More humiliation in the classroom

Constance Marchbank sat behind the large modern desk of the medical office. The room was decorated in a traditional style, rather like an old fashioned doctor's surgery. The Adam fireplace was the centrepiece of the room, giving it an easy and comfortable air.

Mahogany bookcases surrounded the walls of the well-lit room, with a heavy pastel-shaded carpet covering the floor. A large ceramic sink with old-fashioned taps and a small autoclave were the only plumbed-in items within the room. A narrow examination couch was positioned close to one wall. The rail above the neat linen-covered couch would have held curtains had modesty been part of the schools raison d'être.

A small table held a tray of medical instruments, which had been covered with a white linen cloth. A white clinician's coat hung from a peg behind the door. Apart from these items, the room was comfortably furnished with three large easy chairs and a chesterfield settee. The only other item of furniture was a hard-backed wooden chair, which was placed at the far side of the desk.

As Constance Marchbank looked around, her eyes rested on Jessica who was comfortably seated in one of the easy chairs and was talking quite earnestly to the young school doctor. The young doctor equally matched Jessica in beauty. Although seven years apart in age, both girls conversed easily as they sat facing each other.

Margaret Sykes had been a pupil at Rochville right up until leaving for medical school. Now as a fully qualified doctor, she had returned to the school and eagerly taken up her duties running the medical facility. Unlike her peers, she had already known what direction her career would take. When she had arrived back at the school after almost seven years away, she had celebrated by giving each boy such a thorough and rigorous medical exam that the boys had been blushing for weeks afterwards.

Margaret was dressed in a navy silk blouse and cotton skirt. The soft contours of her body moved gracefully as she leaned forward and handed Jessica a photograph from the sheaf of papers that she held on her lap.

"I don't think the photograph does him justice, he is really the most perfect specimen I have ever seen... I rather think you will enjoy seeing him in the flesh so to speak."

Jessica took the photograph of the naked boy and held it up. "My... you are right Margaret, he really is something very special... such a lovely erect penis and I see that he has blushing face to go with it. You know I think you embarrass the boys more than I ever could, although I must say I do pretty well at it."

Constance joined in the laughter as she leaned forward in her chair and looked at her watch. "Well Jessica you will have your chance in around a quarter of an hour, so perhaps there's just time for a cup of tea before Margaret entertains you with our new inductee."


Peter had endured embarrassment upon embarrassment as the girls had made him lay backwards on the leather bench, holding his legs high in the air as they cleaned him. Over a dozen large medical wipes had been used, the antiseptic feeling cool against his genitals as they wiped him. Peter had shivered in absolute shame while they nonchalantly handled his penis and testicles, stretching his foreskin to wipe behind the head. He felt utterly naked as the cold antiseptic wipes were casually wiped around his genitals, his freshly shaven pubic area felt extremely sensitive as both, Nicola and Jocelyn, deliberately stimulated his flesh while they cleaned him.

Later, they had dressed him in regulation tee shirt and cotton short trousers. He had felt utterly stupid when he was made to stand with his hands on his head while, each girl in turn, plunged her hands down his trousers. The girls had used both hands, one down the front of his trousers and the other smoothing down over his bare buttocks.

It had not taken long for their inquisitive fingers to make his penis erect again. Each girl had delighted in slipping her fingers over his penis before cupping her hand around his testicles. They had sensuously delved between the cheeks of his bottom and impudently probed against his sphincter while toying with his genitals.

The sandals, that finalised the fitting of his school-wear, consisted of a soft leather sole with slender thongs which were criss-crossed around his ankles and tied at the front. Even the fitting of these had given the girls an opportunity to further embarrass the young boy.

He had been made to sit on the end of the bench, his erection pushing against the front of his loose trousers while they tied the thongs of his sandals. Nicola had smoothed her fingers upwards over his knee and along the inside of his thigh. She had sounded entirely unconcerned with his humiliation as her fingers slipped inside the loose leg of the material and delicately grasped his penis.

"Well Peter, their certainly seems to be plenty of room for the girls to be able to inspect you easily."

As he was made to stand with his hands upon his head, the girls had smirked openly at the huge tent-like appearance of the front of his trousers. They left him standing for about twenty minutes while Susan and Pamela tidied up the room. Nicola and Jocelyn lounged against the broad counter, making sure that their conversation was out of earshot as they observed him casually. Jocelyn glanced at the boy every so often until she was sure that his erection had subsided and that the front of his short cotton trousers appeared flat against his pubis.

Finally they had brushed his hair and wiped the tears from his cheeks, before Jocelyn and Nicola escorted him from the room and towards the medical administration office.


Miss Marchbank observed the boy closely as he sat in front of her desk. She could see his nervousness as he sat with his hand together on his lap and looked across at her. She smiled kindly at him, opening the interview with kindly words.

"Well Peter, I am pleased to welcome you to Rochville. I am sure that you will like it here and enjoy the many facilities, which we have. Now before I start, I just want to put your mind at rest about the punishment you witnessed this morning.

Caning at this school is most unusual and is reserved for only the most serious infractions of the rules. It will be quite unlikely that you will ever experience the cane at Rochville unless you are wilfully disobedient like the young boys that you witnessed this morning. Therefore I would like you to dismiss it from your mind."

Constance continued before the boy began to dwell too much on the subject of punishment. She wanted to see and hear the boy in more normal conversation.

"Now I am going to ask you some general question and see how you answer. I want you to be relaxed because I am genuinely interested in your answers." She sat back, noting that her conversational tone had relaxed the boy somewhat, although she knew that he was still extremely nervous. She had seen him blush when he had first entered the room and had seen the young doctor and Jessica. However she sensed that she now had his full attention as she continued.

"Tell me... what do you think an education is for?"

She looked at him and smiled as he seemed slightly nonplussed at the question. He hesitated and then answered, his voice stammering at first.

"Er... to be able to... er to have the knowledge to erm pursue a career... er Miss."

Constance smiled at him, making sure that she answered him in the affirmative. "Yes Peter that is correct. But these days there are very few jobs that just require knowledge of a subject... what about social skills. Do you understand what social skills are?"

"Er Yes er Miss... Ma'am. To be able to, erm... communicate... well, I mean effectively with others."

Constance was delighted with the answer and let the boy know of her pleasure with a warm smile.

"Well done... yes that is very much a part of social; skills. Now of course, at the moment you are a very young man... and as yet you have probably only given a cursory thought to marriage. But let me ask you, what do you think the ideal qualities of a husband would be?"

Constance liked the way that the boy considered the question. She leaned forward again, her body language encouraging him to answer.

"I think... to provide well... erm, I mean adequately for a wife, so that she would have a good standard of living."

Constance was enjoying his answers and prompted him further. "Yes that is very good. But let us say... hypothetically... that your wife was already sufficiently wealthy, so that the monetary aspect of the marriage did not need to be taken into account. What other qualities do you think a husband should have?"

This time Peter considered carefully before he answered. "I think he would be erm, pleasant... and erm, attentive and kind and erm... compatible."

Very good Peter, yes your answer is very good. Now let us think about the social aspects of a marriage. What skills would a husband need if he were to be, as you so expertly put it, compatible?"

Constance could see that the boy had lost his embarrassment and was genuinely thinking about his answers and the subject that she had led him to.

"Well, to share her interests and erm...." Constance interrupted him with a broad smile and a congratulatory tone.

"Exactly Peter. I am very pleased with your answers. I think you will do well here." Constance could see that she had put him at his ease as she started her well-prepared dialogue.

"Now, Rochville is an academy as well as a finishing school and I and my staff want to prepare our pupils for life... not just work. Now Peter let us say that you do decide to marry when you are three years older, perhaps at twenty-one.

You will need skills that encompass more than just being able to earn a good living. Your future wife may like horse riding or skiing. You would certainly want to be able to join her in some of her leisure pursuits. She may like travel, perhaps in Europe... now it would be rather embarrassing if you were unable to speak the more social and sophisticated languages of Europe like French and Italian."

She watched him as he listened intently. He was obviously as intelligent as his school records had shown and she noticed that he paid firm attention to her questions and considered carefully before answering.

"Speaking of languages, it would also be far more socially acceptable for you to be able to read from a French or Italian menu at a restaurant. Tell me Peter, do you think that if say, you were to take a girl out to a very smart restaurant, that you would feel comfortable or at ease in such a place?"

Peter did not have to consider the question for more than a moment.

"Erm, No Ma'am, I have never been to one although I have seen them on travel programmes on the television... and at the movies. I don't think I would know what to do."

Constance smiled and sat back. She had heard enough from the boy to re-enforce her first impressions of him. He would be an ideal student, quality material to be moulded, as Rochville had moulded every other male student, into a personable young man. She was aware that his looks were exceptional and was delighted that his quiet and thoughtful personality matched his physical appearance.

"Well Peter here at Rochville, you will not only be taught your normal academic subjects, you will also learn all the social graces and skills that befit a student of this Academy. You will learn at least three other languages as well as many skills that most young men seem to ignore. One important one is the art of conversation. There are many other attributes that are important to a young man. You will be taught, how to ride a horse, how to drive a car if you have not driven yet, how to behave in restaurants and social functions, how to dress for every occasion...."

Constance saw his eyes widen as she spoke. "You look surprised Peter. Rochville has its own very well-equipped and well-stocked stables.

We have over sixty miles of private roads. We have a tutor for every social skill one can imagine... and you will benefit from all of these. Now I am gong to give you your timetable, Rota and rules. You will learn them over the next week. As the facilities are extensive and you are sure to have difficulty in finding the various departments and classrooms, you will be given a house parent. Your house parent will be one of the senior girls who will help you to acclimatize yourself to the school. She will help you with any problems you may have and answer any of your queries."

For the first time Constance allowed her gaze to glance over the boy's form as he sat up straight in his chair.

"Now Peter, I am going to broach another subject that all new boys find very embarrassing. Rochville is primarily a school for young ladies, although young boys are still an important part of it, there can be some difficulties in mixing the two sexes." She watched his face blush as she continued.

"In your rule book... you will find that your sexual behaviour is covered extensively. You must follow the rules that are laid down... failure to do so will lead to your punishment." She watched his blush deepen.

"Boys at Rochville are not allowed to masturbate. In fact boys are not allowed to touch their penises, in any way whatsoever. The staff, senior pupils and prefects will deal with the physical aspect of your needs.

If you have an erection, you are to immediately report it to a prefect or member of staff. I don't want young boys swaggering around the school with their penises erect. It would be most insulting for our girls. So to ensure that this does not happen you will be given an assessment over the nest week to ascertain how many times you will be required to have your semen extracted.

If you need to go to the toilet, then likewise, you will report it to one of the staff or any of the senior girls. Prefects may examine you at anytime to determine whether your penis is erect or that your testicles are swollen."

She stood up from her desk and looked at Peter who was now blushing to a bright crimson and looking most embarrassed.

"Please stand up Peter." Guiltily and with a feeling of dread he nervously got to his feet. He did not see Jessica and the young doctor move forward to stand behind him. The doctor quickly removed the hard-backed chair he had been sitting on, as he stood to his feet.

"Now I am going to show you how to stand for an inspection. You will stand up straight... come along now. Place your feet about one metre apart... quickly now, you must obey every command immediately."

Shamefaced and shivering with trepidation Peter complied with the headmistress.

"Right... now you must place your hands... with the palms flat upon your head. You will not look down, but straight ahead, please."

She glanced at Jessica and then turned her attention back to the young boy.

"The instruction you will be given is... 'Adopt the position'. That is the only instruction that a senior girl, prefect or member of staff need say to you. You must obey immediately and without complaint. If you do not, I can guarantee that you will be having your bottom soundly spanked."

Constance watched the blushing young boy, ensuring that he was standing exactly in the way that she had instructed. She took her time in examining him from head to foot before turning towards Jessica.

"Now Jessica, would you be so kind as to inspect Peter for me."

Jessica looked serious as she approached the boy from behind. She moved around him until she could look into his face. Her voice was soft and gentle, exactly the tone she required to increase the young boy's nervousness.

"Now Peter I am going to place my hands inside your trousers and inspect your penis. You will stand exactly as you are now. You will not move or protest in any way. If you do, I will take your trousers down and I will take you over my knee and spank your bottom until it is bright red."

She raised her hand and gently stroked her fingers over his blushing cheek. She could feel the heat of his embarrassment as she gently stroked his face.

"Now be a good boy and stand still. Any move you make will be taken as disobedience."

Jessica waited, delighting in his nervous apprehension at her next move. She let her fingers trail down his cheek and onto his heaving chest. Sensuously she let her fingers smooth over his tee shirt until the palm of her hand was flat against his stomach, just above the loose waistband of his trousers.

Keeping her hand in place, she moved slightly to his side and placed her other hand upon the nape of his neck. Her fingers quickly smoothing over the over the sensitive flesh and teasing the hair at the back of his head. She waited again, sensuously moving her fingers against his neck as she whispered to him.

"Now remember what I have said sweetie, just keep still while I slip my hands into your trouser. Keep your legs wide and your bottom relaxed now, I may want to feel around your testicles and in-between the crease of your little bottom."

Constance found it difficult to keep a straight face at Jessica's obvious subterfuge to arouse the boy while instructing him. She glanced down at his groin, and saw the tell tale signs of his arousal as his penis began to move beneath the thin cotton trousers. Constance knew that the smooth silk of the loose underwear would further stimulate the boy as his penis moved against it.

She could see that his chest was heaving and that his lips were trembling as Jessica slid her hand down his spine until it was flat against the small of his back.

"Now I am just going to lift your tee shirt so it doesn't get in the way." Constance quickly looked at the young doctor as Jessica slipped her fingers under the short tee shirt that the boy was wearing. She could see the look of amusement on the doctor's face as Jessica sensuously slipped her fingers under the tight material and slowly pushed it up, letting her fingertips play upon his nipples as she left it stretched across his chest just underneath his armpits.

"Now keep still, I don't want to have to smack this little bottom of yours."

Upon those words, Jessica simultaneously slipped both of her hands down his back and his chest, slowly and deliberately caressing his flesh. Further and further her delicate hands and articulate fingers slid down his torso until they disappeared beneath the waistband of his short trousers.

Peter gasped as the fingers of one hand slipped between the cheeks of his bottom. He shivered as he felt her other hand smooth intimately over his penis. He had great difficulty in keeping still as her hand moved further down between his legs. His body shivered in embarrassment as he felt her fingers tease over his testicles until she cupped his entire scrotum in her hand. He immediately felt his penis throb violently as her hand enveloped his testicles.


He gasped as she examined his testicles, letting her nails score over the sensitive flesh of the scrotum, before moving upwards and encircling the turgid flesh of his penis. He could feel his member throb as she deliberately pulled his foreskin back to fully expose the head.

Peter could hardly countenance the utter humiliation he felt. He could see the headmistress watching his reactions as Jessica's hands delved intimately inside his short trousers. The ignominy of having to stand with his legs spread, with his hands flat upon his head; while he was being physically inspected made him flush to a bright crimson.

Jessica's voice sounded far firmer as she spoke to the headmistress.

"Ah, Miss Marchbank, I am afraid this young man has a very firm erection. His testicles feel very full too."

She turned her attention back to timid young boy as he stood trembling before her. She slipped her fingers further between the cheeks of his bottom, prodding his sphincter as she gripped his penis tightly.
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