm in no time.

After I was done, she got up and headed to the bathroom motioning for me to follow. After she brushed her teeth she sat down on the toilet and I could here the urine splashing into the bowl. She stood up dropped the lid, flushed the toilet, then leaned over with her hands on the toilet lid and her ass high in the air. She spread her legs exposing her pussy which was damp and had several drops of her pee clinging to her cunt lips. I didn't need orders and immediately dropped to my knees and licked her sweet pussy clean. She then rose up and headed out of the bath telling me over her shoulder to be sure and brush my teeth.

To be continued.
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