How my husband became my slave

I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes and my bladder screaming for relief. I groaned as I rolled to the side of the bed. My body felt like I had been in a train wreck. My nipples were so sore I couldn't even touch them, my pussy was leaking sticky cum on to my ass, and my asshole felt like I had shit a brick. As I stood up and started for the bathroom I realized I was not in my own bedroom. I looked back at the bed and saw a man that I realized I had just met last night. My memory started to come back but I had to pee so bad that I had to run to the bathroom. As I peed I looked down and saw my tits covered with dried cum and then my bowels let loose. My anus was so stretched I couldn't hold it in. Then I got up I saw my self in the bathroom mirror. My God, my make up, or what was left of it, was smeared all over my face. I had dried cum on my face and hair as well as my tits. My tender nipples looked like cherries on top of my whites breasts. I got into the shower and the water felt so good. I washed my body and my hair twice and then I began to remember last night.

My husband, Bob and I had gone to our city's finest hotel for the weekend to celebrate our fifth anniversary. Five years ago I married Bob, a year after I graduated from college. I am now 28 and he is 31. I stand 5'3" and he is 5'10 so he is still a bit taller than I am even when I wear my CFM heels. He is an accountant and I am the personal secretary to the president of a medium size manufacturing company. We had put off having children until we were better situated financially and this was a double celebration because he just got the promotion that would make that baby possible. We arrived Friday after work, went to our room, dressed for a night of dinner and dancing and went down to their premier dining room. Bob ordered champagne to start and than a fine red wine with dinner and by the time the music started we were both feeling pretty good. We got up and danced a few slow tunes and the a couples of fast ones. I was feeling no pain and I guess I got carried away. I started gyrating and bouncing, thrusting my hips, and attracted a lot of attention. When a slow tune started I molded myself against Bob, put both arms around his neck and practically dry humped him on the dance floor.

Suddenly, my reverie was interrupted, when I heard a male voice say,

"I'm cutting in,"

Bob replied " I don't think so"

When I looked up I saw this gorgeous man looking down on both of us. He must have been 6'4". He was a real hunk. With that he hooked his finger in Bob's shirt collar, pulled him close, almost lifting him off his feet, and said again,

"I'm cutting in. That wasn't a request. I just told you what I was going to do".

Physically my 150 pound husband was clearly outmatched and I was afraid that he would get hurt so I said,

"It's only for one dance honey. Let it go and after it is over we will go back to our room."

Bob was steaming, but prudence, being the better part of valor, he retreated to our table and this and I moved into the arms of this intruder and I said,

"You know you were quite rude to my husband." he replied

"I don't give a fuck about your husband and after tonight neither will you."

"Now you are being rude to me."

With that he pulled me tight against his body and his cock was at full staff. It felt like a tree trunk against my belly. He took my right hand and moved down to his cock and said, "Feel it" and I did. I never saw or felt a cock so big. His other hand, the one on my back, slid up to my head, grabbed my hair, tilted my head back and he kissed me. Right there on the dance floor. I swear I almost swooned. I was rubbing his cock with one hand and sucking on the tongue in my mouth and my pussy was leaking down my thigh. His lips released me, he took my hand off his cock and led me back to our table. He seated me across from Bob and he sat down between us. He leaned forward, put his hand behind Bob's head and pulled his face to the table. His other hand went up my skirt and fingered my wet pussy. He said to Bob,

"This bitch is hot for me. Her cunt is soaking wet and I am going to fuck her tonight. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I take her up to your room and you either come along to watch or I take you out in the ally and beat the shit out of you and then take her up to your room."

"Please, I don't want to do this but Bob I don't want you hurt."

I didn't know whether I was worried about Bob or if I just wanted to try that monster cock. Bob, looking very unhappy, said he would stay to make sure I would not be harmed.

So we walked from the restaurant, one of his hands in the small of my back and the other on the back of Bob's neck.

As we rode to the twelfth floor his hand slid down to cup my ass. He released Bob and tilted my head back and kissed me again. This time I lost it. I kissed him back hungrily and moved against him. I wanted to feel that cock against me again. My husband was angry but I just ignored him. We walked into our room and he motioned Bob to the chair by the desk,

"Sit there wimp. You can watch, but one peep out of you and I'll mess up your face."

"What is your name darling?"

"L L L Laura," I stammered

"Nice but I'll probably call you slut"

"My name is Brian but you will soon me calling me Master."

"Why would I be doing that?"

"Wait a few hours and you will know."

With that he grasped the shoulders of my little black cocktail dress, slid the dress off to the sides and ripped the whole thing off of me. I just stood there with a look of astonishment on my face. Bob rose off the chair and Blake backhanded him and he sat back down. He never stood a chance. Brian hooked a finger in my bra and pulled me to him. He slapped my face, non too gently either.

"Now I don't want to hurt you. That was just a love tap. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You are going to kneel, open my zipper and take out my cock or I am going to put you over my knee and spank your ass until it bleeds and then you are going to take my cock out. Which way will it be?"

That was no choice. I didn't want a bloody ass so I sank to my knees, pulled down his zipper and took out his cock. It was bigger soft than Bob's was hard.

"Kiss it"

"Lick it", it grew in my hand and it was huge. I held it with two hands and the head was still not covered. My fingers could not go all the way around. I had come this far with him more out of curiosity but now I wanted that tool inside of me. My tongue licked it like it was a Christmas candy cane and when I tried to get my lips around it I could hardly encircle it's circumference. I swear it looked like a salami. He reached down between my legs, Placed his hands on my ass and lifted me, in a sitting position and brought my puusy to his lips. I weigh 125 lbs and you would have thought I was a feather. His tongue fucked me as I grabbed onto his head. He drove me crazy.

"Oh god, yes, yes ohhhhhhhhhhhhhn yes, right there, I'm cummimg, aghhhhhhh",

He lowered me down so that his cock entered my flooded pussy and my arms rapped around his neck. I never felt so full in all my life. I couldn't believe I could take that giant club inside of me and I came again and again.

"I love it." I screamed.

"Don't ever put me down."

I was shouting, gasping, shuddering, crying tears of joy. I was never on a high like this one. I heard a groan from the corner and turned to see Bob with his cock in his hand. The son of a bitch had jerked off while I was raped. I turned my face back to Brian and kissed him a hard and deep as I could. I said

" I want to stay on your cock forever."

" You may get the chance. Now tell hubby how good it was."

"Ohhhh Bob, why can't you fuck me like that? I have so much cum leaking from me."

Brian sat me on the edge of the bed and said,

"I see you jerked off wimp. You must have liked seeing your wife get fucked."

"No I didn't like it and I want to take her home now."

" I don't think so. I like this slut and I am going to keep her here until tomorrow."

"It's OK honey. I'll stay and call you in the morning." I couldn't get enough of that cock.

"Laura, how can you stay here."

" I want to Bob and I will make it up you. Besides I don't want him to hurt you."

"You will regret this Laura." With that and an angry look turned away and left.

Brian used me that night in every way possible. He fucked every hole. Fucked my tits and came on my face, fucked my face and came on my tits and it seemed like gallons in my pussy and ass. I couldn't get enough. Finally he ran out of cum or steam or what ever and rolled off me and we both fell asleep. Which takes us to this morning.

Just as I was rinsing off, the shower door opened and he came in with me. He was so good looking and his cock was semi hard. I wanted to touch it. His hands went to my shoulders and pushed me to my knees, took his cock in his hand and pissed on me. HE PISSED ME. I opened my mouth to protest and he pissed in my mouth. It was then that I knew he was marking me like an animal would and I let him. I LET HIM. It was then that I knew he could do any thing he wanted with me and I would let him. A feeling of submission came over me and I knew I had met my Master. He lifted me and took a wash cloth, soaped it, and washed my face and nesck. When he got to my breasts my nipples welcome his soapy caresses and when he got to my clit and pussy I climaxed. He continued down to my ankles , turned me and soaped his way up. When he got to my butt my legs opened and he got me off again. I was insatiable. He handed me the wash cloth and said,

"Your turn,".

I stated on his back and shoulders. His muscles seemed to ripple under my touch and as I washed my way down, before I soaped his firm ass, I kissed it. Both cheeks. I washed his butt crack and when he opened his legs I washed his balls. Down to his ankles and he turned and then up again until I reached his cock. I looked up,


"Please what."

"Please let me suck it". It felt so good that I could make him grow in my mouth.

"Go ahead and don't stop until I cum and you swallow."

And I did. I sucked his cock and his balls. I licked and made love to them. I gave no thought to my husband and my marriage. I was on my knees to this handsome giant and then he came. I couldn't swallow fast enough. I gulped and gulped and some still leaked out but to me it felt like I was taking my sustenance from my god. I was where I belonged. We rinsed and he said it's time for to go home.

" How can I go home. You ripped my dress and panties off me and my bra is covered in your cum. All I have is my stockings and shoes."

"Call your husband to come with clothes to come and get you,"

When I called, Bob was not too happy with me and told me that I had made my bed and could sleep in it. Brian got on the phone,

"Listen, you wimpy asshole, you come and get her or I will drag her buck naked through the lobby, up your driveway and then come in your house to teach you a lesson on how to respect your wife."

Bob brought me some jeans, a T shirt and shoes. When I asked why no panties or bra he said'

" He called you a slut. You might as well dress as one." I knew things were not going to be good at home. Just before we left Brian came in to kiss me goodbye and gave me his phone number.

"Call me next week, he commanded.

Bob looked at me , I just nodded and we left. We drove home in silence each of us wrapped in our own thoughts. When we walked into the house he said to me,

"How could you do that with him."

"I don't know myself. And what about you. I saw you masturbating."

"I was so conflicted. There I was watching my wife get fucked and I got excited and yet I was so humiliated.."

"Maybe you get off on humiliation. He called you a wimp and made you sit there and watch. Oh, oh. What do I see happening in your pants. Bobby, you are getting hard. You actually got off watching me get fucked. Come here baby, let me touch you. You are so hard and so small compared to him. Do it Bobby, cum in my hand. Yessssssss. Now lick my hand clean. You are a good cum licker." Well, that gave me something to think about.

"He told you to call him. Are you going to do it?"

"I don't know." but I did know. There was no way I could stay away from him.

Monday came and I couldn't wait. I called him from work.

"Hello Brian.'

"Who is this."

"It's me Laura"


"Laura, from Friday night." Damn he didn't even remember me.

"What did I tell you to would call me?

" You said I would call you Master?

"Then why did you call me Brian?" and everything fell into place. I realized that I had become his sex slave, his fuck toy. It was my destiny and it felt right.

"I am sorry, Master."

"You will be more sorry when we next meet. Why did you call"

"Because you told too."

"So now you are an obedient slut. What do you want?"

"I want more of your cock. I can't get it off my mind. I want you to fuck me again."

"Ok , I'll be at your house tonight at 7 o'clock tonight. Make dinner." with that I left work early, shopped, and rushed home. When Bob came home and I told him Brian was coming for dinner he wasn't too happy but he had no choice.

Brian walked in liked he owned the place.

"Get me a scotch on the rocks." he commanded of Bob, " Laura come out of the kitchen and stand in front of me. Did I tell you that you would be sorry for not calling me Master."

"Yes Master you did." Bob looked at me, his wondering what was going on.

"Come over here and lay across my lap." I was still dressed from work in a blouse and skirt but I did as commanded. He lifted my skirt up to my waist and tore off my panties. That was the second pair he had destroyed. As Bob started to object he said,

"Sit down wimp or you will be next." and started to spank me. I was so humiliated and as the pain radiated form my ass my pussy got so wet. I wanted to cum. I looked at Bob and his face was so red and I saw him with his dick in his hand. Brian saw me looking at Bob and said,

"Look at your husband. He is getting off on you being spanked. What kind of wimp is he?" With that he stuck two fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my ass and I came...hard. Bob spurted and shot his load all over the rug.

"I think he likes watching me make you cum. Take off your clothes and come over here pussy boy." With that Brian stood me up between his knees, with my back to him. My ass was red and burning up and my pussy was leaking down my leg.

" I think he likes the idea of me fucking you." He then pulled my hips towards his cock and commanded Bob,

"Guide my cock into her cunt." This was his ultimate humiliation and he did it. With his cock standing stiff my husband gave me away to my lover and Master. I lost all the love and respect I had for Bob but now I adored Brian and the cock that was so deep inside of me. I came again and again. Brian shot his load into me and I came again. This man could keep me on a perpetual high. Brian pushed me off his lap and said,

"Get naked slut" and I quickly stripped. He grabbed Bob's 6 inch erction and pulled him close.

"That slut belongs to me now. You no longer have any rights to her body. She may be your wife and you will continue to support her but I am the only one who can fuck her. You will care for her and serve her and makes sure she will want for nothing. She is my property and I want the best for her and you will obey all her orders. Do you understand?"

With that he squeezed Bob's cock and balls and Bob meekly squeaked,


"How does your wife address me?"

"She calls you Master"

"You will do the same."

"Yes Master"

"Slut. Come here. Open your legs. Bob, from now on, when you are in private or with me, you will call her Mistress and obey all her orders. Slut, command him to lick us clean." I sat and opened my legs and ordered my husband to clean my Master's cock with his tongue and then lick my cunt clean. I watched in amazement as he obeyed me.

In the course of four days, Brian my Master, had claimed my body as his own and renamed me "slut", stripped my husband of his marital rights and his pride, made the two of us his slaves and changed our lives forever. I had a husband who now cooked and cleaned, not only the house but me as well. I have a Master who I want to please in every way I can and who keeps me continually orgasmic.'

Life is so good.
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