A teacher is blackmailed by a student

Author's note: This story runs concurrent to my other story, "Teacher's Pet". It would make more sense if you read that story in its entirety first before reading this story.


The bell rang as Sarah was just finishing her explanation of the homework assignment. She raised her voice to be heard over the din of the students as they all began to gather their books and head to lunch.

"Don't forget, I want at least 500 words in your personal journals this weekend. Email me over the weekend before too late on Sunday and I promise I'll do my best to read and comment back to you before Monday..."

Sarah loved teaching English. Her favorite senior seminar, "Creative Writing" was off to a good start. It was a small class, only 14 students, mostly girls. This wasn't unexpected given the students had choice on their seminar, and everyone knew that this class required more writing then most, and you had to be willing to make stuff up. That part, Sarah knew was harder for many students because it took a certain amount of confidence to write stories and share ideas that were your own then it was to write an expository essay about Shakespeare.

The rest of her day was uneventful. A few sections of freshman English class. After school, Sarah took advantage of the school's new athletic facilities and worked up a good sweat. When Sarah got home, she discovered her apartment was devoid of food. At least nothing she wanted to eat. Her stomach growled in protest. At least she had showered and was presentable, she thought as she grabbed her keys and headed for the grocery store.

She worked her way through the store, but even as hungry as she felt, didn't find that much she felt like buying. She ended up picking up some ready-made foods and was just stocking up on some staples when someone almost ran into her with his shopping cart. It turned out to be another faculty member, Geoff. He was among the young faculty like herself, and she felt suddenly self-conscious when she realized who it was. She had always thought he was cute, but he taught in the math department, and somehow, she didn't see him much, and hadn't really gotten to know him.

She noticed he had a bottle of wine, and compared to her cart, a lot of food. She joked with him about the amount of food, and asked him if he had a hot date, pointing out the wine. She really did want to know. In fact, she was fishing for an invitation. Sarah tried to be as obvious as she thought was appropriate, but he was oddly flustered, and responded that he was stocking up since he didn't like to shop. To her fishing expedition, he wiggled out of any sort of specific response, "sure, well maybe we should organize a faculty party one of these days."

"Yes, sure, that would be nice," Sarah replied. She tried to sound enthusiastic, but she knew her disappointment was evident. "Well, I better get going. Don't want to keep you here all night since you don't like to shop anyway. Bye now. See you at school."

By the time Sarah returned home, she had fallen into a funk. She hadn't really realized until her meeting with Geoff at the store how lonely she was. There were only a few teachers her age, and being a teacher, it was easy to just bury herself into her work. As an English teacher, this was simple, just assign longer writing assignments. Everything the students wrote, she had to read.

She picked at a frozen dinner she had heated up in the microwave while channel surfing on the TV. Realizing that she was neither eating nor watching anything, she turned off the TV, wrapped up the dinner and stowed it in the fridge. Feeling a little blue, she figured she may as well just curl up in bed and do some reading.

As was her usual ritual, Sarah grabbed her laptop to check her email one last time. While sifting through the random junk emails looking for anything real, Sarah clicked on one message with a subject header, "Redefine yourself! 50% off Fall fashion sale!" She didn't even read it, but something about the subject got her thinking. She glanced at the clock on the screen, and quickly shut the laptop.

"Screw Geoff! I don't need him," she said to herself under her breath. Sarah stowed her laptop and headed for her bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes like bread crumbs. An hour later, Sarah had showered, shaved her legs, primped, and completely glammed up. She had put on make up and perfume, and was looking like she was preparing for a hot date as she stood in front of her closet in a skimpy matching black lacey thong and bra.

"Shit, what I am I going to wear? Hell, where am I going?" she asked herself outloud while internally scolding herself for her poor choice of words -- and she was an English teacher! For the past hour, all she knew was that she wasn't going to stay in, and that she was going out to find something. She pushed her work clothes to the side, and started digging into the clothing that she almost never wore. Things that were either out of fashion, or just not appropriate. After a few minutes of digging, she found a simple but altogether appropriate dress. It was what one might call "a little black dress". It was little, and it was black, and as soon as she saw it, she knew it was perfect.

One last look in the mirror, a quick touch up to her deep red lipstick, and she declared herself ready to hit the town. She dropped her lipstick into a small black purse along with a tiny vial of perfume, her house keys, ID, credit card and some cash. She paused momentarily as her mind took inventory. 
"God, who are you kidding Sarah, you won't need a condom!" she scoffed at herself, zipped the purse, and headed out the door. Her heels clicked seductively as she walked from her home just three blocks to a major boulevard where she knew she could catch a cab. She still didn't really know where she was headed, but she was exhilarated to be going out. She hailed a cab, and when he asked her where to, she simply replied, "Take me to the hottest club in town. I trust you know where to go?"

She saw him take a look at her in the rearview mirror, smile, and he nodded, "Yes, of course." In minutes the cab dropped her off downtown in the area of town that she knew had the clubs, but if you had asked her before which one was popular, she would not have had an answer. The air was alive with the sounds and smells youthful exuberance. The cabbie had pointed out one club in particular to her, "The Asylum". He said it was the hottest dance club in town. Judging from the line, he was right. She almost lost her nerve and got back into the cab when she noticed a handsome twenty-something giving her a once-over. Her adrenaline began to pump through her, "fuck it" she said to herself and again scolded herself internally "profanity is just a lack of vocabulary", and pushed out her chest, and sashayed toward the line. As she passed by the front of the line, she noted that the line was mostly men. They all looked at her appraisingly. The bouncer at the head of the line motioned to her, and she turned toward him. He unhooked the velvet rope, and waived her in.

"ID miss..." he asked.

"Of course," she answered, fishing it out of her purse and handing it to him. He glanced at it, and handed it back. As she was putting it back into her purse, she felt someone push up against her back.

"Are you sure you're in the right place?" the bouncer asked her giving her a questioning look. He clearly could tell she was out of her element. She hesitated, then an arm hooked her own, and the person that had bumped up behind her was leading her forward.

"Don't worry, Johnny, she's with me," a female voice said with confidence. Sarah wanted to object, but the voice was commanding, and Johnny was already stepping aside and smiling.

Sarah was led into the club by her new companion. The music was loud outside, but it was deafening inside. The bass beat was physical as it vibrated Sarah's entire body. She couldn't see her companion as she was a half step in front of her. She could only see that she was about her height, and had long black hair. She led Sarah right to the middle of the dance floor. Somehow, the sea of writhing, dancing people seemed to move around them allowing them to join the throng with a minimum of jostling. Then, her companion turned to face her, and she began to dance.

Sarah stared at her companion, unsure what to do, but the heavy base beat and the writhing throng around her willed her to begin to move. She began to dance while she tried to figure out what had just happened. Her companion was young. Probably a college girl. She was wearing a black strapless corset and a dark red mini skirt. Neither did a good job of covering her body. Her companion stared at Sarah, her eyes locked onto hers. Sarah looked back, and was struck by the intensity in her companion's eyes. Sarah couldn't look away. The music was so loud that she couldn't think, and that's when she realized, she didn't really care. She was out. She was dancing.

She smiled, and let the music take her all the while, looking into the eyes of her new companion. She didn't know when, but at some point, they lost their protective shell, and the throng pushed into them, pressing them closer together. Sarah's companion didn't seem to care as she stepped closer to Sarah, and reached her arms out and placed her hands on Sarah's hips. Sarah felt herself being pulled toward her companion while the throng pressed her closer from behind. She couldn't fight it, and she really didn't care.

"Just dance Sarah, go with it. If it feels good, who cares?" she thought to herself. She wasn't really into girls, although she had fond memories of her college days when she had experimented. It wasn't like she didn't find some girls attractive, but society and inertia had always set her mind to finding the company of a man.

The music never seemed to stop. Sarah had lost all sense of time. She was still dancing with her companion, but the two had yet to exchange a word, not that they would have been able to hear each other. Her companion had continued to press closer and closer to her, pulling them together until they were pressed against each other. Sarah felt the girl's leg between her legs. As they moved, she felt herself rubbing herself against her thigh. For an instant, when she realized what she was doing, she almost stopped. At that same instant, she felt her companion pressing herself against Sarah's thigh in unison.

Her eyes snapped back to her companion's eyes, and she could see a knowing look. Her companion smiled a lascivious smile, and pressed up harder against Sarah. It took a moment, but soon she found that they were moving as one, and she decided she liked it. Their faces were close, close enough that they could kiss. She could feel herself getting more and more aroused as she rubbed herself against her companion's leg. Her companion seemed to sensed this, and suddenly stepped back, grabbing Sarah by the hand. She mouthed a word to Sarah, "Come".

She led Sarah through the throng toward the back of the club. Soon, they were behind the main dance area, and on the other side of the DJ stand. It was mildly quieter as the speakers were all pointed the other way, and it was mildly less crowded as other couples and small groups had sought out the relative quiet. Sarah's companion pulled her to a nook along the back wall, and then maneuvered her so that Sarah was back against the wall. Her companion pushed up against her. It was darker here away from the dance floor lights.

Her companion leaned in toward Sarah, and for an second, Sarah thought she was going to kiss her, but instead, she brushed her lips against her cheek, and nestled in to her ear. Sarah quickly understood, this was the only way to really talk in the club.

"I like you," her companion said to her. "You're new, I can tell. Do you trust me?"

Sarah thought for a moment. Did she trust her? Her teacher brain was screaming at her, "NO!" but she silenced the screaming. "If it feels good, who cares?" she said to herself again.

"Yes, I trust you," Sarah responded into her companion's ear.

"Good. I knew you would. Do what I tell you, and we'll have a good time. What's your name, pet?" She cooed into her ear.

"Sarah, my name's Sarah. What's y—" Her companion cut her off.

"Sarah. That's nice. Now, I think its time we had a little fun," she said seductively.

Sarah was a little disconcerted that her companion didn't tell her her name, but that quickly faded and was replaced by a new sensation. Her companion had slipped her hand between her legs under the hem of her dress, and was stroking up and down over her lacey thong. Sarah was frozen, both because she was surprised and because she it felt good.

"If it feels good, who cares?" echoed through her mind. She closed her eyes and just let the sensations overwhelm her. Her companion began to lick and nibble on her ear, her breath heavy. Sarah pushed her hips back against her companion's hand in silent approval of the caresses. Her companion, sensing her approval, pushed her beneath the thin lacey fabric of her thong, and pushed two fingers in between Sarah's pussy lips. Wet with excitement the fingers glided easily into her pussy. She began to work her fingers in and out of her while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Sarah's moans grew louder, but in the club, it didn't matter and she knew it. She let herself fall into the sensations. Her companion pushed her whole body against Sarah. She felt trapped by her companion, but she had no compulsion to escape.

"Mmmm pet, you like this, don't you?" her companion spoke into her ear. "This is only the beginning. I have so much more for you."

"Oooh, yes. Please don't stop," Sarah managed. Her conscious and rationale mind was no longer in the moment, and all she could feel was the heat of her companion's body against hers and her fingers fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit. She pushed her hips against her companion's hand, building a rhythm with her finger fucking. Her breathing was ragged, and she knew she was near climax.

"Pet, do you know the rules?" her companion asked, pulling her face back so she could look Sarah in the eyes. Sarah's eyes focused, and looked back at her companion with confusion.

"Rules? I don't understand," she answered.

"Yes my pet, the rules. No cumming without my permission. You must ask for permission. Do you understand?" her companion informed her, all the while increasing the pace of her thrusting.

"OOooohh. Yesssss......I understand. Oh God....I'm ready...please may I cum?" Sarah asked.

Her companion smiled. "So soon my pet? I think you can wait just a little longer," she replied with a wicked grin and slid her other hand between their bodies and cupped her breast. Sarah gasped as she fought against her desire to cum and tried to play by the rules. Her companion watched her for another minute. Sarah was looking into her companion's eyes, trying to focus her thoughts to prevent herself from cumming. The sensations between her legs kept pushing her toward an inevitable ending, and she wasn't sure she was going to be able to play by the rules. She pleaded with her eyes.

"Oh, please," she hissed, "may I cum, oh god I need it."

"OK pet, you've earned it. Cum for me!" she ordered. With this, Sarah closed her eyes and relaxed letting her climax consume her. She cried out, but didn't hear herself as the music continued to fill the air. If her companion hadn't been pressing her up against the wall, she probably would have fallen to the floor. Her orgasm rippled through her entire body, leaving her fingers tingling. As she was coming down from her orgasm, Sarah opened her eyes again. Her companion was grinning like she had just won a prize.

"Mmmm that was delicious, wasn't it?" her companion said raising her cum slick fingers to her mouth and licking them. "Now, give me your panties."

"What? My panties?" Sarah asked despite the fact that she was already reaching for them to push them off of her hips.

"Yes my pet. I require them, and you won't need them anymore tonight," she said simply. Still somewhat in a haze from her powerful orgasm, and hoping that this meant more was coming, slipped her thong from her hips, and they fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them with one foot, and used the other to lift them to her hand and then held them up for her companion.

Her companion smiled at the offer, and took the thong. It disappeared into the folds of her companion's clothes.

"Very good. You are such a quick learner. You must have been a good student in school," her companion commented. Sarah felt herself blushing, thinking about the irony of the statement. "Now, like all good teachers, I wouldn't want you overwhelmed with your first night's lessons, so that's all for now. But don't worry, there will be more. Its time you went home now."

"But, I don't even know your name? How will—"

"Sshhh...don't you worry about that. All in good time. You said you trusted me, right? Now, remember, I said no cumming without asking for permission. That's your homework -- don't cum," her companion said, smiling.

"Yes, but—"

Her companion stopped her, holding up a finger.

"Off you go, trust me."

Sarah was now totally confused, but was feeling scolded like a school girl. She had no retort, and somehow sensed that doing so would not be prudent. Her companion backed away, and allowed her to move away from the wall. With her eyes, she directed Sarah out of the club, looking from her to the exit on the far side of the club. Sarah felt both compelled to do as she was being told and rejected at the same time.

She turned toward the exit, took a few steps, then stopped and turned back to her companion. She was gone. Feeling totally lost at this point, Sarah continued toward the exit. She moved through the crowd, but this time, she was bumped and jostled as the dancers writhed to the music not noticing her. When she got outside, the cool night air startled her out of her daze. She immediately realized she wasn't wearing panties and while she had only been wearing a thong before, somehow now felt totally exposed. She quickly got the attention of a cabbie that had just dropped off a load of new club goers.

Upon returning home, Sarah was both excited and dejected. On one hand, she clearly had just had one of the most erotic encounters of her life. Not only had she been finger fucked by a complete stranger, the stranger was a beautiful young woman. A beautiful woman who now had her thong as a trophy. This thought brought on the dejected feeling. Was she just a trophy? Was she just a notch on some perverted girls bed post? Was she really so desperate that she could be manipulated so easily? But she has said there was more. Despite the fact that she didn't know her name, Sarah tried to convince herself that she would see this woman again. She could return to the club and find her?

She realized that she was just rationalizing, and decided she had better just go to bed and forget about it for now. At least she had proven that she could go out and find excitement.


The rest of her weekend was quiet. She thought about going back to the club Saturday night, but talked herself out of it. Going back and not finding her mystery companion would only make things worse. Better to think of this as a notch on her bedpost. She was the one who had the mind-blowing orgasm after all.

She checked her laptop throughout the weekend, and responded to each student that had complete their journal entry and emailed her. She finished her last response late Sunday night, and put away her laptop. She was already changed and ready for sleep, so she crawled into bed, turned off the lights, and tried to go to sleep. A car drove by on the road outside, stereo blaring. All she could really hear was the base beat. She wondered how anyone could have their volume so high in a car that she could hear it. The base beat pulsed and faded as the car got further away. The sounds brought images of Friday night to her mind. She tried to remember what her companion looked like. While she had spent an hour dancing with her under the lights, and then their encounter in the back of the club, Sarah had a hard time picturing her face. She could remember her tight corset, and her knee high black spiked boots. She had long dark hair, and she knew she was pretty, but her face was now a blur in her memory. She could remember dark eye shadow and dark eyes. But her scent was in her mind. And the feeling of being pressed up against her in the dark, her pussy being fucked by her fingers. The warmth of her breath on her ear.
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